Malta Today reporter Miriam Dalli bursts into tears of dismay at the news that the PN won the third seat

Published: May 28, 2014 at 12:29pm

Malta Today journalist Miriam Dalli, first from left, with government head of communications Kurt Farrugia, centre, and with the prime minister's driver, 1st from right

Malta Today journalist Miriam Dalli, first from left, with government head of communications Kurt Farrugia, centre, and with the prime minister’s driver, 1st from right

Very reliable sources at the counting-hall tell me that Malta Today ‘journalist’ Miriam Dalli burst into tears of dismay when the news broke that the Nationalist Party had won its third seat.

What a shame the press wasn’t around. Oh sorry, she’s the press.

How’s that for journalist independence, Saviour Balzan and Matthew Vella?

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  1. edgar says:

    She wanted so badly to have Joe Cuschieri as her travelling partner.

  2. George Grech says:

    Min baqa barra sur Cuschieri ?

  3. Rumplestiltskin says:

    Tough cookies, Miss Dalli.

  4. CIS says:

    That’s because work at the counting hall took its toll on her. Malta Today was reporting live from the counting hall till the sixth seat was won.

    Wonder if what her reaction was Sunday when the news of majority came out. Malta Today’s editorial today is full of ‘advice’ to Simon Busuttil. I’m sure they want him to be better than Muscat.

  5. tinnat says:

    This, after Therese Commodini Cachia expressly went to heartily congratulate Dalli as soon as her seat was confirmed.

  6. Peter Grech says:

    She was behind the perspex with the Labour staff counting and checking Labour votes

  7. bob-a-job says:

    It doesn’t say anything about the PN’s 3rd seat win on Malta Today but perhaps Miss Cookies From Kurt is still sobbing uncontrollably in some dark corner of the counting hall and is in no shape to convey the news.

  8. seksieka says:

    Ħadnihulkom. Tbaqbqu.

  9. Mario Tabone says:

    Daphne, do you know what a shame, that the PL has won a landslide election and gets 3 seats just like the defunct PN. Oh so, it’s a democratic process (sic)!

  10. Tabasco says:

    Jien rajta kemm il-darba diehla u hierga mil-canteen tal-PL fil-counting hall. Qatt ma dahlet fil-canteen taghna tal-PN.

  11. Anna says:

    Asshole, bitch, how could you live with urself!

    • J. Borg says:

      I think you mean “How can you live with yourself”?

      I certainly don’t need to defend Daphne, nor does anybody else, but quite honestly this is the place to get information that other so-called journalists with the mainstream press either never manage to get hold of, or would never print if they did.

      Go Daphne, go!!!

  12. H.P. Baxxter says:

    So she won’t be moving to Brussels with Kurt then.

    I’d cry too.

  13. Enrico Lapira says:

    What a shame – not only for Saviour Balzan but also for the untouchable Roger Degiorgio.

    He can do what he wants with loud noises from his Gianpula nightclub and the authorities look the other side and pretend they are not receiving complaints from people who cannot sleep in the week-ends.

  14. A Montebello says:

    She’s going to need a nickname now that Miriam Dalli has been elected to represent us in Brussels. I can think of a few already…. but they’re not nice or catchy enough.

  15. Joseph says:

    You don`t need to post this. As long a you see it Im fine. Your such a nasty ugly bitch. You wish to come close to Miriam or Ramona. The two wonderful woman that you envy so much! As the maltse hamalli say “ma toqodx hdejn it toqba ta sormhom”. And thats in all aspects beauty and inteligence. And change this old picture cos you now look 20 years older.

    • canon says:

      You don’t like her and you keep staring at her picture.

    • Caroline says:

      Have you ever heard of “grammar” and “spelling”?

      I am curious to know why exactly you follow this blog if you think Daphne is not intel(l)gent? Did you really think Daphne would deny us the pleasure of reading your comment?

    • rosie says:

      Is this a joke?

      • rosie says:

        Joseph, move to BIMBO LAND – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it seems so is intelligence.

        What comes from their lips has as much value as what exits from “sormhom” as you put it.

    • thealley says:

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My personal meaning of the word ‘beauty’ is to have an acceptable level of IQ. Now draw your own conclusions, Joseph.

    • Spock says:

      Joseph it is nasty , ugly ‘bitches’ like you who ‘envy’ Daphne ‘so much’.

