All that fuss about Mintoff when he died, and today they show no videos of Mintoff and show us Mandela, Gandhi, King and Havel instead

Published: March 30, 2014 at 11:01pm

Why – is Jo embarrassed of Mintoff and what he stood for, after all? Or is it just because it doesn’t fit in with the rebranding and rewriting of history?

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  1. ciccio says:

    Ah, the Golden Years.

    Trying to understand one thing. Why is it that AST, Karmenu Vella, Joe Grima and the others are still around, aged less than 70, but Dom Mintoff died 2 years ago aged over 90 – but they were one team?

    Seems like Mintoff had this habit of surrounding himself with younger men – as in the picture with il-Guy on the boat.

    Do I notice the same trait in Jo?

    • Clueless says:

      They all have another thing in common. They’ve all been given international postings so they’d be out of sight.

  2. Peppa Pig says:

    Did Lou Bondi help organize this show tonight?

    • P Shaw says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Remember that he was a communist back then, during the years he spent in Canada.

      These people who shift from one extreme ideology to another are hypocrites and not credible. It is called convenience and the art of ‘survival’. The PN should have seen this long time ago.

      Just look at Italy, and how many ex-Communists and ex-Socialists militate in the right-wing (Berlusconi’s) party today, and vice-versa – ex-Democrazia Cristiana politicians who form part of the left-wing parties.

    • A+ says:

      As someone worth quoting would say, so many men of straw, Lou Bondi is one of them!

  3. Joe Fenech says:

    Could someone explain exactly what’s going on there? Are these videos part of the ceremonies?

  4. Joe Fenech says:

    See 2:10

    Why did Mintoff’s face look so ecstatic and can be seen having big breaths while both of his hands were under the table?

  5. Carmelo Micallef says:

    Salvatur or traitor?

    In my humble opinion, Dom Mintoff is the greatest traitor in the history of Malta.

    The above statement is not a reaction to Mintoff’s political beliefs, as I am in no way sure he had any.

    The above statement is not a reaction to Mintoff as a despicable person. Though it saddens me immensely that this bum has had such a lasting sway upon life in Malta but ultimately he is simply a bum.

    Mintoff the pimp used Malta like his chattel whore.

    His worshippers may idolise him for their own reasons but come the day an honourable person will go down into hell with a knive and look for him.

  6. Jozef says:

    It’s out in the open.

    And Godfrey Farrugia hasn’t said anything yet.

    I think no one with a minimum of sense in the Labour Party can allow this to happen. Even because it’s absolutely clear no one in the parlaimentary group wanted to be an accomplice to Farrugia’s humiliation.

    It definitely points at Chris Fearne probably refusing to replace him.

    It may be a coincidence but the fourth and fifth districts remain without anyone in cabinet, and when Karmenu Vella’s gone, grass roots representation will be up for grabs by anyone.

    Then there’s the minor issue of Coleiro being kicked upstairs, and who’s defiant in showing no sign of turning over her electorate.

    Gonzi did something similar, leaving the same two districts in the hands of a certain Franco Debono. Those are places where central government is considered distant, if not alien.

    Throw in a lie called LNG supertanker to boot.

  7. Rahal says:

    X’ mizerja w faqar ta Malta Mintoffjana.

    Dan huwa l-legat tas-socjalisti Maltin.

    Hames Gvernijiet Nazzjonalisti wara w gelgul ta investiment mil-Ewropa: Jidher li dawn ma kienux bizzejjed biex naqilbu l-pagna.

    • Gaetano Pace says:

      Il Labour ma jaqlibx pagni. Jew int Laburist jew xejn. U meta nghid xejn ifisser xejn f`kollox, xoghol, promotion, ghajnuna. Jekk jigi wiehed minnhom liebes ta haruf joffrilek l-ghajnuna ibza minnu ghax mhux ghajnuna tiehu imma gambetti u rkejjen. L-unika haga li minna jibza il labour hi meta tieqaflu, kif jaghmlu il komunisti u socjalisti.

    • TinaB says:

      That was the Nationalist governments’ greatest failure – they underestimated Duminku Mintoff’s legacy’s extreme level of ignorance and narrow mindedness.

      The decent Maltese citizens, which number is decreasing with each day that goes by, are now paying the price.

  8. Gahan says:

    Someone agrees with Daphne.

    If one cares to notice , the great leader is doing his best to purge his party from everything and everyone who has the slightest influence on the party’s delegates.

    Ask one question to yourself: “When (not if)Joseph goes to the party’s general conference with some proposal of a radical change who would be able to stand up against him?”

