Here’s a little-known fact: Norman ‘Kill Disabled People’ Lowell has a disabled daughter

Published: June 3, 2014 at 6:08pm

Arlette Baldacchino and Norman Lowell

To appreciate the full horror of Norman Lowell’s views about the eradication of disabled people and the state-sponsored murder of disabled babies seized from their parents for the purpose, you have to put those views in the context of the fact that he himself has a daughter who has been disabled since childhood.

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  1. Jozef says:

    I wonder how many will now write telling you it’s not his fault miskin and shame on you Daphne.

    • La Redoute says:

      Mario A Cassar Naf li hafna snin ilu Norman kien mistieden fuq program, u irrekordjawh, umbad ghamlu xeba editing u gabuh qisu qed jejd li irid joqtol il handicapped. Norman (bhas soltu) m’ghamilx libel, u din il bicca baqat tissemma s’issa. Il ktieb ma qrajtux, allura ma nafx il quote hux vera.
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      Mario A Cassar
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      Mario A Cassar M ghandix clip fuq il pozizjoni ta Norman fuq il disabled, avolja min jinteressah niftakar x kien qalli meta staqsejtu jien.
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      Paul D-Uncle Dik biss ma naqbilx mil bqija kollox jamel sens
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      Mario A Cassar U jien nahseb tal disabled kienet misquote jew ezagerazjoni. Norman ihobb li in nies jahsbu b rashom (individualist vs collectivist) u m ghandu ebda problema li in nies ma jaqblux ma kollox.
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  2. Direct says:

    History will judge our society by how we treated the most vulnerable.

  3. iced bun says:

    In fairness to the electorate however, I don’t think he ever mentioned killing disabled people in this campaign. It’s true that it’s in Imperium Europa’s manifesto but how many people even read that? During the entire campaign he constantly harped only on the migration issue.

    • Manuel says:

      It does not matter whether people read his manifesto or not. What actually matters is that it was published and it contains hate-speech towards various categories of people, especially the most vulnerable.

      Ignorance of the manifesto and its contents does not mean one is absolved from one’s responsibility when voting. Similarly, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    • Toni says:

      Don’t you realise that that is the way to claim approval for anything? Write it down and then never mention it.
      I hope you start reading the small print in any document you sign because even what you overlook is binding.

      • iced bun says:

        I agree with both Manuel and Toni.
        Myself, I knew about Lowell’s prejudice against disabled persons, but am fed up to the brim hearing people say they voted Lowell ‘minhabba s-suwed’.

    • Not Sandy:P says:

      That badly written document Norman Lowell and his groupies call a manifesto includes the immortal words: “We also disapprove of most of the activities that are corrupting the young minds with faulty ideologies that, rather than instilling knowledge, dignity and perseverance, is stripping them of their innocence and corrupting their intelligence.”

  4. Tweetie says:

    Muscat is busy tweeting again. This time it’s about Winter Moods.

    • bob-a-job says:

      Oh let him tweet.

      With some luck one of those 104,293 who were duped into signing the hunters’ petition might be a trigger happy hunter and mistake him for a song bird.

  5. Paul Vella says:

    Does not say much about the person he really is beneath all that pomposity he portrays in front of the general public…wonder what his daughter miight have to say about his views!!

    • La Redoute says:

      Lowell’s public persona and pronouncements are a perfect reflection of what sort of person he really is. His warped ideology didn’t spring out of nowhere.

  6. anthony says:

    Lowell, who is himself severely disabled, proves those who believe in eliminating these poor people right.

    I wish him no ill but it would have been much better if he had never lived. (Churchill on Baldwin).

  7. Cityblu says:

    Kif ma jisthix

  8. lumia says:

    Daphne, please use the word ‘Special Needs’ instead of disabled. Only people like Norman & Co uses out dated words like that!

    [Daphne – The word is ‘disabled’, as in ‘parking for the disabled’. I never use ‘special needs’. I think it especially offensive. People who don’t understand language much just hear the ‘special’ and think it’s a compliment. It’s actually an insult.]

    • Connor Attard says:

      I believe the new PC term is ‘differently abled’, but I agree with Daphne. ‘Special needs’ is somewhat jarring.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        DisAbled, please.

      • C Caruana says:

        It is not differently abled either as we are all ‘differently abled’. It is society that makes these people disabled.