      And thank God li ma toqghodx hdejn it-toqba ta’sormha because even that part of her anatomy would outshine you in all aspects of beauty and intelligence.

      Sorry for not using quotation marks all the way, but there were too many spelling mistakes in the original text.

    • Natalie Mallett says:

      Joseph, if this blog distresses you so much I suggest you don’t read it and leave our Daphne in peace.

      Thousands of people think that she is the best blogger around so if you don’t like it do us all a favour and eff off to your ONE brainwashing machine.

    • El Cardinero says:

      Joseph, not even being in the EU can heal ignorant people like you. You should thank God that Imperium Europa were not elected to government, because they would have had you incinerated.

    • Tania says:

      For some reason this sounds more like a comment posted by a woman to me.

      In any case, Miriam Dalli is a hammalla nkallata and Ramona is a wannabe pulita.

      As for their “intelligence” well… they vote Labour, enough said.

    • Nana says:

      Joseph, are you serious or you were drunk when you wrote this? If not you need a pair of glasses plus a new brain, my friend.

    • Makjavel says:

      Then you have no idea what beauty and intelligence are.

      The two have nothing to do with each other.

      Beauty of character comes first because it is immortal.

      Intelligence lifts one up from those who are easily bought by 2c worth of petrol discount.

    • Gaetano Pace says:

      Ghidilna ma min taghmilha u nghidulek x`int, bil-Malti biex tifhem, injorant, pastaz kif ghamlek u halliek il labour.

    • watchful eye says:


      Which Joseph are you?

      Depending on your reply, I will respond.

    • Nik says:

      It’s rather interesting that a louse like this actually reads this blog.

      I get the impression that this kind of person comes here despite him/herself and then can’t stomach the gulf that exists in between.

      But still they keep coming back.

      Quite fascinating; depressing too, of course, that they are simply incapable of engaging on the merits of the issue. Unfortunately there are so many of this ilk that one of them actually became Prime Minister.

    • TinaB says:

      No, Joseph, it is completely the other way round actually. Miriam and Ramona, and of course, several others wish to come close to Daphne Caruana Galizia. As they say in Maltese “kellhom bzonn joqghodu imqar hdejn subghaja iz-zghir.”

      Your definition of beauty and intelligence is completely wrong. Miriam Dalli and Ramona Frendo may have pretty faces but having a pretty face does not automatically make one beautiful, especially when it is always plastered with make-up. Being a lawyer does not necessarily make you intelligent either – beauty and intelligence go way beyond that.

  16. Charles P says:

    Actually, I would have been surprised if the opposite took place ;-)

  17. Libertas says:

    Malta Today camped at the counting hall to update everyone on what they thought to be a 4-2 victory for Labour.

    Yet despite all the help from the likes of them, Kurt Sansone at Times of Malta, and so on, Labour lost a seat in this election and, more significantly, 33,000 votes from the general election. These were mostly protest votes despite the pestering from Labour HQ and vote-buying with taxpayers’ money.

  18. THe Phoenix says:

    Yes, Kurt Farrugia’s tubby little friend started crying when she heard the news, instead of doing what she is paid to do, and reporting it.

    So that’s why Malta Today took so long to post news about the 6th seat going to the PN.

  19. tony street says:

    Joseph, what has this got to do with looks? We’re talking about political consistency here.

    I am British and do not completely agree with the EU but I cannot and will not stomach Labour’s ambiguous and opportunistic attitude.

  20. Ġames says:

    And some prat at Times of Malta decided to aptly use a photo in last Monday’s newspaper showing Jonathan Shaw as though he was crying.

  21. Colin ZL says:

    When an elected official cries publicly in the face of a disappointing situation, that’s newsworthy. Is she going to cry when an EP vote goes against her (her masters’) wishes? Meanwhile, The Times comments board are full of people arguing about who won or lost or drew. A repeated PL supporter line seems to be “we’re not cry babies”. Clearly.

    [Daphne – It’s Miriam Dalli the Malta Today reporter, and not Miriam Dalli the EP candidate.]

  22. Cikku says:

    Ħalliha ħa tibki. Dan huwa rehearsal. Għadha ma tafx kemm għad trid tibki ‘l quddiem.

  23. Gaetano Pace says:

    There was no Labour gentleman who offered her son mouchoir.

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