National Statistics Office chief has been guillotined because of public sector jobs statistics

Published: November 11, 2014 at 10:57am

When the National Statistics Office released statistics (which is what it is there to do) showing how the number of people who had new jobs created for them in the public sector had affected employment figures, I wrote that it wouldn’t be long before the NSO boss was somehow shown the door by our liberal and progressive Taghna Lkoll government.

And now it’s happened. Michael Pace Ross has been told that his contract is not going to be renewed. He has been told to leave, and they don’t even have a replacement for him, just a temporary fill-in.


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  1. Wilson says:

    Hello Malta. You are losing your footing.

  2. Karla says:

    Strange Mario Cutajar is reported as saying that the increase is mainly due to nurses and teachers but:

    1. There has not been any reclassification of either nurses or teachers
    2. These additional nurses and teachers are nowhere to be seen.

    When cornered he takes about employees needed for an increase in services but not suprisingly neither facts nor figures are given to substantiate this.

    ”Principle Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar has defended the significant rise in the number of public sector workers, arguing that the health and education sectors are very important and that a substantial number of the new workers have been deployed in these two sectors to deal with public demand.”

    Principle Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar has defended the significant rise in the number of public sector workers, arguing that the health and education sectors are very important and that a substantial number of the new workers have been deployed in these two sectors to deal with public demand.

    He said that when nurses, teachers or learning support assistants (LSA) need to be replaced, it is vital that they are.

    But this newsroom pointed out that replacing people who have retired or simply changed job does not explain the rise in public sector employment.

    ” ‘One has to note that there are people who are replaced but then there are others who enter the public service due to an increase in services, Mr Cutajar explained.”

    A manual explaining how to have your contract renued under Labour should state the following:

    Always be positive so it it rains stick a picture of the sun on the window and remember that numbers can always be churned to appear in your favour. Reclassify upside down if need be. If you are Pinocchio be thankful that your growing nose will solve the heating problem for the whole winter, so start chopping it off in earnest and start a firewood selling business. Soon you might need to start exporting your product because Malta can only use so much firewood!

  3. ciccio says:

    The Labour government is under siege.

    Over the past 18 months, under the leadership of its Fearless Leader, rather than looking after the national interests – a realm where it clearly lacks any competence and good will – it has been busy recruiting an army of over-paid cronies, promoting officers to higher ranks at unprecedented speed, and erecting bastions behind which it can hide its criminal actions out of the public’s view. Its actions have become incestous and amoral. It admits no mistakes. It uses heavy handed measures with the weak.

    The supplies in the fort are kept abundant, the troughs widened for the greedy animals which are more equal than others.

    Every time there is a minimal attack on the security of the fort, the government defends itself with aggression, insults, secrecy, lies and by engaging the services of traitors.

    It has now locked itself up completely within the fort and is in the process of destroying the bridges. All entrances to the isolated territory have been barricaded.

    It will not be long before the government implodes, statistics or no statistics. Fort Joseph will fall, and the truth will prevail.

    • A+ says:

      I wish we could that optimistic. Unfortunately, another landslide victory at the next general election seems to be a foregone conclusion.

      I cannot understand how this could possibly be the case, but there again I was sure that the MLP did not have the credentials to govern the country irrespective of how long the PN had been in government or the various problems encountered in the last few years of PN administration.

  4. Francis Said says:

    Well first the PL has manipulated the media, now it will manipulate the statistics.

    We can now really say that our democracy is at it’s lowest levels.

    Money corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  5. observer says:

    Thou shalt not ever stand in my way.
    Nor shalt thou contradict what I say.
    And if any so do, whoever are they
    With a stroke of the pen I shall wipe them away.

    Definitely not the first, and certainly will not be the last.

  6. caflanga says:

    Ah yes temporary fill-ins. Like the Acting Commissioner of Police.

  7. C.Portelli says:

    Michael Pace Ross is well respected.

  8. pablo says:

    Obviously, in Mario Cutajar’s view, here is one who cannot be trusted and must be replaced by some stooge who will protect the shyte from the light.

  9. L-Ghasfur says:

    Is it possible to speak on phone?

    [Daphne – Please email your number to [email protected]]

  10. Allo Allo says:

    Ghax l-istatistici…. Taghna Lkoll.

  11. Alf says:

    From Joseph Muscat’s introduction to the Labour Party’s electoral Manifesto labelled ‘Malta Taghna Lkoll’:

    “a. Ghax ghalina Malta mhux ta’ dak jew ta’ l-iehor. Mhux ta’ xi klikka. Malta lanqas ma hi ta’ xi politiku jew ta’ xi partit;

    b. Maghna tista ma taqbilx, izda maghna tista tahdem.”

    Will you go and say that to the marines, Joseph?

  12. michael seychell says:

    If there is a civil servant who I will never trust it is Mario Cutajar.

    He has always been a blind staunch Labour follower, and will continue to be one no matter how many outrages the party commits.

  13. makjavel says:

    The emperor has no clothes, but if we say so, we’ll lose our heads.

  14. P Shaw says:

    Does the NSO report to Eurostat, at least indirectly? Just like the Central Bank is answerable to the ECB?

    If not, the statistics data will be as credible as Joseph Muscat’s promise to resign two years ago.

  15. Denpy says:

    Well done to Mr Pace Ross for not lowering his standards.

  16. John Higgins says:

    Mr. Pace Ross comes from a family well known for their firm and upright principles.

  17. nutmeg says:

    If you can’t change the facts, change the statistics.

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