Partnership has won…again

Published: May 28, 2014 at 12:50pm

Sant Partnership

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  1. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Blind as well as blond.

  2. Rumplestiltskin says:

    Dr Sant, please save us the inanities. there may be 50,000+ suckers around but the rest of us can still use our brains.

  3. observer says:

    “Blind mouths – whose gospel is their maw”

    Truly adapted to the crowd around the through, first of whom the above-pictured.

  4. canon says:

    I think Joseph Muscat will find it difficult to control Alfred Sant in Brussels.

  5. P Shaw says:

    One wonders what book Alfred Sant will be authoring now during those boring European Parliament sessions.

    He found the time to write the vast “Bla bidu, Bla Tmiem’ when he was Opposition leader.

  6. The Mole says:

    PL lost a seat and went out celebrating all day. Some things never change.

  7. OldAloysian says:

    I can imagine the look on certain MEPs’ faces when he arrives in Brussels.

  8. etil says:

    His supporters may not all be blond but they are certainly blind.

  9. David says:

    and the PN lost, in the wilderness, again.

  10. albona says:

    He is going to be a laughing stock in Strasbourg/Brussels – and I’m not even referring to that wig.

  11. giraffa says:

    What has he been drinking lately? X’ghandu x’jaqsam il-kliem “vot ta’ fiducja f’dak kollu li l-Partit Laburista ddefenda fil-passat” meta nafu li il-PL hela hames snien jattakka l-Unjoni Ewropeja, u jaghmel min kollox biex Malta tibqa barra? Jaqaw jisthi jgor mieghu fil-valiggja ghal- Brussels il-passat tieghu li kien tant anti- EU? Ma jafux jisthu dawn in-nies.

  12. Augustus says:

    Sewwa jghidu li l-hmar taqtalu dembu hmar jibqa’.

  13. Candida says:

    Il-veru, tibki u tolfoq.

  14. Socrates says:

    Idiots sometimes manage to make it to the top. Until they reach the top, they would have already established their fast way downwards through their own nonsense.

  15. Mario Tabone says:

    Sur Norman Vella, zgur ma’ rbahtx inti, sur buffu, mur ittimbra xi passaport, dak huwa xogholok!!!

  16. Jozef says:

    il-klassi tan-nofs. U jridha ta’ kittieb.

  17. William says:

    Dan bis-serjeta? “Vot ta’ fiducja ghal-dak li il-PL ddefenda fil-passat u llum”?

    Min kliemu qisu irid jghid li xorta ma jaqbilx mal-EU mela xix-xjafek hareg jaghmel?

    Ahjar nghid talba ghal dawk li ivvutawlu: Mulej ahfrilhom ghax ma jafux x`inhuma jaghmlu.

  18. Silvio says:

    Now is the time for all the thousands lately labelled switchers to go back to the P.N. and strive, from the inside, to rebuild our party on the principles and beliefs of our forefathers.

    [Daphne – ‘Our party’. How very rich, coming from somebody who voted Labour in the last general election. Ta min jafdak, ukoll, u ta min jorbot fuqek.]

    Even at the cost of having a split in the party, it is the time to start from scratch by first removing all the corrupt and arrogant members from the important position in the party.

    The party is in shambles, on the verge of bankruptcy, suffering one humiliation after another. It is at the point that the only way is down.

    [Daphne – At least they voted for the Nationalist Party, Mr Loporto, which is much more than can be said for you. You accuse them of harming the PN, when you are the one who contributed to the PN’s defeat by voting Labour. Utterly shameless.]

  19. Joe Micallef says:

    It’s “strange” how all newspapers published in Malta analyse in detail the Eurosceptic vote in the UK and France, but seem to have missed the equally large Eurosceptic vote in Malta.

  20. VR says:

    I need a drink. Hammallifest galore. Deheb sal-minkeb, chokers, etc etc.

  21. A Montebello says:

    The gift that just keeps giving.

  22. Gahan says:

    I’ve got this gut feeling that certain candidates like Alfred Sant and Joseph Cuschieri just imposed themselves on the party when they announced their MEP candidacy.

    Joseph Muscat is the one who anoints the candidates in a most informal way; there is no choice process.

    In such situations people like these two PL candidates can just go to the electoral office and declare themselves as PL MEP candidates.

    Muscat would then be in a situation where he must approve them. If he did not, the the party would have been split right down the middle.

    The PN avoided this situation by establishing a permanent selection committee to grill and evaluate its party candidates. I hope it’s kept that way.

  23. bob-a-job says:

    ‘Labour Party deputy leader Toni Abela said that it was anticipated that the election would lead to a 3-3 situation in terms of seats won, but what was unexpected was that the PN would have won the third seat by so little a margin.’

    Toni – I know you cannot be honest because the last time you were sincere back in 1989 you found yourself thrown out of the MLP and after desperately trying to kick start Alternattiva Demokratika and playing Deputy Mayor for the Hamrun Local Council for nine years Alfred Sant finally granted you the fortuitous chance to re-enter the fold.

    You were young then, an individualist with dreams but time goes by and experience advises that it would not be wise to blow it all again now that you’re nearing 60 and your wings have been clipped.

