MALTA DOWN THE SPOUT/This is the new acting Commissioner of Police

Published: March 5, 2014 at 7:20pm

This is a post I wrote in March 2014 (see date). This man is, from today, acting Commissioner of Police. The undoing of the police force is complete. And Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri, Joseph Muscat, Brian Tonna and Adrian Hillman are definitely not going to be investigated. Malta’s institutions are deliberately being undermined, weakened and destroyed to allow corruption and criminality to flourish. Those who voted for this mess have a great deal to be ashamed of.

One of the new assistant commissioners appointed by Manuel Mallia, Minister of the Interior, has written on Facebook that Malta has a “prim ministru VERA BIL-BAJD”. Lawrence Cutajar did so to praise the Prime Minister for threatening to ‘kick back’ desperate asylum seekers without allowing them to apply for refugee status, in violation of European law, earning himself an prohibitory injunction from the European Court of Human Rights.

Though he joined the police force 35 years ago in 1979, which means that he is in his 50s as well as being one of Malta’s most senior policemen, Cutajar’s Facebook page is like that of an excitable 16-year-old who hasn’t yet got a girlfriend, or one of Harry Enfield’s Scousers: total fan fixation for a football team. At least Harry Enfield’s Scousers support their home team, not one in another EU member state. Sadder still, it’s all ‘ahna’ this and ‘ahna’ that, the ‘we’ being a reference to Inter, as though he owns the team, plays for it, or is somehow connected with it.

But worse than this teenage, arrested-development mentality is his statement that our prime minister is “bil-bajd”. Why, because he’s a Laburist like him? Because he shares his racist sentiments? Because he had him made assistant police commissioner when there are already enough to staff Snow White’s cottage? Or because Muscat supports Inter and flew out to watch them play along with the inevitable Edward Zammit Lewis – a man who, if he were shaped like a horse-shoe and made of brass, would be cast in the role of Muscat’s belt-buckle?

Bongu hbieb interisti u Maltin. Dalghodu jiena ferhan doppjament. Bl-Inter ghax bil-limitazzjonijiet kollha taghna urejna lil dawk l-imbarazz, li kultant jaghmlu ftit hoss, li anqas bil-ha**i ma tirbhulna u t-tieni ghax komplejt nikkonferma li fl-ahhar Malta ghanda prim Ministru taghna VERA BIL-BA–.


Lawrence Cutajar 1

Lawrence Cutajar 2

Lawrence Cutajar 3

Lawrence Cutajar 4

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  1. Painter says:

    “At least Harry Enfield’s Scousers support their home team, not one in another EU member state. Sadder still, it’s all ‘ahna’ this and ‘ahna’ that, that ‘we’ being a reference to Inter, as though he owns the team, plays for it, or is somehow connected with it. Pathetic.”

    This always bothered me in Malta. There is no harm when saying “we won/lost” but to me it is as if they are ready to die for their favourite team or something.

  2. gaetano pace says:

    Some people are born great, many others become great but very few like this assistant commissioner are made great. It appears that he has been under Joe`s kilt to make that statement.

    The last time round Labour was publicly declared without balls by none other than Mintoff. Ever since none other had them.

    • You describe the situation well. It is now up to the Opposition in Parliament to warn the Prime Minister not to repeat the several failed attempts at appointing a lasting and credible Commissioner of Police. Let us not have another case that “could have been handled better”.

  3. arguzin says:

    Somehow reminds me of Gawdenz tal-bagalja…

  4. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Since we can no longer line people up against a wall, can we at least have them sacked?


    • Joe Fenech says:

      I don’t know why one always speaks about “the American Dream” and not the Maltese Dream. Let’s face it – which country offers a semi-literate person the possibility of becoming an assistant Police Commissioner?

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        A country that has no standards.

        That’s not MY Maltese dream. Look at us, for goodness’s sake. The most powerful opinion leader in Malta, Joe Azzopardi, is an uncouth, barely literate charlatan.

