Can you believe people voted for THIS?

Published: May 29, 2014 at 5:16pm

Antoine Galea

This is Antoine Galea, the third candidate for Imperium Europa in this EP election (the others were Norman Lowell and Arlette sive Letty Baldacchino).

He went on television to campaign wearing a smart 1930s-style suit and shirt, and hairstyle (and even that should have told people something), but this is the more casual attire he prefers.

I wonder where he imagines he would have ended up had his hero Adolf Hitler invaded Malta with his friend Benito Mussolini. Seated at their right hand at the top table, no doubt, rather than in some death camp.

Did the people who voted for him actually know what they were voting for, and did so all the same? How freaky. I’d prefer to give most of them at least the benefit of the doubt and tell myself they didn’t know.

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  1. albona says:

    Yes. Enough with Imperium Europa now. There are always people who will vote for loons. Quite frankly I’m more worried about the PL being elected. Move on.

    [Daphne – That’s very shortsighted of you. They won’t be voting for Imperium Europa in a general election, but this election tells you what their unfettered inclinations are. And yes, there are always people who vote for loons. My point here is that this wasn’t the ‘loon’ vote: the people who voted for Norman Lowell and Arlette sive Letty Baldacchino actually think they’re normal, reasonable and rational individuals with ‘good arguments’.]

    • silvio says:

      The more importance you give these FREAKS makes their heads grow bigger.

      Just ignore them completely and in time they will just fade away.

      As we say in Maltese, l-ímgienen mhux kollha gewwa.

      [Daphne – I don’t know about that, Mr Loporto. I think it’s because they were completely ignored by the mainstream media, which failed to expose the truth about them, that they made insidious inroads among people. Shouldn’t at least one newspaper have investigated the facts about Norman Lowell’s prosecution for an insider job on the bank where he worked? It wasn’t small, either: around Lm1 million.]

      • silvio says:

        I suspected at the time that the fact that the files went missing from the court means that he was not alone in the swindle, but with somebody quite important, who would have been exposed if the bank did not mysteriously withdraw the case, of course for the lack of files.

        [Daphne – The bank could not withdraw the case, because the bank was not a party to the case. It was a criminal prosecution, the police vs. Norman Lowell. I actually know how the file went missing and the identity of the only person who could have stolen it, but I am not at liberty to say it here. I am able to tell you, though, that the person who took it did not do so because of the involvement of any other ‘big cheese’ at the bank who would have been exposed (if there were such a person, he would have been exposed already in the file documents), but because he was closely related to Norman Lowell and also had access to the documents as an official of the court. No action could be taken against him because there was no proof. It’s also the reason I can’t say publicly who he is.]

      • silvio says:

        I’d like to make myself clear.

        I never intended that the big cheese, as you call him, had any connection with the bank.

        Just remember that one million liri was a substantial sum, in those days as it is now.

        As we say money talks, and bil-flus taghmel triq fil-bahar.

      • silvio says:

        One of Norman Lowell’s incidents: he was serving (at the bank) a woman who was carrying a baby in her arms. She wanted to take some document out of her bag and she rested the baby on the counter.

        “Madam, please take that rubbish off the counter,” he said to her.

      • silvio says:

        I suspect that to those who voted for him, would have actually been proud of what he did.

      • Knejjes says:

        Yet no one knows how he did it, he’s never been caught.

        I’m a million miles away from his ideologies but he’s not daft and far far away from being ignorant, actually to get away with a million Maltese lira and he’s still Scott free that’s clever.

        [Daphne – No, it’s not. It’s criminal. And he didn’t get away with the money. He only got away with not being tried for the crime, because he had the file stolen to order. And again, that’s not clever. That’s criminal. Yes, lots of people admire criminals, but I’m not one of them.]

      • KA says:

        H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Look at the first comment:

        Why worry, this is some quality entertainment right here.

      • J Abela says:

        No, Silvio! The worst thing that we could do is ignore Norman Lowell and his party and give them enough time to radicalize and convince other voters.

        If you think they’re freaks, they are certainly not.

        That’s what they want you to believe so that they have enough time to devour easier prey then us here.

        They want to have the time to set the ball really rolling because they know exactly what they believe in and they will be relentless in achieving it.

        Again, I repeat, the PN and PL must join forces and attack Imperium Europa’s ideology with impunity while it’s still young. They should expose and destroy Norman Lowell and his clan and prevent them from spreading their hatred any more then they already have.

        Imperium Europa should even have a voice. Yes you heard me. They shouldn’t have a voice because if they have the smallest chance, these people would take everyone else’s and put their’s as the only voice. They are essentially anti-democratic and only use democracy as an excuse to achieve their desires.