    The truth is that the MLP did everything in its power not to lose that 6th seat (The PN’s 3rd) including:-

    Sending Eur110 cheques (Part payment on Car VAT).

    Sending Pension cheques aimed to arrive the day before the election.

    Advising that pills that had been ‘out of stock’ had suddenly appeared at the POYC.

    Reminding everyone that the cheaper water and electricity bills were about to be sent.

    Trying to fool everyone into believing that over 33% of the electoral promises had already been fulfilled in the first year.

    Trying to fool everyone into believing that the MLP has not broken a single promise.

    Putting pressure on Labour people to ‘charge the vote’.

    Handing out last minute jobs.

    Transferring people to cosier tasks.

    Dishing out promotions in a surgical manner.

    Creating niche occupations for certain individuals.

    Making innumerable promises to those who did not want to vote.

    Cluttering roads with illegal government billboards promoting government promises.

    Littering roads with illegal Party billboards promoting Joseph Muscat.

    Flooding the internet with adverts promoting government promises.

    Heavily budgeting for a campaign that was partly funded by the government.

    In view of all this, unlike you, I never anticipated three seats for the PN and I thought that the PN would be losing by a greater number of votes.

    That this did not happen means that the PN accomplished a small miracle and that those who remain within the PN are individuals with principals who will not be bought.

    Now that you have managed to skim the scum off the PN’s back you’re going to have to pay dearly to keep them on your side.

    Mercenaries must be kept constantly contented and I cannot honestly see you keeping that up for another four years without seriously denting Malta’s finances and yourselves in the process.

    Happily the PN now know that they have a solid and loyal backing at least 100,000 strong.

    You on the other hand do not know your true numbers and you will never know them until such time as the Muscat novelty wears off and you are ditched in turn.

    Leeches aren’t Limpets, they will suck you dry and move on. I hope you enjoy the experience.

    One last thing Toni, can you imagine what a licking you would have received had you not resorted to all these underhand tactics and more.

    • watchful eye says:

      What a valid and descriptive analysis. Prosit bob-a-job.

    • Violet says:

      Very well said! The problem is that they always do their experiences at the people’s expenses and this time round I have no doubt we will be paying very high price indeed for their irresponsibility and incompatibility.

    • Kevin says:

      Well said. I’d have added the implied promise of publishing the IIP contract which was formally retracted today.

  24. M. Cassar says:

    Is he going blond or is that an illusion because of the light used?

    Do you think he should be told that this was an election for the EU parliament and not a local general election?

    • bob-a-job says:

      The blond is illusion the rest is delusion.

    • ken il malti says:

      He is just getting ready for that “northerner” look so once he gets to Brussels the locals will mistake him for a Fleming or an old Swede that lost his way home.

      • bob-a-job says:

        The difference between turnips and swedes is evident when you see the two side by side.

        I think an old prune would be more appropriate.

  25. pale blue my foot! says:

    Back to the past.

  26. Plotinus says:

    Why all this fuss about the women who were elected as MEPs?

    After all it is brains before gender.

    I find comfort in the fact that two of the women MEPs elected are competent.

    Might I add that the 50,000 + votes for Sant presumably came from people who voted ‘No’ in the EU referendum and had no idea for what they were voting this time around.

  27. bob-a-job says:

    The difference between the PN and MLP candidates.

    PN – L’imbarazzo della scelta

    MLP – La scelta dell’imbarazzo

  28. yoyo says:

    Pajjiz verament pervers. Ma nistax insib kelma ahjar!

  29. FS says:

    And Joseph Cuschieri has become an outcast. Erga cedilu s-siggu, Gus.

    • rjc says:

      His problem is now compounded by the fact that none of those MEP candidates who are already in Parliament were elected.

      So Cuschieri cannot even hope for co option into Malta”s Parliament as no seats have been vacated.

    • bendu says:

      Fejn ried Joseph Muscat gabek Cuschieri.

  30. Roberta says:

    He must have had a dumb blonde moment. Vot ta’ fiducja ghal dak li l-PL iddefenda fil-passat? And he gets elected as an MEP?

  31. PWG says:

    “Fl-interess tal- haddiema u l-klassi tan-nofs” …. u il-hbieb tal-hbieb.

  32. Tabatha White says:

    Now that is a really, really bad wig.

    There is something so wrong with it that I see a totally bald head as I blink, and the picture is rather frightening.

  33. George Grech says:

    Tant ma tfisser xejn l-Unjoni Ewropea ghall-Partit Laburista li tilef siggu u lanqas biss reazzjoni.

  34. bob-a-job says:

    Energija Pozittiva my aunt Fanny!

    Three days past the elections and the Electoral commission hasn’t even bothered to publish the results yet.

    Thank goodness there was the Independent which did a marvelous job in keeping us posted.

    In all the previous elections results would be posted in real time but we had a real government then.

    This Administrtation may be lackluster on the outside but it is hollow, dull and totally deficient on the inside.

  35. Josette says:

    Maya Angelou died yesterday. She was one of the greats of the last century and some of her quotes are quite unforgettable.

    I think this one should ring a few chords: “One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.”

