And now I’m going to point out that one of Labour’s billboard boys has the exact same psycho-social profile as Erin Tanti

Published: March 27, 2014 at 10:45am

albert gauci cunningham

Albert Gauci Cunningham FB

Albert Gauci Cunningham_sinna ghal sinna

albert gauci cunningham

This is not to say that Albert Gauci Cunningham, even though he is also a (TEFL) teacher who has now been given a job with the General Workers Union, is going to play mind-games with a boy of 15 (he is gay), inveigle himself into the boy’s life, and end up in a scenario where he plies the boy with whisky and pills and the boy ends up dead.

No, nothing of that. It is merely to point out the dangers of putting people with certain personality traits on political billboards, as poster-boys (and girls) for your cause and your message.

They become the message.

Some of us could see that: I, for example, would have no truck with a political party whose message was what Albert Gauci Cunningham represented in terms of character rather than sexuality, or with a political party that told me it was proud to have Albert Gauci Cunningham’s validation and could get nothing better for its billboard.

That could easily have been Erin Tanti on the Labour Party’s billboard. If they picked Albert Gauci Cunningham they could have easily picked Erin Tanti, and he would have done it for the attention. This is a man who talks about despising politicians but who was then very quick to miss his graduation ceremony so as to go to a meeting at the office of the prime minister who he and his dangerously idiotic friends call Jo.

I see absolutely no difference between the personality traits and personae of Albert Gauci Cunningham and Erin Stewart Tanti. In my view, they are of a piece. I would say that the same thing has occurred to those who know them both. Stewart Tanti was an accident waiting to happen. Albert Gauci Cunningham might well be, too.

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  1. "Nahseb Ftehmna" says:

    Beware, Varist, in a couple of year’s time, this man will be appointed Minister of Education.

  2. Alexander Ball says:

    It was seeing this man’s face on Labour’s advert on the di-ve website on Friday 8th March, last year’s day of reflection, that helped me decide to vote Labour.

  3. Joe Fenech says:

    Does he have a role in public administration?

    [Daphne – He’s a government appointee to the Family Commission.]

    • Tabatha White says:

      Therefore with their full approval, despite and perhaps because of what was pointed out on this site beforehand.

    • Wilson says:

      Someone on the Family Commission who speaks like that? Wow. Must be some family values.

      • Grezz says:

        He’ll probably be the spokesman for adoption by same-sex couples once the civil union bill becomes law.

      • Joe Fenech says:

        Wilson, expressing oneself in that manner already speaks volumes, let alone being so stupid as to post it on Facebook.

  4. Ivan says:

    It’s quite fitting to have his photo published just above the Odd News summary.

  5. il-Ginger says:

    Cut from the same cloth

  6. BF says:

    He’s quite the drama queen isn’t he?

  7. robert says:

    Daphne, he is not a teacher but a mere journalist with Union Print.

    [Daphne – Until the Movement found him a job a few months ago with the media owned by the General Workers Union, Albert Gauci Cunningham taught English as a foreign language to minors and teenagers.]

  8. "Nahseb Ftehmna" says:

    “Il-Partit Nazzjonalista, ghamel zbalji wisq kbar”.

    Sa fejn naf jien ma jezistix zball ikbar milli tqieghed vapur ta’ l-LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) f’wicc il-poplu tas-Sawt.

  9. Grezz says:

    Why, he looks like him, too. Perhaps Erin Tanti is a self-hating, repressed homosexual, which is why he can’t deal with women except as ‘clits’ and tries to prove himself with adolescent girls instead.

    Either that, or he wished to be George Clooney, but ended up looking like Danny de Vito instead.

  10. AG says:

    And what a great father Albert Gauci Cunningham would be. How many things he will teach his kid especially how to talk in public.

    Yet he is proud of being in the EU summit this March. I wonder what his colleagues and the leaders of the member states (who he was so excited to meet) would say if someone were to translate his Facebook statuses for them.

  11. Painter says:

    What subject does this guy teach?

    [Daphne – English as a foreign language.]

  12. Grezz says:

    My thoughts exactly, Daphne. Well said, especially with the last sentence.

  13. Edward says:

    You recoil? Jesus Erika, calm down.

    Sometimes I think some people in Malta comment on the net just to show off their vocabulary. It almost becomes a competition as to who can use the most complicated words.

