A little something to lighten the weekend (no, I haven’t bought it from Chris Engerer)

Published: May 11, 2014 at 7:35am

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  1. AE says:

    Lighten? It’s bloody depressing. We’ve been taken over by a bunch of no-goods.

  2. Rony says:

    Those words of wisdom: “… you’re going to regret it!”

    Huduha ma saqajkhom kull min ivvota Lejber ghall-ewwel darba.

    • pl u kburi says:

      xej mjien kuntent nara nazzjonalist imdejjaq bhalek irid iqum kull gurnata taht gvern laburista

    • pl u kburi says:

      likbar stalett li tista iddahlilkom lilkom tal PN tghixu taht gvern laburista oqodu hemm vgati li nghidu ahna isir

      • bob-a-job says:

        Sieħbi, Malta tagħna ilkoll jew diġà insejt?

      • observer says:

        Ghalhekk fl-ahhar ser insibu ruhna fil-frisk, sur KBURI.

      • Silvio loporto says:

        Why is it that the good that is done by a government is always ruined by stupid persons like you?

        And you are wrong, it’s not “Li nghidu ahna isir” it’s what we the electorate want to “ïsir”.

        We are the ones who elect a government and we are the ones who can bring it down if it does not perform.

        Some countries did not even have to wait for the natural life of a government.

        Believe me there are ways and means.

        So shut up, you scum.

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