        The most famous lawyer, Emmy Bezzina, is an equally uncouth, pompous ass and half-mad.

        The other famous lawyer is completely mad.

        The favourite by far in the MEP elections is Alfred Sant, a former prime minister with the charisma of a jellyfish, the ideology of a 1960s Marxist, the skills of a cretin and conceit to match, who was consigned to the dustbin of history at least three times but who came back to popular (it seems) acclaim.

        It is such a joy to live in Malta, wouldn’t you know. You probably left a while ago. Don’t ever come back.

      • Harry Purdie says:

        C’mon, Baxxter. this country has standards. Under this government, it’s just that they are so low we can’t find them.

      • Joe Fenech says:

        When I left Malta (initially to central Europe) 50 years ago, the majority of the Maltese were as mediocre as they are today. The only differences being that they were more decent and discreet, and that they were not running the show.

        Malta’s biggest tragedy was ‘Independence’ which gradually led to total chaos making the nation more akin to certain African nations than to central, eastern or northern Europe.

      • M. Cassar says:

        A country that is scraping the bottom of the barrel so hard that it seems as if there is no bottom of the barrel left, a country that thinks monkeys produce the output equal to that of geniuses if they are paid big money.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        I think we met at a reception at the British High Commission, Joe Fenech. Not that European Investment Bank fellow, are you?

        Malta has gone down the toilet, and there is no way back. I really think the only solution, perhaps a few years down the line, is to go, cap in hand, to the UK and ask for dependency status. Because I can’t see us surviving in the modern world.

        Look at our next head of state for God’s sake. A sack of spuds with a smiley face painted on would have made a better president.

        They’ll probably throw me in jail for this once she’s president. There’s a law against mocking the sacred person of the president, which should give you an idea of how we think a “republic” should function.

        What a bloody joke.

      • Joe Fenech says:


        We would not have met as I am not involved with any Malta-based institution and haven’t been to Malta for a while (for practical reasons and also as a boycott of the Labour regime).

      • Joe Fenech says:


        Malta can only reminisce about the UK who would get rid of Wales and Northern Ireland at the first chance.

        The island’s fate will eternally swing between the ‘corrupt, fairly functional Nationalists’ and the ‘criminal, incompetent Labour’.

      • ND says:

        “Malta has gone down the toilet, and there is no way back. I really think the only solution, perhaps a few years down the line, is to go, cap in hand, to the UK and ask for dependency status.”

        It’s so very reassuring to know that even the (supposedly) more enlightened among us revert to typical Maltese mentality every now and again.

        That’s the real problem with this country, a complete lack of any sense of personal responsibility coupled with that arrogant sense of entitlement that has come to define us.

        We’re already a nation very much built on ‘dependency’, be it on our parents and ministers on an individual level or the EU and other ‘friendly’ states on a national one. Not that the British would have us, don’t delude yourself, but it wouldn’t solve anything. We’ve already been down that road and what you see today is the result.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Do you even understand the expression “cap in hand”?

  5. DimitriFromParis says:

    Isn’t this the Labour Party’s slogan for its recent general conference?

    Has FinanceMalta been hijacked by the Taghna Lkoll movement?

  6. Gahan says:

    I find it highly unacceptable that a serviceman has an FB account, let alone a police assistant commissioner.

    I hope you don’t mind me drawing to your attention that Gonzi supports Inter and Muscat supports Milan.

    Both teams hale from the city of Milano.So this AC supports Gonzi’s favourite team, not Joseph’s.

    • Joe Fenech says:

      I must say it’s hysterical to state that a leading Milanese institution has ‘limited funds’. Tar-rahal miskin!

  7. P Shaw says:

    How many times, I had to listen to conversations that were framed like “Ahna xtrajnielkom lil Ronaldo”, “Kissirnikom”, “Issa naraw x’taghmlu intom mal-Juventus”, etc, etc.

    This “ahna” was such a cliche.