        [Daphne – Oh come now. Call a spade a spade. Confronting the fact that some people are born with something wrong mentally or physically is not the same thing as disparaging them. On the contrary, facing facts is the foundation on which love, acceptance and integration are built. I agree, though, that the word ‘disabled’ is hugely unsatisfactory. They are not ‘disabled’ because they were never ‘abled’ to begin with. They are people born with certain problems that have to be coped with. The verbal difficulty arises from the social and administrative need to categorise. I don’t like that, because people born with a missing limb should not be put into the same category as people born with severe autism, to mention just two.]

      • Kevin says:

        Why are we so afraid of words? It is not as if Daphne mocked any of the disabled. She’s actually defending their rightful place in our society.

      • Nokkla says:

        Differently abled.

      • george says:

        Ejja ma nkomplux indahhku n-nies. Qed nitkellmu fuq ‘disabled people’ or ‘handicapped persons’. ‘Persuna b’disabilita” jew ‘persuna inkacapitata’. U abbassu l-politically correct versions. senza offesa per nessuno!

    • ron says:

      I used to think that way lumia, but lately a friend of mine told me that nowadays “Special Needs” is no longer used but the word Disabled is used.

      • Pierre says:

        Correct. People with a disability or differently able are politically correct. Special needs is politically incorrect!

    • A. Charles says:

      Daphne, you are right. I am disabled, and like many similar individuals, the only special needs I need are do-gooders to stop interfering with my life without PC labelling.

    • C Caruana says:

      Thank you Daphne. It is disabled because it is society that makes these people disabled. These people do not have special needs, as in that case we all have different needs. Take a look at the social model of disability.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        We each have different needs. Are we all disabled (I am, vertically, but that’s by the by).

        Let’s focus. This isn’t a Joe Camilleri lecture.

    • RC says:

      Lowell started calling them disabled now? On mainstream media that is, not to antagonize the general public. On the Vivamalta website he refers to them as “botched”

    • Pierre says:

      Dear Lumia please be informed that ‘special needs’ is politically incorrect – way too much so! ‘People with a disability or ‘differently able’ are politically correct.

    • albona says:

      I was once watching a tv programme where the host, in a vain attempt at being politically correct, kept referring to the guest as vision impaired. He said very bluntly: ‘blind, it is blind, thank you’. I think those who fall over themselves trying to hide a prejudice, conversely, actually reveal their discomfort at being faced with what they consider their inferior but which they are aware they need to avoid revealing.

    • Maltri says:

      The Maltese evolution of the term describing a person with a disability, as I remember it:

      Immankat (Back in the day)
      Inkapacitat (not sure it was better then “immankat miskin”)
      Handicappat (Going towards the 90s)
      Handicapped (early 90s, “sounds better in English”)
      Disabled (Is still a label for the person)
      Physically challenged (Labelling the body of the person)
      with a disability (Labelling the condition rather then the person)
      with special needs (Labelling the need of the condition rather then the condition)
      with different needs (Why special? We are referring to normal but different people)
      with different abilities (Just to show that they can contribute to the society)
      Current? (I do not work on the island so I lost track)

      I have no idea what is the correct term now, but whole proposals have been rejected by authorities for not keeping up with the correct term.

      I do not wish to offend anyone with my comment. I am just describing what I remember from my youth and childhood.

    • Francis Saliba M.D. says:

      What’s in a name? Why should “Special needs” be more acceptable than “disabled”. Speech is intended to communicate clearly and unambiguously not to obfuscate by adopting imprecise vague “politically correct” terminology that does not help the afflicted at all..

    • el bandido guapo says:

      I think it’s a load of rubbish because in using any “new” term to describe any condition as a means of avoiding the use of the “old” term, the new one eventually becomes the word that is understood to most accurately describe the condition, so we are back to square one and another “new” term is needed.

      Handicapped, disabled, whatever, the fact is that if we have to describe a condition we have to use an accurate term for it and using alternatives is only a temporary reprieve. Let’s get over this BS, what needs to be said has to be said.

      Like “differently abled” we all know what that is about, so what comes next?

      What is bad is defining people by their condition where it is irrelevant.

  9. Fido says:

    That could be the reason for his aversion to disabled persons, the underlying reason which a self-styled macho might interpret as a blemish to his manhood.

    [Daphne – No. It was just one of those things. His attitude towards disabled people predates his own daughter’s disability. She wasn’t born that way.]

  10. Emmett B says:

    This is true, and those who know her can vouch for her hardworking attitude. She works full time and is self sufficient, her very joyful character, politeness and kind heartedness.

