You know, I really don’t believe he’s even remotely interested in football.

Published: March 4, 2014 at 3:01pm

Somebody must have told him it’s good for his image – more manly, popular appeal and all that – like lifting weights while gaining no muscle and plenty of flab.

That bit when he unsnaps his seat-belt and leans across his driver – I can’t get over it.

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  1. Alexander Ball says:

    Why is he supporting a foreign team? He should support his local club or else he risks being called a traitor.

  2. Joe Fenech says:

    Oh, so now were at the ‘arresting the opposition stage’… What’s next? Exile to Filfla?

    And, blimey his body language. He is one one very bitter, angry man!

    PS: stop waving incessantly – you look like a bloody chimp.

  3. robert says:

    Maybe he is having special meetings like Dalli had in the Bahamas for secretive charitable revolutions and doing these trips around a football event helps erase any suspicion

  4. Magister says:

    True, Daphne. He is completely uninterested in football or any other sports.

    He never participated in any sports activities at school and he definitely hated and dreaded playing football.

  5. Tabatha White says:

    But he did reveal to us by his retort the extent to which he was irked by the stand of the Maltese-Australians against his IIP scam.

    Kulhadd kontrih. U kien lest ghal-glieda.

  6. P Shaw says:

    That was a violent and Muscat’s natural reaction for confrontation. Taking the cues from their leader, the MLP thugs will soon be out in force.

    • Natalie says:

      That’s what I thought he looked like: a thug. Or else one of those cercuri lesti ghall-glied.

    • gaetano pace says:

      That was the form V prefect of class talking to Junior College prefect with a bit of spite, hate, ire, jealousy. Zepp could not afford to be away on holiday for 6 months, like Simon. So Zepp had to be treated to a trip to watch a football match. Is he a jinx ? Milan could tell better. Ever since he`s been to watch them play they never managed to beat anyone. I know that the previous administration had no finger in this, as Zepp had.

  7. ciccio says:

    His reaction when he pulls away his seat belt shows that since he got off that plane and saw the Net TV crew, he had been building up his rage and in his little brain had been thinking about a retort, one which would be offensive to the Opposition Leader, as usual.

    Still wondering: what does the Opposition Leader’s visit to Australia have to do with the PM’s trip to Milan? The only answer that comes to mind is that he has no real interest in football, and that he actually travelled to Milan on purpose, only to spite and humiliate the Opposition Leader during the trial before the Parliament Committee. The schemer.

    • albona says:

      You said it ciccio. It had nothing to do with Milan at all. In fact, an intelligent journalist would make their next question directly about Milan. For example, who are the main wingers? Who did Milan buy last transfer season. His answer will probably be:

      ‘naħseb aħjar tmur issaqsi l-dak it-traditur ta’ pajjiżna, xmun għax dak ikun jaf’.

      Same old reds. Malta=PL, PL=Malta. An attack on one is an attack on the nation. Thinking caps off; the reds are at the helm again.

  8. M. Cassar says:

    ‘That bit when he unsnaps his seat-belt and leans across his driver – I can’t get over it.’ The facial expression that follows speaks to one’s gut and what it says is ugly. No amount of foresight can sweeten THAT truth.

  9. C.Portelli says:

    They look like they ate a lot of hot-dogs while watching the game.

  10. Neil says:

    You really surprised me, not picking this up when it came out.

    [Daphne – I was otherwise engaged.]

    I was astounded by his reaction too, must have watched those few seconds 20 times, thinking ‘Is this horrible, inferiority-complex-controlled twerp really our Prime Minister? The one those brainless idiots gave Lawrence Gonzi the order of the boot for?’

    His worst ‘tu quoque’ moment yet, and there have been some real doozies to compete with it.

    • Harry Purdie says:

      Probably has already been sent to all his European counterparts, and beyond. Cringeworthy.
      Excellent for Malta’s reputation.

  11. Liberal says:

    For Joseph Muscat, anyone speaking out against government policy is “Ixewwex kontra l-pajjiz”.

    What a fascist prick.

    • P Shaw says:

      Mintoff and the 80s MLP ministers used to say that all the time. For that fake reason, they created a law called “kontra l-Indhil barrani”.

      Even though, I knew that Joseph Muscat and his ilk were not fit for purpose, I never ever thought that the claim of ‘tixwix’ will ever be used again.

      Joseph Muscat is my age, and I truly believe that he is intellectually and emotionally stuck at pre-puberty, around 11-14 years old, at the time when his nanna ‘educated’ him politically.

      I too was raised in a small village and had a nanna Mintoffjana, who used to tell me all kinds of stories about Mintoff and the evil Nationalists. I learnt all the stories by heart: how Mintoff used to go abroad and bring loads of money to fill the beloved ‘kaxxa ta’ Malta’ and how the Nationalists used to go abroad ‘biex ixewxu’ and how they were only interested in the ‘evil negozjanti’.

      I went to a lot of Christmas MLP parties where I learnt all the MLP propaganda songs. I also watched Gensna at Dar il-Mediterran.

      But I have evolved since then and I am not boasting about it. I see intellectual evolution as the natural order of things. Kids are taught and told a lot of crap, but then it is up to them to read and research and come up with an informed conclusion.

