Another hysterical Maltese male egomaniac

Published: November 5, 2014 at 1:26pm

I believe somebody should research and write a thesis on the subject. Quite frankly, I don’t know how so many women manage to stay married in this country.

There seems to be an inordinate number of men with this serious personality problem, the belief that the world rotates around their navel and that anybody who isn’t courting them actively 24/7 is rejecting them and decimating their ego, whereupon they are ‘hurt’, which justifies the sort of behaviour more usually associated with children or, by misogynists, with women.

Il-vera xebbawni. Get a grip, why don’t you. Mur arakom tiggieldu f’xi gwerra jew torqdu fit-tajn go xi trench bil-grenades itiru madwarkom.

Hysterical wimps – God knows how they even survived the school playground without being wedgied to their eyeballs and thrown into the canteen bins.

ian castaldi paris

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  1. Joe Fenech says:

    Not only are these people egocentric but they need a big reality check and to stop acting like a bloody 6 year old girl.

  2. Bird in the sky says:

    Nerds, that’s what this country is full of. Men in their 40s and 50s who behave like 13-year-old girls. Wherever you look.

    One thing they have in common is that they didn’t do anything in life on their own steam.

    They have either inherited a business or one of their parents paved the way for them. Not much of a life they’re living, anyway. Babies.

    • La Redoute says:

      13-year old girls are, in the main, far more grown up.

    • hmm says:

      I’m sorry to state this but it boils down to sexist parents, protecting their sons and mothers who over pamper their sons. I’m sick and tired of seeing gender discrepancies between sons and daughter.

  3. Jozef says:

    Maybe the workers’ website should report on matters concerning its core readers.

    Bringing the state in line with Chetcuti’s bottom line no doubt.

    We may finance this exercise ourselves, some property tax to ‘release’ these onto the market, whatever state they’re in.

  4. Anna says:

    Somehow they all have the same kind of look and expression, tad-daqqiet ta’ harta. I would put it all down to fsied mill-mummy.

    • ciccio says:

      You have to speak only once to the guy to understand the type he is. I spoke to him just once in my life.

      • bob-a-job says:

        Quite right Ciccio. God’s gift type.

        Everyone in Lija knows that he’s another suldat tal-azzar ta’ Robert Arrigo.

  5. Changing of the guard says:

    Let us see if he will also end up with the Labour Party, as his type usually do. They think that what the Labour Party is doing is recognising their incredible gifts and talents.

    • P Shaw says:

      You are right on that one. The interviews on Super one and iNews, and probably next on it-Torca, Illum, Kulhadd and MaltaToday, is just paving the ground for running for office on the MLP ticket.

      Very typical and predictable. Joseph Muscat is still chasing wimp men with huge egos who are hurt.

      Ariadne Massa, please note the definition of wimp. It might induce you to write an article for the newspaper that is paying you. I suggest you interview Ian Castaldi, Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Franco Debono, John Bundy, and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando. I have one suggestion for you Ariadne, if I may – you can name your investigative/analysis report “Is there a mammoni culture in Malta?” or “Is it time to introduce a mandatory military service?”

      • anthony says:

        Yes, a mandatory three month training course at Lympstone in Devon with the Royal Marines.

        I bet my last eurocent that only around five percent would come through in one piece.

    • ciccio says:

      Of course he will. Unless he had a safety net already, he wouldn’t be acting like this. Just look at the colour of his tie.

  6. Old schoolmate says:

    Ian started out at St Edward’s. He survived and thrived because he was big enough and strong enough to wedgie pretty much anyone else.

    At some point he went to De La Salle and seems to have developed a completely unjustified belief in his own brilliance.

    At university, he spent a few months in the KSU and was out of his depth. He resigned and was replaced by David Gonzi, who was quietly brilliant.

    David was pushed by other people and never sought the limelight; he was forced into it and relented out of a sense of duty.

    Malta being Malta, Ian was undeterred. He somehow maintained that belief in his own brilliance, a messianic complex comparable to Franco Debono’s.