      • Tabatha White says:

        I was considering relegating the eccentric vote to Lowell but Mr Loporto is quite correct here. In terms of terminology precision, “eccentric” would include “good” and “innovative” of which there is nothing in Lowell’s policies and outlook.

        This is, as Mr Loporto says, the “freak vote” that Lowell garnered.

        The “freak vote” that brought under its fold those frustrated about aspects of their personal life.

        Where, at a point above that where to them “all things are equal in politics,” life verges on the boring.

        Where moral values have never really played a role anyway.

        Where the pleasures of life are bought, and they too are victims of this sad, monotone vicious circle. The only colour being the jaded colour of money.

        The show put on by Lowell, a divertissement in an otherwise very dull outlook conditioned by limitations of personal attribute.

        Several of those attending and holding the Lowell parties years ago (2002 – 2003) can be counted amongst this lot.

    • albona says:

      Yes, and? Malta also has a majority who vote for a party whose scrutineers bang the perspex dividers at the counting hall shouting ‘ours too, ours too’. Name one country where this happens.

      Elements in the PL hold the same amount of contempt for foreigners as Imperium Europa do. One thing is for sure: if Imperium Europa had had a candidate elected they’d have been looked upon in the EU as the inevitable loon elected in the EP elections everywhere. It’d have been funny in fact.

      Imperium Europa does not worry me the least bit. They are an open book. The PL on the other hand styles itself and indeed sells itself, successfully might I add, as a Liberal party with new ideas, when it is anything but.

      The fact that most likely, if it weren’t for the deceptive name and the folly of the S&D accepting them in their ranks, they are probably a party that Le Pen would be refusing to engage in talks with – the same treatment that she dishes out to Jobbik, Golden Dawn and Ataka.

      • Mario Tabone says:

        Dear Albona, the PN has also scrutineers who bang on the perspex and cry ‘Nazzjonalisti, Nazzjonalisti’, so what’s the difference.

      • albona says:

        You’re right. There is no difference. What a backwards country. Povru Malta.

    • Painter says:

      I know that PL consists of some stupid people, as well as PN, but you really can’t compare them to some lunatic like Norman Lowell.

      And if you are worried more about PL being elected, then I suspect that you’re one of those who hates the two main political parties because ‘they are failing Malta’ and instead votes for a party (if we can call it a party) that supports eugenics.

      • albona says:

        I am not saying that at all. I am not condoning Lowell or IE. I was merely commenting on the wolf in sheep’s clothing – the PL.

    • J Abela says:

      No albona, the people who voted for Imperium Europa are certainly not loons.

      The ‘loon’ vote went to other candidates, namely Zaren ta l-ajkla (who would in their right mind ever vote for that man?).

      The people who voted for Imperium Europa know exactly want they want, what they believe in and who they want to represent them.

      They are people who like Norman Lowell are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-democratic and ironically non-European. They are people full of hatred for people whose only crime is to be somewhat different then themselves.

      Imperium Europe and its ideology are a threat to the peaceful nature of this nation. I expect the PN and PL to join in force to attack this ideology from all fronts. I most certainly expect my government to do the same.

      And no, Daphne, they will be voting Imperium Europa come next election. In the past, these people wanted to protest a bit and wanted to act a bit crazy, this time round they felt sane to vote for Imperium Europa, and come next election they will not only vote for Imperium Europa but they will vote with full conviction for Imperium Europa.

      Indeed, they will feel that Imperium Europa would be the only party that can represent them best.

  2. Gee Dee says:

    Really scary. But if he is on Lowell’s party can you really expect any better? Would I ever vote for Lowell and his followers when, as you pointed out several times Lowell has such personality problems?

    [Daphne – Norman Lowell does not have personality problems. He has psychiatric problems.]

  3. HIJ says:

    If Hitler or Mussolini were around Antoine Galea would have likely been another Quisling.

    • silvio says:

      I’m sure that if was around in Mussolin’s time, all he would have ended up doing would be cleaning the toiles at Rome’s railway station.

  4. Sometimes I wonder whether these people even have a mirror at home. Lowell and this Galea person look anything but Aryan.

    [Daphne – That word was always wrongly used by the Nazis anyway. The Aryans were Indo-Iranian people, and the typical Aryan would look very much as I do, certainly not blonde and Teutonic. But yes, according to Nazi standards, those three would have been incinerated.]

    • Silly me. I always equated Aryan with Teutonic. You live, you learn. Thanks.

    • ken il malti says:

      Short and dark and lame Josef Goebbels did not look Teutonic and neither did gay SA leader Ernst Rohm, who looked a lot like renowned Maltese painter and singer Ġużè Duca.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, just like Joseph Muscat and the Progressives, found that pure ideology had to bend to political reality. Not all of the peoples of the Greater Germanic Reich were blonde and Teutonic. So the definition of Aryan was softened a little bit, and degrees of Aryanism were introduced.