      Not having had a normal childhood and being unable to interact with other children in the usual manner, Joseph Muscat has remained stuck in that era of the eighties. His nanna and other similar adults were his world. Probably he never read a book except for the obligatory school textbooks. I can see that he was never stimulated intellectually, and we can all see the results of that today.

    • il-Ginger says:

      Saying that after going abroad to support a foreign team instead of doing his duty as the Maltese prime minister.

      Betraying his country for a football match and he has the gall.

      Send him back to the school yard. A few swirlies and wedgies will fix him.

  12. Kif inhi din? says:

    What’s the meaning in body language when the index finger points towards one’s face?

  13. Kif inhi din? says:

    Please, please don’t let him open his mouth in public without a teleprompter.

  14. Jozef says:

    Jigifieri Muscat jippretendi li anke jekk hu l-prim ministru, ghandna nkejluh bhal kap tal-opposizjoni.

    Tajba Guz, urihom xi dwejjaq ghandek, trid tqum kuljum filghodu u tlahhaq ma dal-pajjiz.

    Waqqaf il-karrozza biex jipprova jsib skuza ma jmurx jinqabad jiskarta, u x’kull wahda.

    Kemm se jwahhal f’ministri.

  15. Alex says:

    One wonders – who pays for these trips?

  16. Tinu says:

    I read the underneath from Tim Riley Law site which shows the LNG history and LNG accidents, I wonder if they can be confirmed.

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    • Jules Verne Spill, May 1965. Failure of the liquid level instrumentation – caused another LNG accident

    • La Spezia, Italy, 1971. Phenomenon called rollover, where two layers of LNG having different densities and heat content are allowed to form back flow of natural gas from the compressor to the nitrogen line – caused another LNG accident

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    • Staten Island Tank Fire, USA, 1973. A fire erupted at an out-of-service LNG tank that was being repaired. Forty workers then inside the tank were killed. LNG, which had leaked through the liner during previous fillings, had accumulated in the soil below and around the concrete tank wall berm. It has been assumed that an electrical spark in one of the irons or vacuum cleaners ignited the flammable gas reentering the tank.

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    • Alexander Ball says:

      All the locals have to do is put a PL poster in their window and any blast from a leakage will spare their house.

    • N.K.O.T.B says:

      Well, we can’t have boiler no.7 hogging all the limelight, can we. Tsk.

    • Jozef says:

      Not to mention operational near-misses which go unreported.

      The list carries mostly accidents related to maneouvers as ships approach the docking facililty.

      We’ll have that operation in busy port without the protection a breakwater could provide.

      It has to be seen whether suppliers will actually accept to risk their ships in the conditions envisaged by Mizzi.

      How tragic is it that environmentalists turned civil rights gurus remain silent on this one. And don’t give me we’re no experts.

      The problem here is a government producing lies on such a scale nothing’s what it seems. Where that leaves the criteria of this proposal remains anyone’s guess.

  17. Wiki-Joe says:

    Was that his middle finger?

  18. curious says:

    So, we’re rooting for Nigel Farage now. Have Kevin and his Mrs. booked their flights to Malta for June?

    Eddy Privitera on timesofmalta’s comments-board:

    “Nigel Farage is the European Commission’s BETE NOIRE because he says the things which the EU hates that European citizens get to know !!!!!”

  19. Clueless says:

    For crying out loud! He is dictating what the future President should or should not do! Unbelievable!

    “The Prime Minister said her nomination was necessary as at this point in time the country needed a head of state in his prime and not close to retirement. Moreover, the next President was to be in charge of constitutional amendments.

    “Dr Muscat said people knew where they stood with Ms Coleiro-Preca. Admitting that the government would be losing one of its best cabinet members, he said she would have a social agenda.

    “The new President will still be in charge of the national strategy against poverty. She will also be in charge of the food aid programme, the national family commissions and the national prevention agency, among other functions.

    “She will not be there for a ceremonial role but to work with the people. She will be the social soul of this country and a reference point for all. He said that this will be a watershed point and a gift on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of independence.”

  20. Wistin Schembri says:

    Ironic? Cruel?

    It was Dr Muscat who made President George Abela state that after the election that “arrogance is over! the time of the blue and red is over!”

    Today Dr Muscat is ‘confirming’ it by nominating Dr Abela’s successor.

  21. Randolph Peresso says:

    PM Muscat is an avid AC Milan fan.

  22. Antoine Vella says:

    When he lets his guard down (which is happening more and more often).

  23. The Mole says:

    He should be flying out to support the Maltese National team, if anything. What an utter dork.

  24. Connor Attard says:

    There goes that insufferable tu qouque attitude again. Journalists should really be trained to counter these sort of fallacies and expose them for what they really are: logical defects and kindergarten playground tactics.

    By letting Muscat – or any politician for that matter – off the hook like that, journalists are not only doing a great disservice to their more analytical and discerning readers, but also – perhaps unknowingly – paving the way for the Prime Minister to become even more of a dictator.

    In a sound democracy, bad government policy and conduct should be torn to shreds by the independent press, irrespective of whichever party is running the country, lest it become just another mouthpiece for the state. This is all of course, anathema to the spirit of democracy.

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