    Of course, some sensible people somewhere in the Nationalist Party realised that Ian and Franco are as thick as two short planks, have serious character flaws, and should not be allowed to go as far as they think they deserve.

    The great tragedy is that they were allowed to go far enough to damage the PN and the country as much as they have.

    Here’s hoping that some luminary in the Nationalist Party learns to tell the difference between a David Gpnzi (or a Karl Gouder) and an Ian Castaldi Paris (or a Franco Debono). I’m not sure they can, and I’m less sure the electorate would appreciate it if they could.

    • Just Sayin` says:

      I think you got things wrong here… David Gonzi never replaced Ian Castaldi Paris. Ian was never elected to KSU. David was elected to KSU together with a team from SDM in 2001. Google it.

      As for Karl Gouder.. lolz.

    • Old schoolmate says:

      No, Just sayin’, I didn’t get it wrong. Ian was Social Policy Coordinator in 1998/9 when Jacques Zammit was President. Ian could not hack it and resigned. David Gonzi, who had been helping out with a massive survey regarding stipend reform, was elected instead of him.

      After his first stint in KSU, David went on to join SDM’s executive and subsequently was pushed into running for President of the KSU. He did an excellent job of running an executive that included two independent commissioners.

      I don’t need to google it. I happen to know it all. Really.

      • Old schoolmate says:

        As for Karl Gouder, I really don’t understand your ‘lolz’. I’ve known Karl since we were 16.

        I have often disagreed with him, but I could never say that he was disrespectful, or that he didn’t understand a different point of view.

        Nor can I say that he lacked principle. He may have changed over the past ten years or so (I don’t know since I only see him on TV these days), but he seems to be an effective communicator still, and I would not imagine that he’s lost his management skills.

        [Daphne – ‘lolz’, I imagine, because he didn’t stick a feather up his butt and prance around Helena Dalli, Cyrus and Joseph with a boyfriend who poses on public view in his Y-fronts. Ghax issa hekk sirna, if you’re gay, you can’t be normal. It’s Verboten.]

    • AE says:

      One doesn’t normally start at St. Edwards and then go to De La Salle. He probably couldn’t hack it there. What a shame. I thought he was a good guy.

  7. Angus Black says:

    He fits in like a glove with the Franco and Jeffrey ghetto.

    Same inflated ego and narcissistic fixations.

  8. Il-verita says:

    It is the result of “I was a big nerd and loser when I was young syndrome”. In this little village we live in, people start feeling very important when given a little bit of exposure or earn some money. The reality is that they were, are will always remain big losers.

  9. Jozef says:

    ‘…The delay in the construction of a new power plant was caused by tripartite negotiations following the involvement of Chinese-owned Shanghai Electric Power, an investment which did not form of the original plan put forward by Labour during the electoral campaign…’

    Of course he didn’t, not to Enemalta employees.

    ‘….“Both the interconnector and the pipeline are required to ensure security of supply. What should a country do if the pipeline gets damaged by an anchor? These issues are not solved within hours. Should we leave the country without an energy source for days?” Muscat said….’

    The same Muscat who won’t use the interconnector beyond 25% capability

    ‘….“If Busuttil thought that the state of the interconnector was plug and play, he has no idea what he’s talking about,”…’

    Mur obsor, to think Muscat based his whole energetic thesis on the fact he won’t tolerate the mediocrity of the PN’s attempts to get anything done.

    ‘….Malta auctioned in the market, but never opted for the free allowance, arguing that emissions will be reduced by 60% through the use of a gas-fired power plant…’

    And thank goodness for BWSC then.

  10. Volley says:

    I ask myself – how did he manage to be elected as Mayor for Lija under the PN ticket (I think twice in a row)? He was even a PN candidate during the 2008 general election. Wasn’t that an opportunity in itself? Or was he promised a very attractive iced-bun by PL?

    • jose says:

      He was also a candidate during the 2013 general election. He had all the time in the world to change the party from the inside. There’s a reason why parties have internal structures.

      You don’t go on Super One as a good deed to the PN. You only go there to get an iced bun, out of spite or to please their over-inflated ego.