    Actually, she is exactly a good example why her father’s crazy ideas about people like her are totally off the mark. She was given the opportunity (thanks to Eden foundation, today Inspire) to train as a receptionist in a very busy Faculty of the University. She is always willing to help and with a lovely smile.

    I am sure that the many health care workers who have come to know her in the last 10 years can vouch for this.

  11. Natasha Azzopardi Muscat says:

    Dear Daphne

    His daughter has coped admirably. She works full time and is a shining example of courtesy and professionalism.

    [Daphne – Yes, I know, to her mother’s great credit. And her own, of course.]

  12. AE says:

    The man is seriously sick.

  13. Alchemist says:

    A well known fact back in the 80s.

  14. Tony Bonello says:

    Lies lies and more lies. Norman never said so, he stated that in rear cases when there is sever disability can a woman chose to abort.Its a pity that your mother didn’t abort you Malta would have been a better place. Viva Malta Viva Gensna

    • RC says:

      Together with thousands of people I heard him with my own ears saying he wants to kill disabled children up to an hour following birth. This was on Bondi+.

      That is not an abortion but infanticide.

      It’s only now that he’s reducing it to “abortion” because he realized that promoting the killing of babies after birth can lose him votes.

  15. Gahan says:

    Robert Musumeci doesn’t want us to know about the personal life of a public person.

    It is in the public interest to know everything about a PUBLIC person’s private life especially if he or she projects himself or herself as an upright person when facts point to a totally different reality.

    If for example I want a stable person I would not vote for someone who changes one’s partner like one changes one’s wardrobe.

    [Daphne – Robert Musumeci would say that, wouldn’t he.]

  16. blogger says:

    There were a number of eugenics programmes implemented by several countries around the world. The aim of such programmes were to elimintate genetic defects which leads to a healthier community. If what you claim is true, then Mr Lowell is a more refined ideologue since he did not allow his situation to influence his ideas.

    Thousands of healthy children are killed every month. It is called abortion. Most of the people in Brussels agree with this. Tonio Borg had a lot of pressure because of this but then realized that he’d rather bow down to it than lose his job. Abortion is not compulsory. Neither is Lowell’s ‘eugenics’ proposal, compulsory. A few weeks ago we had Schultz in Malta explaining how abortion is a woman’s right. Yet few were prepared to attack him. I’d rather support Lowell on eugenics than Schultz on abortion.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      That’s some very confused thinking.

      Let us start with the facts. Lowell has let slip that he would gladly submit himself to his own eugenics programme, and if that meant his death, then so be it. So that’s one part of his ideological purity.

      But the other part is asking us to vote for that, when it means that most of us would follow him into that oven. I wouldn’t mind myself, because I’ve just about had enough of everything, but what about my family and friends? That’s just not on.

      Besides, who will do the sorting? Who will be left? Not some Konstantin von Hoffmeister or that John de Nugent, I hope?

      And then we come to the most glaring contradiction of all: Lowell’s admiration for Mintoff, the man who destroyed Malta’s European identity.

      So the picture of a pure ideologue begins to crumble. And we see that in the end he’s just another Maltese admirer of Maltese strongmen.

      Or perhaps it’s just that pure ideology must make way for the pragmatic reality of electioneering. Votes are votes. And one needs every last Mintoffian on one’s side.

      Legion Freies Arabien. Even the Nazis knew this.

    • La Redoute says:

      You have the option of supporting neither.

  17. Peritocracy says:

    Get a load of this.

    The BBC quotes Henley and Partners citizenship expert Christian Kalin, who helps to advise clients on the best place to spend their money, as saying, “I’ve seen more programmes fail than succeed,” says Mr Kalin. “Belize passports became synonymous for illegal passports.” The Belize programme was suspended in 2002.”

    Of course, Henley doesn’t dive a damn about which specific programmes work and which fail, as long as they have passports to sell.

    There’s a section of Malta too in the article.

  18. Roy says:

    Just like Hitler who only had one ball.

  19. B says:

    Compare to Edgar J. Hoover, who was gay, and launched a concerted attack on homosexuals when he was director of the FBI – he projected his inner conflict onto others.

    • anthony says:

      Hoover was an exceptionally vicious and dangerous man especially in relation to homosexuals. I will not go into details but this was very understandable. His own sexuality did not allow him to carry out his job in a normal manner for obvious reasons.

      He should never ever have been promoted to the second most powerful post in the USA.