    Toni’s “Dawk li kienu maghna l-bierah , mhux bil-fors qieghdin maghna llum …” takes a new meaning.

  9. Nik says:

    Jo is an admirer of Mintoff, but much to his chagrin realises that he cannot measure up in the esteem of the Labour masses.

    Mintoff – though note that he lost more elections than any other major party leader in Malta (5) – had the street-smarts of a gang leader, using a mixture of intimidation, flattery, charm and perfidy to keep the troops together. Joseph Muscat does not have what it takes to pull that off and the stress is starting to show.

    Compare that to Lawrence Gonzi, who managed to steer the ship through an economic crisis of epic proportions, with Libya exploding next door and all the while fending off those 3 back-stabbers/benchers.

    • bob-a-job says:

      Those three back-stabbers are the ones you know about.

      Gonzi was surrounded by many others who did not wish him well. His fault really, he chose his people.

      This group of conspirators worked solely for their personal gain to the detriment of the PN but even worse to the detriment of the country.

      Those three you know about are the ones with a narcissistic personality disorder;‎ the rest remain hidden even today, building up a strike team ready to act at the opportune moment.

  10. jojo says:

    Was watching five minutes of Mary Spiteri etc and all the Helsien festivities, and I thought what a gloomy bunch typical Laburisti.

    They should all emigrate to Chile where they would really get on with Maduro.

  11. *Anonymous says:

    The Mintoff videos were shown last, before the speeches – not these ones, though.

  12. Joe Fenech says:

    “Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.”

    from “Disturbing the Peace”

  13. Anthony says:

    Jghattu x-xemx bl-gharbiel.

  14. kram says:

    The above clips are very appropriate, seeing that Mary Spiteri has written a song in praise of Muscat. Very typical of North Korean and other dictatorships.

  15. M. Cassar says:

    A person/group without principles needs/has a tune for every occasion. That is precisely how one recognizes real men of character from impostors. After all we all remember the salvatur/traditur/salvatur saga.

  16. George Farrugia says:

    They did show a video of Dom Mintoff.

  17. Bob says:

    Was Karmenu Vella never present at one of these events?

    [Daphne – A few months after 31 March 1979, Mintoff took Karmenu Vella with him to Libya to meet Gaddafi and ask for more money. Gaddafi refused to meet them and sent Jalloud, his emissary, instead. There was a big report in The Times of Malta – or at any rate, what passed for a big report in those days. And yes, Karmenu Vella went with Mintoff to China, but that was even earlier, around 1972.]

  18. ciccio says:

    I do not understand. Is somebody lying here?

    1. 17 June 2013. PM Joseph Muscat about the recruitment of John Dalli in the Health Ministry:

    “Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said yesterday it had been Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia’s idea to ask former European Commissioner John Dalli to work within the health sector.

    Following Mr Dalli’s offer of help to the Government, Dr Farrugia approached the Prime Minister and said: “If you have nothing against it, we should offer him work in healthcare,” according to Dr Muscat, who was being interviewed by party-owned One Radio.”

    2. 31 March 2014, Marlene Mizzi about the recruitment of John Dalli in the Health Ministry:

    “I do have an issue however with the way the outgoing Health Minister, Dr Godfrey Farrugia was repeatedly humiliated by the Prime Minister. From the beginning, even by the manner in which John Dalli was introduced to the Ministry. Godfrey approved, if not actually invited John Dalli to lend his expertise, once he was cleared of any accusations in his regard. The Prime Minister’s Communications Office however made it seem as if he was being imposed on Godfrey, thus undermining his authority in the Ministry from the outset.”

    “Labour MP Marlene Farrugia has hit out at the government she forms part of, saying that the Prime Minister humiliated Godfrey Farrugia “from the beginning” and the appointment of John Dalli as a consultant on the health sector was an imposition that undermined the minister’s authority.”

    Whose idea was it to have John Dalli in the Health Ministry: wat it Godfrey Farrugia’s or the Prime Minister’s?

    The answer to this question is fundamental for the future of the Health Sector. If the Prime Minister was saying the truth when he said that it was Godfrey Farrugia who asked for the help of John Dalli, now that Godfrey Farrugia has lost the trust of the PM on the Health Sector, how can the PM trust Farrugia’s choice of advisor, i.e. John Dalli, with health?

    • La Redoute says:

      Wrong question. It doesn’t matter whose idea it was. It was a bad decision politically and administratively.