    Now just tell me which of our current leaders has the courage necessary to practise other virtues with consistency and which one of them acts like a spoilt little boy who has become the schoolyard bully?

  36. kint says:

    It is not only Sant thinks that there is/was something such as partnership, but even Muscat (apparently) is ready to revive this concept on a wider basis.

    Muscat said to Al-Arabiya:

    “I believe we can be that interlocutor that helps these new state institutions to get their act together to have partnerships and association agreements with the European Union”

    I guess the newly elected Sant will come in handy in creating these partnerships.

    Further on he explains how:

    “We like to think of ourselves not only as a European country, but also as a Mediterranean country, bringing in an African dimension to it” – hence the ‘push-back’ policy.

    To make things worse, he even says:

    “I think we’re small enough to be trusted, a threat to no one, and we’re proud of that.”

    • We are living in Financial Times says:

      “I think we’re small enough to be trusted, a threat to no one, and we’re proud of that.”

      I recognise this quote.

      It belongs to the same batch as, with reference to the immigrants arriving from Africa and the extrapolated parallel for the (IIP) passport scam:

      “Why not give them a passport and let them be on their way?”

  37. Wenzu Cole` says:

    And someone is still stamping passports.

    [Daphne – With dignity. Unlike some others I could mention, but won’t, who are currently engaged in organising the government’s circuses (check Juvenal) for a fee which they have apparently set at the price of their self-respect and credibility.]

    • watchful eye says:

      Why are you trying to be that funny. Stand up and spill it up.

      You know what Wenz? That is his only source of income. Just that one. Not eight. I am sure you are aware of what I am telling you.

  38. canon says:

    Did I get it right? The Malta Council of Culture and the Arts (MCCA) spent one year to change its name to Arts Council Malta (ACM). Now they consider this an achievement.

  39. Manuel says:

    Once again, we have the Santian calculating factor at work here. Sant interprets results with a logic of his own. I hope that the Sliema switchers are happy with this anomaly they themselves created.

  40. El Cardinero says:

    Joseph Muscat keeps telling us that they won again etc.

    On paper, yes, but if we examine the results further, there is a main factor that should be taken into account.

    If a ‘heavyweight’ like Alfred Sant hadn’t contested the elections, the difference would have been much smaller, if not minimal.

    In theory, it was Alfred Sant that won Muscat the elections and not Muscat’s ‘abilities’ and the trust he thinks he’s oozing.

  41. Peritocracy says:

    Look at Alfred Sant in the second video. That’s someone else who needs to learn to stand up, not to speak of his outfit.

  42. bob-a-job says:

    Here is a very worrying sample that could sway an election one way or the other.

  43. Freedom5 says:

    Two-thirds of Labour MEPs are pensioners.

  44. Jaqq says:

    So now that Joe Cuschieri is no longer an MEP, and can’t go back to his previous posts, namely a member of parliament or a waiter at the former (tal-qalba) Magic Kiosk in Sliema, he will get what he was offered by our all-year-Santa.

    I believe that charitable Joe will now again offer to reserve half of his earnings to charities. This, and this alone, will endorse his good and genuine intentions shown two weeks ago.

    • bob-a-job says:

      Eddie Fenech Adami – Dahal fil-Politika biex iservi

      Joseph Cuschieri – Dahal fil-Politika biex jieqaf iservi

  45. Salvu says:

    Maybe it’s time that even the PN, when they feel that they are disappointed with decisions taken by the EU, start saying so without beating around the bush.

    A case in point ? Reding’s decision to allow Joseph Muscat to go ahead with the passport sales. She took that decision notwithstanding that strong vote taken in the European parliament,

    Ok, the EU commission is preparing a legal challenge on the issue. It is probably true as well that such a message of disappointment was verbally delivered to Reding as well. At the end of the day, the legal challenge will take ages and Reding will no longer be the EU commissioner by the end of the year.

    The local electorate read that decision as a big blow to PN. Contrary to what the PN claims that we do have a say in the european parliament (and PN did have a say with that parliamentary vote on the issue), the commissioner opted for a long legal warpath which will be taken care of, if at all, by a different commissioner.

    Now it is too late. There are too many people who are trying to benefit from the whole issue (estate agents, property developers, lawyers, etc.). I stress the word trying because it is H&P and LP who will be the major beneficiary from the whole scheme.

    And once on the passport scheme, don’t you think that the A3 towers in Addolorata are an ideal block of apartments which can be directly sold by H&P to potential passport buyers ? They, the passport buyers, wouldn’t really care about the cemetery views because they will not be using the apartments anyhow. Whoever bought that block of apartments, made a very good deal if he has the right contacts with H&P. I cannot figure out a different scenario. No one was buying those apartments because of the ‘wonderful’ views. And then, all of a sudden, one single buyer buys the whole development.

    With the right contacts with H&P, the external intercom of those apartments will be filled in by a list of passport buyers.

    And who has the right contacts with H&P ? Hint: this someone sold or leased the ground floor offices to GWU who in turn leased the premises to Transport Malta. Just great.

    And to top it all : all this has been rubber stamped as “approved” by the electorate in the last MEP elections.

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