    I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that the entire island is a horrible case study for a society stuck in arrested development.

    There is a sitcom called “Arrested Development” – however that particular sitcom only touches the surface of what arrested development actually means.

  8. Francis Saliba M D says:

    Of such dignified stuff is made this particular assistant to the Police Commissioner. Let us hope that some of the others are better material.

  9. Allo Allo says:

    Ghax il Prim Ministru deher li kien bil-bajda mdawra meta wiegeb lil gurnalist hdejn l-ajruport?

  10. observer says:

    Waqghalu xaghru wara 35 sena fis-servizz – imma l-istess wicc ta’ bahnan baqa’.

  11. albona says:

    A caricaturist would have a field-day with this fellow.

  12. ciccio says:

    Watched the video. He says that he has many “budgies” – any relation with Franco Debono?

  13. Benny Hill says:

    He calls his badges, ‘budgies’. For a moment I thought he was into birds. Then I realised he was into boys running after a ball.

  14. Poached Not Scrambled says:

    “Prim Ministru vera bil-bajd”.

    Perhaps that was a reference to the Police Minister. Humpty Dumpty was an egg in an outfit.

  15. Ian says:

    Daphne, an unpardonable error – Muscat went to watch Milan, this guy supports Inter. They are both from the city of Milan and are bitter rivals.

    [Daphne – I couldn’t give a stuff about football teams. I’m a grown woman.]

  16. zunzana says:

    Bil-bajd kien Gonzi meta kien min ta l-ewwel li ta’ l’appogg tieghu lill-poplu Libjan fil-glieda tieghu kontra ir-regim ta’ Gaddafi. F’dan il-mument ukoll, fejnu l-bajd ta’ Muscat, biex issa johrog jistqarr l-appog tieghu lejn il-poplu ta’ l’Ukrajina bhal ma’ ghamel Simon Busuttil.

  17. PWG says:

    Irid il-veru jkollok stonku (excuse the pun) biex tahtar ziblu ta’ dil kwalita. Isthi, jekk taf kief, Mallia.

  18. SPAM! says:

    The PM went to see Milan.

    Milan wear read shirts.

    S’hemm jasal mohhu.

  19. Anthony says:

    At least the toad had the good sense to appoint six of them.

    One hopes that the other five, between them, will make up for the deficiencies of this nondescript human being.

  20. watchful eye says:

    X’dekor. Korp u pajjiz immexxijin mid-dilettanti. Wara biss sena, morna lura 27 sena.

  21. Matthew S says:

    Meanwhile, in the UK, police officers face disciplinary action and have their social media accounts taken down for inappropriately criticising the police force online and for chatting about arrests they have made.

  22. It is so unfair to write such things about Mr.Cutajar. I served under the helm of Mr.Cutajar at the Qormi Police district and although we don’t share the same political opinion, he always treated his subordinates as friends, no matter what their political view is.

    I can testify that he is a gentleman that always performed his duties to the full of his capabilities and with maximum integrity.

    Justice was done when Mr.Cutajar was promoted!

    Sur PWG, proset ta kemm taf turi il-livell baxx ta’ intelligenza. Hadd ma ghandu dritt jghajjar lil hadd ‘Ziblu’ Specjalment persuna bhas-Sur Cutajar li hu ukoll Assistent Kummisarju tal-Puliz

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Iehor tat-touche pas à mon pote.

      Who’s talking about political opinion? The livell baxx ta’ intelligenza is on Cutajar’s side. Anyone who writes that way and agrees to appear on a TV programme showing off his football team obsession past the age of 17, while working in the Police Force, must have a low intelligence.

    • A. Charles says:

      When my work place door was burnt during Inspector Cutajar’s beat in the early 80s, I indicated to this policeman that in such circumstances, a magisterial inquiry was the normal procedure. He replied that he did not see the need.

