Justyne Caruana justifies using an army helicopter as her personal taxi: “Dik bicca bozza tal-plastik tant qadima li kienet se tinghata l-Muzew tal-Avjazzjoni. Jiena twerwirt.”

Published: January 25, 2014 at 9:27pm

Justyne Caruana

After determinedly refusing to take questions from the press, Justyne Caruana this morning gave an interview to RTK, the Catholic Church radio, for its Newsbook slot, in which she completely missed the point of objections to her abusive use of an army helicopter as her personal taxi. The gist of her justification was that it wasn’t fun, she didn’t want to do it, she was in fact terrified, and in any case, what’s so special about a ‘bozza tal-plastik’ (plastic bulb) which is so old that she had been told it was going to be donated to the Aviation Museum.

Ah, I see. She thinks our objections are to her having a bit of a thrill in an episode of Baywatch.

She just doesn’t get it, does she.

Listen to her in the recording below. You will notice, too, that she repeats the Office of the Prime Minister’s original lie, which it has since retracted and contradicted, that she was in Marseilles to present TWO reports. This when proceedings of the meeting show that she didn’t even present one.

She was the rapporteur on one report, but it was presented by somebody else. Details to follow in a separate post.

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  1. catharsis says:

    Sopra corna, bastonate.

  2. Bubu says:

    Gonzi: Dejjem, dejjem, dejjem trid tghid il-verita’.

    Muscat: Kulltant ikollok tghid il-verita’.

    Issa gawdi dal li vvutajt ghalieh, Gahan!

    • Gahan says:

      Ojj, Gahan ma vvutax ghal Muscat.

      Xi Guda ivvota ghalih, ghax jahseb ghall-interessi tieghu biss u mhux ghal-pajjiz.

      Guda jghid:

      L-aqwa li jorhosli l-kont tad-dawl.

      L-aqwa li nara l-Gonzi barra.

      L-aqwa li jtini l-flus tal-VAT li hallast fuq il-van tal-Ingriterra (apposta spellejtha hekk).

      L-aqwa li jhallili il-boat-house.

      l-aqwa li jaghtini d-dritt li nizzewweg lil-ragel bhali u li naddotta.

      L-aqwa li jtini dak il-permess ghal-dik il-binja.

      L-aqwa li jhallini mmur nonsob u ghal-kacca fir-rebbiegha bla hafna xkiel.

      L-aqwa li jaghtini gobb mal-gvern u nitlaq minn din il-fabbrika.

      L-aqwa li jaghtini dak il-kuntratt tal-gvern.

      L-aqwa li jhallini nirbah it-tenders avolja jkunu oghla.

      Li Muscat kien giddieb u kontra l-Ewropa GUDA kien jaf: L-AQWA LI MIEGHU U MA’ MIN HU BHALU, JOSEPH IZOMM KELLMTU.

  3. Wistin Schembri says:

    Justyne Caruana deserves a medal for valour.

    In the national interest, she risked her life in a ‘bozza tal-plastik’.

    Viva l-moviment progressiv u liberali.

  4. vanni says:

    Such a sweet gentle voice, such dulcet tones, such sublime music being composed with every syllable that passes her lips.

    She can replace my alarm clock any time. With such a voice she would raise the dead up.

  5. Harry Purdie says:

    Figured this bunch would have one screw up a week, as long as their term lasted. It appears they’ve accelerated to one a day. Just wonderful.

  6. Rjc says:

    That ‘bozza tal-plastik’ is worth hundreds of thousands of euros and has a long service life ahead if it still.

    The lads at the Air Wing spend long hours maintaining their aircraft and helicopter fleet.

    Justyne Caruana is a member of parliament and should know this. Her behavior and her criticism are disgusting.

    • albona says:

      What to her is a bozza tal -plastik is to others their pride and joy. To offensively criticise the object of their dedication is disrespectful.

  7. Connor Attard says:

    She can’t be serious, can she? It sounds as though she made that up on the spot in a desperate attempt to fend off criticism.

    Issa biċċa plastik jew mhux; that’s completely irrelevant.

  8. Marlowe says:

    The oldest AFM Alouette helicopter is around 40 years old. Just about her age. Perhaps it’s time she is donated to a museum as well?

  9. ciccio says:

    What civilisation do these Labour MPs come from?

    Instead of apologising for her abuse of power, she complains because the helicopter they sent for her use is old and only fit for a museum, a ‘bozza tal-plastik’.

  10. anthony says:

    An urgent statement from the Civil Aviation Directorate is now in order.

    They do not have to address the blatant lies of this MLP backbencher regarding her activities in the national interest.

    They have to reassure the public and the AFM that the plastic helicopter in question is airworthy and not just a museum piece.

    In the absence of such a clarification, we have to assume that the Gozitan MP is a consummate liar.

  11. C. Fenech says:

    Grow up guys.

  12. aidan says:

    Next time send her an Apache, Mr Prime Minister.

  13. C Falzon says:

    Poor Justyne, I simpathise with her. How could they have sent her such a shabby old plastic helicopter – she deserves better than that.

  14. Joe Fenech says:

    I give up. I’ll put it down to me not getting Gozitan humour.

    • Tabatha White says:

      Dawk kellhom bzonn gaffa (toothpick), u minn flok gaffa sabu bozza. Capcipa u daqqa ta’ ponn.

      What goes up must come down.

  15. Antoine Vella says:

    Xi trid tgerger? Poġġewha ġo bozza.

  16. Kevin says:

    Meanwhile the government thought it opportune to divert our attention away from controversy to let us know that the VAT refund on cars is soon due.

    A government that keeps its promises. All’s well that ends well.

  17. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Hamalla, injoranta u pruzuntuza.

  18. Victor says:

    Does the ‘bozza tal-plastik’ run on tap water, Justyne? And is it flown from the ground on remote control?

    I cannot understand her argument. Let’s say for argument’s sake that this helicopter is really a ‘bozza tal-plastik’, what difference would it make to the point at issue?

    Wouldn’t the cost to the tax payer be the same?

    Wouldn’t the abuse of power be as great?

  19. RoyB says:

    Boo-effin-hoo Justyne. What a ridiculous bunch of nitwits.

    Just a thought, but could it be that the OPM really did originally think she had two reports to present after having been told as much by the MP herself in an earlier setting and before this week’s fiasco?

    I wouldn’t put it past her to obfuscate facts for the OPM, and I wouldn’t put it past the OPM to be incompetent and not keep tabs.

  20. Joe camilleri says:

    She is an MP ta, mhux cajta.

    X’ghamilt b’ídejk, poplu Malti?

  21. Albert Floyd says:

    This honourable member of the House of Representatives owes a public apology to the Air Wing Unit at the AFM and to the AFM in general. So much for defending the credibility of our own army facilities.

    Perhaps a clarification from Minister Mallia and Civil Aviation Department about this “bozza tal-plastik” airworthiness would be in order too.

  22. Maria says:

    Perhaps she was expecting Airforce 1?

  23. fm says:

    tajjeb ninnominawinawha mal lista ta gieh ir repubblika li jmiss – il hero ta malta

  24. orapronobis says:

    This whole incident just feels like catching a child doing mischief and it comes with so many lame excuses in an attempt to come out clean, when the plain truth is there for all to see.

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