Does this look to you like a girl who wanted to end it all?

Published: April 14, 2014 at 1:07am

I thought it best to publish here these photographs from Lisa Zahra’s Facebook page, because they put a human face to a real 15-year-old girl who is being discussed like a strange object, and who has been killed.

She had friends, she had a pet ferret, she went to the zoo and fed an elephant; one of her friends was ill and she visited with chicken-soup. And she smiled, had fun and wanted to be different like some girls do at that age.

She wasn’t a dog called Star or a Mosta cat, but her life was incomparably more valuable and her fate was so much worse.

Lisa maria Zahra elephant

Lisa Maria Zahra ferret

Lisa Maria Zahra smiling 1

Lisa Maria Zahra smiling 2

Lisa Maria Zahra smiling

Lisa pet

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  1. Wilfrid Buttigieg says:


  2. Mary says:

    If what you said is true that Erin had known Lisa since she was thirteen, I come to my conclusion that it was him who brought her in this condition to be an unhappy girl and harm her body.

    He is a weird person. The excuse of his parents’ break up in marriage does not hold, as this was last Christmas. He was 23, not 13.

    I hope justice will be done and they give him life in prison as he deserves it.

    • Harry Purdie says:

      Genetics at work, the result of a reduced gene pool, gives us the perfect combination of an ugly little shit with an evil, warped mind.

  3. canon says:

    Lisa was a victim of a twisted mind.

  4. Sufa says:

    She looks just like any other child her age, perhaps more thoughtful than others with the ‘chicken soup’ photo.

    Any ‘dark side’ to her must have come when she met Erin Tanti during a ‘low point’ in her life, possibly when she changed schools quite recently (a couple of years ago at the most – I believe after she was bullied/ostracized at her first school).

    There are no words to describe scum like Erin Tanti for snuffing out such a young life so abruptly.

  5. just me says:

    It certainly doesn’t. Erin Tanti was probably the cause for all her emotional problems.

    He brainwashed her and played with her mind trying to make her believe that life is not worth living.

    He probably enjoyed the power he had over her. What a twisted mind. I feel really sorry for her.

    What I don’t understand is how nobody noticed that something was amiss, or how they noticed and yet didn’t report the matter: her teachers at Masquerade and at school and her friends.

    If any teachers noticed that there was a relationship between Lisa Marie and Tanti, they should have reported this to the headmaster/mistress and to her father. This would have probably saved her life.

  6. Mattie says:

    People who go through difficult emotional problems rarely smile.

  7. C C says:

    I bet he wanted to feel somewhat superior… I made her kill herself I had full power over her. She was a normal 15 year old as most of her age are and as we all were. At 15 we’re all somewhat confused and he knows it as he’s an adult. A took full advantage of her age in all sorts of cruel ways.

  8. Mattie says:

    People who lie and say lies compulsively, pathologically and repetitively, can drive you round the bend.

  9. Melissa says:

    These posts paint a very different picture to the posts on the tumblr blog – of which there are actually only a few personal posts (excluding the automated post queuing and re-posts of other entries).

    However the few posts that are there and the choice of queued posts, paint a picture of a very troubled mind.

  10. gaetano pace says:

    Being a grandparent, having a teenager in the family and an only child, I just cannot help thinking of the pain the family is going through.

    For six years I was with my son fighting cancer which won the battle and this may prime my feelings.

    It only makes me realise what a great deal of pardon and forgiveness Erin Tanti needs, if only he comes to his senses, stand on his own feet and asks for forgiveness.

    Nothing more, nothing less, will ever appease the soul of anyone concerned. May all find the peace after the storm.

  11. Knejjes says:

    Why on earth are people are defending that man?

  12. Tim says:

    Are you serious? You cannot judge a person by someone’s facebook. You have no idea how easy it is to fake a smile. Now I didn’t know Lisa very much but just because you see someone smiling does not mean that they are 100% happy and not even 1% suicidal. I’m sorry but this is utter bullshit and the fact that we still haven’t forgot about it is more silly. Yes, she did it.Yes,he was part of it but now he got punished and hopefully he is going to learn from it so all of us should shut up and move on because just because the media says one thing does not mean it’s true.

    • La Redoute says:

      If you’re so sure of what happened, that must be because you have evidence that has not yet been picked up by the police. The right thing to do is to go to the police and tell them what you know.

      It is very easy to fake a smile. It is not so easy to fake innocence of a crime. That is why this matter is being discussed.

      A child died. Her teacher is accused of murdering her and assisting her suicide, among other serious charges.

      All of us should not shut up and move on. This is real life, not a Facebook meme.

      If Erin Tanti was your teacher, your distress is understandable. It is disillusioning when respected adults turn out to be not what they seemed at first.

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