      • ciccio says:

        Of course it matters whose idea it was. Think about the answers to the question:

        1. If it was the prime minister’s idea.

        If this was the case, then the PM would have lied about a very key and controversial decision of the government – that of recruiting John Dalli – and would have tried to blame Godfrey Farrugia for that choice. It follows also that the PM would have been hiding the fact that it was his idea to appoint Dalli as an advisor on the health sector – why would he have attempted to hide this fact? And if it was the PM’s idea, whose blame exactly is it that the government has failed in the health sector – Farrugia’s, or Dalli’s? And if the PM says that the Farrugia did not heed the advise of Dalli, then I would really like to hear the PM say that and to hear what Farrugia has to say in reply.

        2. If it was Farrugia’s idea. If this was the case, then given that the PM has no confidence in Farrugia, it follows that he cannot have any confidence in Dalli, and Dalli must go.

        The PM has painted himself in a corner about Dalli’s role in the health sector.

      • ciccio says:


        The question:

        “And if it was the PM’s idea, whose blame exactly is it that the government has failed in the health sector – Farrugia’s, or Dalli’s?”

        should read:

        “And if it was the PM’s idea, whose blame exactly is it that the government has failed in the health sector – Farrugia’s, or Muscat/Dalli’s?”

      • La Redoute says:

        No. It really diesn’t matter whose idea it was. We already knew Dalli shouldn’t have been appointed and we already knew we shouldn’t believe what Muscat says.

    • Gahan says:

      Hold it there Ciccio !

      Is Marlene MIZZI Godfrey’s girlfriend? Is he that desperate?

    • Gahan says:

      Ha nispjegaha mekkanikalment :Joseph Muscat suppost ghandu Ferrari b’maggoranza ta’ disa’ siggijiet u Marlene hawditlu zewg wajers tal-isparking plaggs.

    • ciccio says:

      Correction to 2 above: Marlene Farrugia, not Marlene Mizzi.

  19. Kurun says:

    Why is it that we celebrate Jum il-Helsien on the last day the British Forces were in Malta? If anything Jum il-Helsien should be celebrated on the very first day we were FREE.

    Does it have anything to do with the joke it actually was?

  20. Snoopy says:

    Did Mary Spiteri look anything like this:

  21. MoBi says:

    Can anyone else see dollar signs in Jo’s eyes and a sack of money in the Chinese official’s hand, or is it just me?

  22. ciccio says:

    So according to the Minister of Health and Energy, the podologists are “fenomenali,” but the management is prehistoric (as if the current cabinet of Ministers is not prehistric).

    If he really wanted some slick, transparent, non-corrupt, accountable and efficient management in the sectors under his portfolio, why did he sell part of the management of Enemalta to China and deal with Azerbaijan for the supply of a second hand LNG rust bucket which will be placed right in the middle of the Marsaxlokk Bay?

  23. xejn b' xejn says:

    I am in my early 30s and have always been subjected to hearing how good and how great Mintoff was up until I attended Uni.

    At first it seemed odd to me that a man of his stature was hated by parts of our society.

    As time progressed I understood what sort of a w*&^$er he really was.

    Now that I decided to think with my own brains and trust my own guts as opposed to the rubbish I was fed as a little child. Pity that most of my contemporaries are still stuck in their little box.

    It is difficult and at times dangerous living in the Southern parts of Malta were the village life is predominant and so is Labour and their psychological thugs.

  24. Jozef says:

    Muscat to issue another waiver. Fearne doesn’t even think about asking for it.

    Guess who lost their control on his men.

  25. Tabatha White says:

    Why does Havel permit the exploitation of his image by the very type of character that he fought against?

    Havel was used by way of reference to expose consciousness of psychopaths and to call for a collective audible voice against corruption in the Fish clip: Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths?

    Is Joseph Muscat’s intention to kill the evident conclusion and put himself on the same side of the arrow as Havel when he belongs on the opposite end?

  26. pablo says:

    Off subject – but did I hear that Gozo Ferries are introducing a “Priority Boarding” system where the well off can pay more and jump the queue? Has the Police Commissioner been getting too many phone requests from minor functionaries who want special treatment or is this Jo’s vision for the elite and the better off?

  27. mc says:

    Comparing the end of a rent agreement to the achievements of these outstanding people, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Vaclav Havel, is an insult to their memory, to their achievements and to their countries.

    What freedom is the PL commemorating? In the early seventies, Malta had sufficient freedom for Mintoff to renegotiate the rent agreement with the British and extend it by five years to 1979.

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