    Countering your charges? This is a blog, not a Jacobean play.

    Also, be careful with the whole “Oh you think your an expert on everything” argument. It belies a lack of life experience.

    When you meet a person like Erin Tanti and become their victim, or are friends with someone who does, then you learn something about people and humanity.

    You don’t actually need to become a doctor to know what to do when you have a chest infection. You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to understand how some people work and what the sure-fire signs are.

    But it’s not just about Erin Tanti. It’s about teachers in general. Erin is the proof that perhaps there aren’t enough checks on teachers. That is the issue here. The more we find out about him, the more we wonder how the school could have missed it.

    • Jozef says:

      Erin is the proof that the Maltese can’t deal with the fact that we can be monsters.

      The denial has been pervasive since Lisa Maria Zahra was found dead.

      First they were two teenagers on the run.

      Then he ‘had been accompanying her through a bad phase’ .

      Then he was critical, in danger of dying in the ITU.

      Then a bottle of whiskey and aspirin ‘suggest they both consumed these’.

      All this as the usual Maltese trait of removing evidence pointing at a horrific sequence sinking in relied on some mislaid moral pontificating.

      Anything to attenuate an adult’s ultimate abuse of a minor. Everything to accept the horror as normal.

      Or better, an explicit attempt to empathise with this manifestation of a loser. The undertones were becoming the poor little rich girl and the noble proletarian.

      Daphne spoilt everything simply by showing reality as it was last week, contrary to the two ‘teenagers’ registered side by side.

      A portrait of an oversexed, bearded man in various stages of ravenous consumption of everything in blossom.

      The ones who say we shouldn’t judge imply that somehow it’s common, and with that inevitable hint of inverted snobbery will keep this as the norm.

      The anomaly here is that she wasn’t the underclass; he wasn’t her mother’s new boyfriend and the situation didn’t develop in some concentrated housing slum.

      The general silence betrays a people who are too arid to care and have no clue how to deal with their emotions.

      What’s certain is that his intention was revenge.

  14. ramone says:

    When I first met Erin Tanti he quickly identified himself as being left wing and a socialist. I answered with the quote from Churchill I think, “If you are young and not a socialist you don’t have a heart but if you are an adult and still a socialist, you don’t have a brain”.

  15. Jozef says:

    ‘…let’s accept that he’s an uncouth vulgar loudmouthed boor, who happens to be a teacher..’


    • Tabatha White says:

      It’s a pretty large carpet. Not enough space for all that’s going on.


      Right on, Jozef. I back that.

      That’s a lot of mouth by Erika to still remain on the wrong side of everything.

      It’s what so many lack despite evidence of some effort: the basics in sensitivities. By sensitivities, I don’t mean niceties. I mean the ability to pick up data that is there before you, if you can see it. If you can’t, then that means that years have gone by addressing life at a different level, with different values and a different decisional make up altogether.

      Now imagine Erika as a high-flyer with decisions to make and a mentality and temper of that order. And limited perception.

      Perception, Erika. Language and vocabulary come in when you recognise what you see and are able to name it. Logic can then follow. If you only pick up part of the picture, any treatment that ensues is only based on that part that you are able to perceive.

      A faulty premise, no matter how well dressed up the logic in support of it, does not lead to a correct conclusion.

      You’ve also forgotten the whole reward mentality of the billboard set.

      You cannot shove language like that under a carpet once:

      i) He’s chosen to involve himself publicly and therefore becomes a public person – his choice and his values;

      ii) Because of his choices his reward has been to be placed in a sensitive position least suited to such a character.

      These details don’t seem to bother you.

      It does bother me that it is precisely the family commission that he is on.

      What sort of thinking is he going to apply? How is he going to view and deal with a difference of opinion regarding Children and family matters – an area which should be ultra sensitive to character flaws in persons given a responsibility to perform within it?

      The example, published publicly and proudly by himself, is what he is judged on.

      Did he ever apologise for it? He’s had the time.

      It is a mirror to the cognition applied and of the mindset of such an individual.

      It’s useless to take a grand stand when your reasoning belongs right there with his. Anything goes really. There’s no depth to your argument. You’re attempting to sail right over the reef.

      You just came along and emptied the same sort of skip he talks about, attempting to dress it differently.

      What a pity that sight is so subjective and insight so elusive.

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