Din L-Art Helwa president interviewed in The Sunday Times

Published: November 17, 2014 at 12:59am

No mincing of words, there.

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  1. Norman Vella says:

    Minn Audrey Harrison għal Simone Mizzi… iktar billboards tal-Labour jinqalbu rashom ‘l isfel:


  2. Don Camillo says:

    Leo Brincat did all he vould to discredit the Malta Environment and Planning Authority when he was the shadow minister for the environment.

    His very frequent staged press conferences and PQs were nothing but vain attempts to throw mud.

    He had his well identified benjamini at that office feeding him the rubbish he wanted to hear. He made capital out of this.

    But now these same stooges are having a great time as their returned favour. And Brincat, what is he doing now? You tell me.

  3. Tom Double Thumb says:

    Why does Joseph Muscat so often remind me of a reprimand an old neighbour used to make whenever one of us children messed up anything:

    “Kieku mhux ghax ghandu t-toqba l-isfel, lanqas jahra ma jaf.”

  4. Tabatha White says:

    The trouble with Din L-Art Helwa is that this all seems too little too late.

    A letter, and an interview, is not enough.

    Perhaps constant pressure by that particular past-President would be more effective.

    How many hats does one wear in this country?

    Their joint pressure is cheapened by his presence. Therefore he, personally, needs to make good for the missing value.

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