Taghna lkoll: iced buns for the government head of communications’ brother

Published: April 29, 2014 at 1:20am

Kurt Farrugia, the toddler-sized government head of communications, has a brother called Justin.

Justin Farrugia set up a media production company called Sharp Shoot Media (not a porno outfit, sorry) just a week before last year’s general election.

Since then, apart from winning tenders from TVM/PBS for various television programmes, Justin Farrugia’s Sharp Shoot Media has been commissioned by the terribly apolitical and non-aligned Foundation for National Celebrations to produce a four-part documentary about Jum Il-Helsien, shown on TVM.

HELSIEN - Sharp Shoot Media

Justin Farrugia - Sharp Shoot Media (Founded 2013)

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  1. Guzi says:

    There is another documentary on Maltese History, if I am not mistaken called ‘Mixja ta’ Poplu’ which is presented by Aleks Farrugia, who is an ex-Super One or l-Orrizont reporter. This documentary is very biased and is basically re-writing Maltese history.

  2. H.P. Baxxter says:

    “Nitkelmu dwar hakma wara l-ohra…”

    … u dejjem nispiccaw mahkuma mic-Cina.

  3. Banana republic ... Again says:

    The need of a sharp shooter becomes more real everyday

  4. Coronado says:

    Ara Jackie Mercieca ! Did she get her iced bun as now they are past their “best buy before” date.

  5. M. says:

    “The ‘all-important’ phone call was not an emergency, nor one he urgently had to reply to, but a call he actually made himself to his secretary who was further back in the queue, to establish where the Maltese delegation had to meet after greeting the pontiff.”

  6. curious says:

    Don’t these people know how to shut their mouth. They do keep on digging.

    Anglu Farrugia needs to see an eye specialist and while he’s at it he can also have his head examined. For the best of the delegation, my left foot.


  7. AE says:

    A documentary? I guess we are going to see a total rewriting of history or rather a reinforcement of the lie Mintoff sold to us all.

    I guess he will just ignore all the information released from the National Archives in the UK proving that Mintoff was begging the Brits to stay after all.

  8. Jozef says:

    Jackie Mercieca, Mintoff’s perfect prototype.

    As usual, she’ll tell us the ‘Maltese’ existed notwithstanding the perfectly plausible and ideologically sound case to the contrary.

    The islands’ inhabitants were also those who came here, Mercieca. And no, the locals didn’t aspire to live in unplastered rooms or other fuq il-fil travesty of aesthetics, that’s Mintoff’s incapability to elevate his spirit to ornament, space and any colour circle. Apart from a serious lack of adequate materials allowed into the country due his ideal economy.

    You’ll tell us stubby windows, gold aluminium, faux everything, horrifically distorted proportions and nerve jangling ‘metaphors’ aren’t his legacy next.

    Such is your vile attempt to keep us primitive.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Ma niflahx izjed, Jozef.

      • Jozef says:

        It’s time to stop recounting what Mintoff did, but analyse why he did it.

        Fuq il-fil is the idea that interface cannot exist, bare raw blockwork enough. Mercieca will tell us that that’s the way it should be, a bit like 18th century archeologists who idealised Greek art and architecture praising its monomateric reliance on form. When traces of colour emerged late last century, things went awry for ‘purists’.

        When the block itself is changed to convenient practical and akward proportions, brutal utilitarianism becomes the alibi for the grotesque. Can we please admit we are the place where the dimmest kitsch has been nationalised?

        The truth in this case is that Mintoff’s cultural regression produced an onslaught of cement destroying ‘local’ stone. (Another misnomer as if stratification ends here). And when the ‘first’ standards of planning came along all they did was to adopt the Gemahariya, the zenith being the Pjazzetta building, hanging terraces with its low arches and all.

        The first to go, unmissed, unlamented and ignored was Qui Si Sana’s Stile Floreale, which merged concrete, stone, metal, wood and mosaic. In Malta, it’s still terribly posh and arty pretentious to ridicule mosaic or aluminium fixtures.

        I will be the Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Goth, Arab, Norman, Yeoman, Neapolitan, Malti tal-Egittu, British,
        anything to distinguish myself from Mercieca’s attempt to vilify something which should in essence, (I say predictably) be greater than the sum of its parts.

        This is a place where planning regulations do not acknowledge the meaning of ochre, where pavements are in the way of garage ramps, where materials, colour and geometry cannot be used to harmonise, but cacophonic contrast (jirkacca, jaqta’). Even urban centres have to be rendered pigsty ‘farmhouse’ folksy, Ta’ Gerit u Ta’ Cetta everywhere. Valletta was going elsewhere thankfully, but under Jason’s clutches, the delusion may return.

        This is nothing but Juche, Kim Il Sung’s theology, self reliance through a forced ‘philosophy’ consisting of false mathematics based on the rape of a language and its intentional contradiction. If it has to be written in latin script, it cannot ape arabic phonetics. And which ‘Arabic’ anyway?

        And what’s wrong with the Phoenicians? They built fabulous hotels, wore interesting hats and imagined novel, if symbolic, GPS systems on their boats. I understand, make that arrogate, they never left.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Civilisations, peoples and nations are defined by their aesthetic more than anything else. More than the language, even.

        Where does that put Malta?

        Hitler, when asked if he was German or Austrian, famously replied “I am a Hellene”.

        What am I? What are we? Is there a we?

        Here’s one for Simon Busuttil: What are you?

        I won’t dignify Joseph Muscat by asking him the question. He’d just give some glib answer like “Euro-Mediterranean”.

    • Jozef says:

      Mussolini’s gay bashing squads were made of the ‘gagliardi’. The murder of dissenters or political opponents a gagliardata.

      I suppose the alternative brand name could have been arditi.

      Who’s their art director, Franco Debono?

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Plus a few iced buns left over from the Nationalist’s baking tray, let us not forget that.

  9. Joe Fenech says:

    These people are so deluded and their sense of self-worth is such that they think they deserve everything they get.

  10. pirellu says:

    I bet they’re not going to mention how we fell to Gaddafi without even firing a single shot on the 31st March 1979

  11. Christine Calleja says:

    And who’s the queen of iced buns?? It’s Joseph Muscat’s cousin, Nadette Azzopardi. Whilst being a board member in the children and young persons advisory board, she is also an education officer at OPM, a director in a company which she shares with her husband (CEO, enemalta, ex-local councilor Ing. Fredrick Azzopardi) and she does all this whilst taking care of two young kids and an ageing parent.

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