      Muscat listening to the people? Opposition leader to return your call asap? A reality check is due, Dr Paris.

      • watchful eye says:

        Sur Ian Castaldi Paris:

        Thassartek tigi manipulat u umiljat il-bierah fuq is-Super 1. Min intervistak kellu xalata bik. Stahjjiltek Franco il-kbir. Ghax ejja nghidu il-verita’, ipprovajt timitah.

        Konvint li int ergajt rajt il-video wara. Ma thassartx lilek innifsek?

        U kif kellek l-ardir tfahhar lill-gvern fuq il-prezz ta’ l-ilma u l-eletriku? Tista tilluminani minn fejn ser ifendi il-pajjiz ghal dawn?

        Nispera li ma weghdukx li ser tkun int li tghafas il-buttuna tal-Power Station fl-10 ta’Marzu 2015.

  11. Changing of the guard says:

    Egomania and hysteria do not seem to be the only problems with many Maltese wannabies. Is Joseph Muscat suggesting that the end justifies the means in this quote attributed to him?

    ”Mintoff’ the Prime Minister continues, ‘has to be judged not by the methods he used but rather by the objectives of his actions.”

    So living in terror was fine then, as long as the megalomaniac had a goal. That explains the salvatur/traditur/salvatur coffin kissing. Well Muscat’s friends, the Chinese, did the same with Confucius, figures!

    Quote from:

  12. Arnold Layne says:

    There is far too much mediocrity in Malta and almost no opportunity for mettle to be truly tested.

    Perspective is totally lacking: a half-successful politician in Malta is effectively a failed village councillor anywhere else.

    I used to defend local councils, but I now think that they have been a tragedy for Malta. We have created a cohort of local politicians who have transposed their extreme parochialism to Parliament, dragging down an already low level of debate.

    I don’t know Castaldi Paris, but he does himself no favours by inviting comparison with Franco Debono.

  13. Edward says:

    As a former resident of Lija I can only say this: he was a terrible mayor.

    The man had no interest in actually doing any good for the village and if I m not mistaken spent a lot of time trying to get his name on plaques or water pumps or god knows what else.

    But the most ridiculous stunt of his was quite literally a few days before the election, in an apparent desperate attempt to get enough votes, he produced a zebra crossing at one end of our road (triq il-kbira) positioned in the most impractical way: right through the middle of a fork in the road which had four roads leading into it.

    If my memory serves me correctly, it was such an obvious vote catcher that no sooner had he been voted in, it was removed.

  14. Francis Said says:

    Money corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. People without strong values, tend to flow with the tide. He is just one of the many.


  15. Newman says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Another Franco Debono but, this time, nipped in the bud.

  16. bob-a-job says:

    ‘When they tried to burn his house.

    A person who tried to set fire to the house of Lija mayor Ian Castaldi Paris turned into a ball of fire himself after his clothes, probably soaked in flammable liquid, burst into flames.

    Although the attack targeted Dr Castaldi Paris’ house, his neighbours’ cars sustained the most damage. His garage door was only slightly blackened while the cars, parked back to back, were almost totally destroyed at the rear.’

    Kind people from Lija say that Castaldi Paris was not the target at all but thoroughly enjoyed the publicity it gave him.

    Now that he’s IN, Kurt may furnish him with the details of the special government insurance programme.

  17. pacikk says:

    He was never cut out to be a politician, just doesn’t have the knack for it, period.

    He really does expect everyone to speak to him, rather than the other way round.

    He did quite a good job as mayor in Lija, though – standing up to Musumeci on his Transfiguration Avenue build deserved some praise.

    [Daphne – And now they’re besties, so what the hell.]

    • pacikk says:

      Didn’t know that. So he just another opportunistic yob then, the likes of JPO and Franco Debono. No wonder he was so full of himself when mayor, coming to think of it. Their ego always gives them away.

  18. Pajjiz tal-gennati says:

    People easily forget how well they did in PN times. Let’s hope PN will never give in to this sort again.

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