SOCAR owns 50% of a Malta-registered company called Supra Holdings Ltd

Published: March 1, 2014 at 12:43am

Socar Trading

What follows is taken from a Global Witness report on the subject. The full report is here Azerbaijan_Anonymous_lr For the information on Socar, which owns 20% of Malta’s power station project, start reading at page 18.


The original ownership structure is best understood through the diagram on this page, which shows that Socar Trading SA’s parent company is a Malta-registered company called Supra Holding Limited. But this company in turn was only 50% owned by state-owned Socar with the other 50% initially owned by two offshore companies: Heritage General Trading and Renfrel Holding. This means that, until August 2012 when Socar bought the shares of the offshore companies, half the money that this subsidiary was earning was going into private hands.

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  1. Jozef says:

    Is that Aliyev himself in the centre?

  2. We are living in Financial Times says:

    Which was the firm that handled the registration of Supra Holding Ltd?

  3. Not Sandy:P says:

    Supra Holding Ltd:

    C 43070 is now name Socar Trading Holding Ltd.

    • Jozef says:

      Oh but we ain’t seen anything yet. Ciccio rightly asked what’s happening with the land reclamation thingy, that most mysterious tender of them all, impossible to get hold of, tenderers sworn to secrecy worthy of Puglia’s matriarchical Sacra Corona Unita.

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      The man sulked and refused to attend an international congress of the Caucasus when the Kazakhs put up a flagpole 9 feet taller than the one he had just inaugurated in Baku.

      Zaha Hadid, world renowned architect, recently lost all kudos after she agreed to design a mausoleum in memory of his father. It’s a contorted thing, sitting instead of thousands of shacks housing his people.

      What we face is consumer authoritarianism, where the most obnoxious trappings of ‘high society’ get to dilute any real aspiration. Just watch as all second hand auto dealerships keep on with the supply of German Uberwagens, it’s the only thing to sell these days. Botox and UV machines turn out Barbie dolls by the dozen and lifestyle becomes a set of rules to get on in life. The men get to multiply the width of their silk ties and perhaps double the cuff links.

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      Good, I’ll move underground, the economy of my trade based on my personal diktats, excluding them keeps it pure and desirable. If they’re loaded, I’m the snob.

  4. M. Cassar says:

    The worst nightmare for the corrupt and powerful must be the possibility that the money trail is followed and exposed.

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