    • justiceman says:

      Well said, Roderick Sammut. And why not mention the fact that it was Lawrence Cutajar himself who defended Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami when he was attacked at Zejtun back in 1989. Then he was a witness in a marriage that took place there. Then Mr Cutajar was also slightly injured when he restrained the Labour Party troublemakers. Daphne should also state such things and not just be one-sided in her running commentary.

      • daphnec says:

        I fail to understand your point. Are you actually suggesting that this policeman did something exceptional by preventing somebody from becoming a victim of violence? That because he didn’t share his political beliefs then doing his job and helping him was somehow heroic? There is no hope for you people.

  23. U Leeee says:

    This man desperately needs to go out more. And some nooky would do him a world of good.

  24. badge says:

    I have budgies as well…

  25. Francis Saliba M.D. says:

    Anyone taking bets how many of these seven Assistant Commissioners of Police will make the grade and be sickened by this Labour government in the nest two years?

    At this rate, the Malta Police Force could soon have more displaced or “retired” sickened or displaced Commissioners of Police than gazetted senior serving officers.

  26. observer says:

    I never really believed in phrenology, but have to admit that in some instances looks really tell. The present seems to be one of them.

  27. Fred the Red says:

    In the Taghna Lkoll era, it seems that suitability for top positions in this country is gauged by the propensity to make a fool of oneself on social media.

  28. John Mallia says:

    Interista u Laburist ukoll.
    Apertament fuq Facebook.
    Tal Misthija.
    Zgur mhux addadat ghal Kumissarju.

    Kieku kien Nazzjonalist u mal Manchester u bil mohbi fuq Twitter jew Reddit kien ikun ferm addadat.

  29. Fred the Red says:

    In the Taghna Lkoll era, suitability for top positions is gauged by the propensity to make a fool of oneself on social media.

  30. Curious says:

    There is a reason why he is saying “..prim Ministru taghna VERA BIL-BA–.” on that particular day i.e. 7th August 2013. At the time Joseph Muscat was still in pushback mode vis-a-vis migrants, and there had been a group of these unfortunate souls, who after having been rescued at sea were refused landing and kept at sea for a long time, till on the morning of the 7th August 2013, Italy accepted them for humanitarian reasons. For our dear new Acting Commissioner, refusing these people a safe landing is “prim Ministru taghna VERA BIL-BA–.”. I wonder what he said when the PM changed tune and started shedding crocodile tears (together with his perceived balls) and started acting concerned about these peoples’ lives.

  31. S says:

    Exactly my thoughts. Well said, “Malta’s institutions are deliberately being undermined, weakened and destroyed to allow corruption and criminality to flourish. Those who voted for this mess have a great deal to be ashamed of.” What a sorry state we are in. How could have people voted for this mess? And then we had a whole saga because of a EUR500 clock…Jesus.

  32. Major Tom says:

    So is this REALLY the best they could find? I mean, everybody knew it was going to be a ‘Taghna Lkoll’ appointment, but why this one?

  33. Tutti Frutti says:

    Ara kemm rebah budgies il-Kummisarju l-gdid hej.

  34. Josie says:

    Muscat supports Milan.

  35. Simon Vella says:

    The new commissioner is the son of Il-Gemel, a staunch Mintoffian supporter who was promoted to the rank of Lt.Colonel while the Red China Dock was being built. He was really famous for using nine swear words in every 10 he uttered. Well remembered by all ex R.M.A. officers and men.His son, however is a real bajtra. Way to go, Mr Muscat.

  36. John Attard says:

    Jien ili naf u ili habib tas-Sur Cutajar aktar minn 30 sena. Jien ghandi opinjoni differenti mill-partit li jhaddan hu pero qatt ma tkellimna fuq politika ghax dan is-suggett qatt ma kien fl-agenda tieghu. Ahjar ikun dilettant tal-football milli xi korrott bhalma ghandu madwaru il-Prim Ministru.

    • daphnec says:

      He’s going to be hopeless at dealing with them. And worse still, he probably hasn’t got a clue why he should. He may be your friend, but he doesn’t strike me as being at all bright.

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