      When the war started, reality hit harder still, and by the end of it, black Saudis, Arabs, dark Indians, Central Asians, Slavs, swarthy Spaniards and even Jews were serving under the German flag. And let’s not forget the Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Manchurian allies. In a nutshell, it was a racial rainbow.

      I don’t know about the incineration, but it certainly belies any talk of a political project based on racial criteria.

  5. And I’d really love to have Lowell, Galea and Baldacchino submit to some DNA analysis to prove that they haven’t got a Semitic gene in their body.

  6. La Redoute says:

    Antoine Galea does not wear a 1930s hairstyle. He has long hair which he ties back in a pony tail.

    [Daphne – Shame the TV cameras don’t film him from the back and side then. Head on, it looks like some kind of Great Gatsby confection sitting on his head.]

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      It’s a shame they never film Norman Lowell or Arlette Baldacchino in profile either. Then we can have a clear figure for the maxillo-facial angle and the size of the nose. Lowell talks genetics. He should be talking civilisation. Then at least he could have a semblance of coherence.

      • La Redoute says:

        Norman Lowell thinks he’s white and Arlette Baldacchino thinks she’s racially pure.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Well that’s their problem. I’m sort of off-white and there’s gallons of Jewish blood in me. Should I rule myself out of the European civilisation? Lowell would rule me out on racial lines. Even if I can spell “lasagne” and he cannot. How can I ever vote for him?

  7. ursula says:

    How ironic – the Maltese public pumps more than half a million euros into charities to build schools and provide food and clean water for African children.

    The following day, 7,000 Maltese vote for these people who want to kill them all if they so much as set foot here in Malta.

  8. C Sciortino says:

    “ivvutawlu” ,104 voti biss gab ta. Kieku jien iktar nistageb al voti li gab zaren,1208 mal first count.

  9. Matthew S says:

    The election of a human rights lawyer is a big middle finger in the face of Imperium Europa.

    Well done to the 40%.

    Although it would have been beneficial for the Nationalist Party to inherit Imperium Europa votes, I’m glad it didn’t. It’s like inheriting blood money. Let Labour have them.

    On the other hand, I’m glad to see that the Nationalist Party inherited most of the Alternattiva Demokratika votes. In spite of their extreme left leaning foundations, they do have good ideas and some good people.

    Now if only the Nationalist Party were to convince their voters to vote NP first and AD second. AD voters need to realise that voting AD is as good as voting Labour or Imperium Europa.

  10. Thaddeus says:

    Have you seen the videos this guy uploads? He is infatuated with Lowell and his style of speech delivery. A clear imitation who sadly promotes the same values as his mentor.

  11. Andrew Busuttil says:

    Dear Daphne….

    You should read a little deeper into things before you pass judgment on several thousand voters…

    You’re missing out on a lot of nuances by oversimplifying matters…

    I happen to know, for starters, that many of those votes come from top professionals in significant and influential positions…

    Their debatable (but sound) reasoning is not captured anywhere in any of your recent articles…

    [Daphne – Sound reasoning, Andrew, will not lead to a vote for Norman Lowell and Arlette Baldaccino. People with sound reasoning do not vote for stupid and/or psychiatrically problematic people with unsound reasoning. A vote for Imperium Europa is by definition unsound and the product of unsound reasoning. It makes no difference whether the unsound reasoning comes from a ‘professional’ or not.]

  12. C.Portelli says:

    In their book, Imperium Europa said that people with special needs should be aborted or mercy-killed within an hour of birth.

    After seeing this Galea picture – well, they really are pushing their luck.

  13. Calculator says:

    So Muscat admits Lowell is racist, but thinks those who voted for him aren’t? Why would anyone seriously consider voting for him unless they are, or am I missing something here?

    • Jozef says:

      ‘…Il-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat qal li min fl-elezzjoni ivvota lil Norman Lowell mhuwiex bilfors razzist imma kkonċernat b’fatturi oħra bħal ma huma l-immigrazzjoni u x-xogħol….’

      How the hell is he going to convince the PES with this excuse?

      So Muscat predicts serious unemployment figures, obviously not the one to blame.

      The only thing he does is sell, it wins him elections but doesn’t buy into the lull between contests.

  14. Benny Hill says:

    In a few sentences, what psychiatric problems would you say Norman Lowell has? One is that he suffers from delusions of grandeur. Can you let me know any more you think he has?

    [Daphne – I am not a psychiatrist. Consult one you may know.]

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