    • bob-a-job says:

      Hoover sucks.

  20. Stephen says:

    and here we are, added to the list of cash-strapped countries

  21. Aunt Hetty says:

    Being born with a disability does not stop a person from making up for that disability with over-developing other capabilities that more then compensate. That’s why I prefer ‘special needs’ to ‘disabled’.

  22. R Camilleri says:

    Just saw this article on BBC news: Where is the cheapest place to buy citizenship?

    We are again being lumped with other cash-strapped nations.

    “Cash-strapped countries have taken notice. In the past year alone, new programmes have been introduced in Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Malta, the Netherlands and Spain that either allow direct citizenship by investment or offer routes to citizenship for wealthy investors.”

  23. silvio says:

    Now take Norman Lowell – some would call him mentally disabled, but I prefer calling him just MAD, and raving mad.

    His final act should have been at the end of a rope in Nuremberg.

  24. Joe Fenech says:

    See Moira Delia:

    Now, look at her Facebook – NOT ONE BLOODY WORD re hunting or trapping:

    • Jozef says:

      So many others. That recently vociferous civil society made way for Muscat’s movement.

      Busy as they all are on his boards everywhere. Cheap.

  25. Żaren says:

    Dekadenza soċjali, missejna l-qiegħ u ruħna żvintat. Poplu li tilef ruħu u qalbu. Illum jgħaddi kollox, bl-iskuża tad-drittijiet ċivili?

    U allura dawn it-tfal m’għandhomx dritt?

    Iva, dan poplu moħħu fl-akbar murtal bomba li tagħmel l-akbar ħoss possibbli li teqleb kull rekord.

    Mhux ta’ b’xejn din l-elezzjoni għal darb’oħra l-poplu vvota kif ivvota. Issa għad jieħu dak li ħaqqu, ħasra li jbatu oħrajn ma’ min ta s-sinjal l-aħdar lill-ħakkiema l-ġodda u l-arroganza għad irridu narawha fl-aqwa tagħha.

    U l-vjolenza barra psikoloġika għad ikollna dik fiżika; ħalli jiġu daharhom mal-ħajt u naraw. Jalla sejjer żball.

    Dak li niżirgħu naħsdu.

    • kev says:

      …and the natives are restless, Jozef. Read the comments of the bloated europhiles. Watch how they reel as their icon is pulled down.

      • Jozef says:

        Yes, Malta fared badly and wasn’t allowed to develop a financial services sector.

        Which sector is currently building an unprecedented portfolio including that of the City, thanks to Malta’s reinventing the concept of financial services itself.

        My wife’s words mind you, who spends every other week in London coordinating contracts employing legislation designed with the free movement of goods and services in mind.

        Do you actually think Farage’s words are the result of genuine affection for Malta, kev?

        If the ‘natives’ are restless, and europhiles are bloated, what’s your plan?

        I wait for Le Pen and Salvini to come to an agreement on agricultural funds, alas they’ll be at each others’ throats in no time. Or will say they are, in Italian and French obviously.

        If you want to reduce yourself to fragmented nationalism so be it, pity you can’t take it up a notch to the continent’s global interest.

        You literally miss the wood for the trees.

  26. Natalie says:

    See how such matters are dealt with in civilised countries. Public persons have their private lives exposed, because the electorate needs to know who they’re voting for.

    This story may not be true and it may be in the Daily Mail, but just compare it to when you wrote about JPO leaving the August Moon Ball with a then unknown woman. People said that you were nosing about when you shouldn’t.

  27. Simon says:

    Politicians should read carefully the message in the 7000 votes given to such an extremist .. in my opinion it shows how how fed up some feel on the inability or unwillingness of our politicians to tackle certain issues which Norman stands for , good or bad , I do not think anybody really wants Norman in power , but the message is strong … politicians need to hear the voice of the people not the voice of Brussels and I think this message in one way or the other was sent by the electorate all over the EU

  28. reggie micallef says:

    Jaf forsi li peress li jaf mill-liem tbatija u challenges tghaddi minnhom bintu ta’ kuljum jaf jaghti il-kaz li ma jrid il-hadd jghaddi minn din it-tip ta tbatija u siegha l-persuna b’dizabilita u l-genituri.

    Xorta wahda, din mhux skuza ghal kummenti bla sensitivita ta xejn bhal ma qal Lowell.

  29. Jozef says:

    As if impeachment carries the presumption of innocence. Two Maltas and one of them can’t be asked to bother.

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