Here’s the form which those who wish to ‘introduce’ passport applicants (to Henley & Partners) must fill in and submit to Henley & Partners

Published: January 8, 2014 at 10:20pm

Find the form here: MIIP Introducers Form

This form has been sent to many of those financial services practitioners who were at the stormy briefing sessions which Henley & Partners held for them at the Grand Hotel Excelsior a couple of months ago.

So here we have a situation in which Maltese practitioners must go through an international agency to inform their own government that Mr Wotsit and his nine wives and 20 children wish to buy Maltese passports.

And the international agency will decide whether this is going to be allowed, and then it will take the money and when the 1,800 applicants and zillions of relatives are processed and the scheme is closed, it will take its many millions and run to the next Bongo Bongo island to sell more passports there.

And Mrs Manuel Mallia, if she hasn’t followed the trend and bolted back home to Romania by then, will wonder what the big lump under the mattress is (she is well aware already of the nature of the big lump on it) and might well discover that it’s another half a million euros in cash. Or maybe ten million, given the way that particular householder tends to get tangled up in his noughts.

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  1. Cyrusengerer syndrome says:

    I know this is out of point but when I read this article a title came to mind

    Cyrusengerer syndrome

  2. P Sant says:

    All this insistence with Henley & Partners makes me really wonder.

    • Carmelo Micallef says:

      If one did not know better it could be concluded that this is an international money laundering scheme, all these different fiscal jurisdictions, Henley and Partners as the perfect `blind spot` with their multi jurisdiction network acting on behalf of their Master.

      Has it been confirmed that Henley and Partners have the contractual authority of the Malta Govt to hold onto the potential 1.17 billion euro for 2 years without the need to guarantee the full transfer of this sum?

      • Carmelo Micallef says:

        Mr Nuri Katz has repeated (TOM today) the allegation that Henley and Partners can hold all monies for two years without liability

  3. Harry Purdie (back on the rock) says:

    Love it. The fat frog has found his lily pad. Check that, milly pad.

  4. unhappy says:

    So a private company not governed by any regulatory body without any ethics code should hijack a government programme?

    Meanwhile reputable professional law and accounting firms have to act as its agent and have to undergo a due diligence check for being one.

    Even more pathetic is that such private company can reap a commission for cases procured by these professional firms.

    And this is called equal footing by the PM.

  5. Gaetano Pace says:

    Is any Bill Gates coming our way on one of these incentives ? That is what I CALL TALENT not our Joseph.

  6. It all Stinks says:

    It is even worse – Maltese practitioners, even those holding a warrant, will rely on the benevolence of Henley & Partners as to whether they will be able to act as their agent. If Henley & Partners do not want to work with you, you cannot offer the service.

    If they do approve you, Henley & Partners get the privilege of sharing the fees earned on your own client. So they get all those clients in their own network and those they gets due to its privileged positioning as the sole concessionaire, and get to sweep up clients of everyone else too.

    This not to mention the very real possibility that they are then perfectly positioned to poach those clients to sell to them all those other services they are now providing in Malta – trusts, companies, shipping, property rentals and sale…

    If I am not mistaken, the ‘agents’ get paid their share only if the client’s application is successful, whilst doing all the work. Henley gets paid anyway as the client has to pay the fee up front.

  7. Gullible's Travels says:

    How competent are Henley & Partners to conduct the due diligence process on IIP Malta citizenship applicants when they cannot even ensure to avoid misspelling words like “submit”, for which they write “sumbit”, and “verify”, for which they write “virefy”, on pages 1 and 5 respectively of their MIIP Introducers Form.

    Will it be possible that undesirable characters will eventually manage to filter through their due diligence process in much the same way that these spelling mistakes have managed to escape their proofreading?

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