This is the Super One journalist for whom the Minister of Justice, 34, has left his wife and child

Published: November 4, 2014 at 11:58pm

She’s a single mother called Janice Bartolo, and she works for the Labour Party’s television station, hosting the breakfast news show and in general news reporting.

The operating principle here appears to be that if you haven’t put them on the public payroll, you should at least put them in your bed – though I do know of one who’s been put on/in both.

Are these private matters? Not when they involve the people who are running the country and asking for our vote. Even the French media have finally woken up to the fact that their role is not to conceal these matters from the electorate and put themselves in a privileged position where they know what is going on but the electorate does not.

These are the people who ask for our vote, and who get it. We should be told exactly who and what we are voting for. Some people wouldn’t want to vote for somebody like this, and others think it makes them more exciting and more like them. Whatever the situation, electors need the facts. With voting, it should not be a case of caveat emptor.

I will use one simple example from our own political history. If prime minister Borg Olivier had not been protected by convention from press coverage of his very colourful personal life, Mintoff and his party would probably not have been inflicted on the country in 1971. Borg Olivier would never have survived press reporting on all of that business; he would have been made to go and replaced by somebody who could win another election.

But he wasn’t, and the rest is history. People knew what was going on anyway – the bushfire telegraph back then worked more efficiently than social media – and that knowledge of the facts was a major contributing factor to Borg Olivier’s loss and Mintoff’s triumph.

Rest assured, though, that this is where the comparison ends: fat, florid and boring Owen Bonnici and his tacky Super One girlfriend completely lack the style and glamour of George Borg Olivier and Dawn Addams. The latter synthesised Malta in the late 1960s, and the former are wholly representative of Malta in 2014.

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  1. ken il malti says:

    Please don’t pick on her.

    She is future president of Malta material.

  2. ciccio says:

    “Attakk fahxi u personali fuq il-Ministru tal-Gustizzja u fuq il-televizjoni tal-Partit Laburista minn dik li ma tistax tissemma b-isimha.”

  3. Tabatha White says:

    When people try too hard…..

  4. pirellu says:

    nice pics hi…very sexy

  5. Edgar says:

    Ghal Owen lussu, although on the very thin side.

  6. Joe Fenech says:

    So he was appointed minister for justice at 33?

  7. ken il malti says:

    There are plenty that look like her in New York City.

    They are usually Jewish American princesses that starve themselves thin.

  8. Peppa Pig says:

    Il-baqra kollha tinbiegh jghid il-qawl Malti.

  9. Kaxpinn for the Age of Deceit says:

    In the age of do-what-thou-wilt, you don’t stop and think, hampering your happiness with all sorts of moral or ethical considerations. Once you train yourself to do what your heart desires, it takes no time to discover that your heart is in your pants.

    [Daphne – How astonishing. We are once more in complete agreement.]

    • Naf says:

      Maybe the Justice Minister is not the only one riding Janice Bartolo into the sunset. Sharing is caring u Malta Taghna Lkoll.

  10. Paloma Blanca says:

    This is a very tricky zone you’ve entered here, Daphne. It will surely give you readers. But could also open a can of worms. Not sure all PN politicians will be happy seeing Malta’s most followed journalist throwing light on politicians’ bed sheets.

    [Daphne – Well, Paloma Blanca, as long as it’s only bed sheets and not table-tops, kitchen-counters or the television-room rug, and as long as the family tortoise is not involved, you have nothing to worry about here.]

  11. Lizz says:

    Finally we got to know who wears the boobs in their relationship.

  12. Thaddeus says:

    If you are going to leave your wife and kids, at least make sure the person you are leaving her for is reasonably attractive.

  13. RoyB says:

    Prior to March 2013 and I believe for a while after that, she worked for RTK radio and for Newsbook, RTK’s online news portal. She then left to join Super One. Sabrina Agius never had a chance.

  14. TinaB says:

    F’tikka ta’ pajjiz u min jghassed u jhawwad l-aktar. Bil-ministri b’kollox.

  15. R Camilleri says:

    Now Owen Bonnici can proudly say: “I’m in”.

  16. Madoff says:

    Jista jkun iltaqghu ghax kienet l-ewwel gurnalista fuq il-post ta’ l-incident.

  17. milton says:

    I hope he has the decency to leave the ‘on top’ spot to her.

  18. Teenager says:

    This story shows what type of person Owen Bonnici is. But only just. I thought that you were going to tell us about some of his OTHER stories. I look forward to that later.

    Joseph Muscat made Owen justice minister because he wanted someone he could control.

  19. Makjavel says:

    Il-kumment mill-universita tat-triq ikun, “Ma’ din qed jitqahhab?”

  20. Teenager says:

    What a hypocrite. He tells his Facebook fans about his homely wife and how much he loves her. Supplicants who go to his Facebook page hoping for political news find stories about what his 4-year-old daughter told him.

  21. Makjavel says:

    Now we know the real reason for that car crash.

    He was past the Cinderella time to be home. His mind was on other things.

    A minister who betrays his family will betray his soul and principles for anything. Corruption comes in many colours, not only financial.

    An *ss-hole, to say the least.

  22. D Sullivan says:

    So that’s why he lost weight.

  23. J. Agius says:

    I agree with you on this. People are entitled to know who they’re voting for and what kind of person her/she is.

    I recall the last general election in which George Hyzler Jnr decided to contest on the 10th district (Sliema, St Julian’s etc) where it was predicted at the outset by the people who lived in that district that he wouldn’t do well and would probably not be elected because he had left his wife and four young children for another woman (Giannella Caruana Curran). That prediction was correct and Dr Hyzler failed miserably at the polls.

    • curious says:

      You are right.

    • bob-a-job says:

      The riff-raff on the other hand seem to admire people like that.

      How could one otherwise explain Mintoff’s success at the polls.

      [Daphne – Yes, I considered adding a bit about that when I wrote this post, but it got too complicated and distracted from the rest. With Mintoff the issues were a great deal more complex. For a start lots of his supporters didn’t actually know what was going on with his wife. Many didn’t even know he had children – look at the way Yana was regarded as a sort of surprise alien when she began campaigning. Also, his wife was a ‘frustiera/barranija’ from an alien culture and religion, and so treated as an outsider anyway. People couldn’t relate and their marriage was held to a different set of standards. Had she been Maltese and linked into Malta’s social/family network, things would have been very different: Mintoff would not have managed to keep that level of abuse secret and people would have cared more when they found out. You could also say – I certainly think this was a factor – that much of his support came from that part of Maltese society in which, at the time, the ill-treatment of women and the boorish behaviour of men were par for the course and considered the normal behavioural standard. So lots of his supporters would not have seen anything untoward in his behaviour.]

      • hmm says:

        They wouldn’t think anything untoward about his behaviour in 2014, as they are still the same.

        Just have a glance at Facebook and look around you and you will realise that not much has changed. Replace Mintoff with Joseph Muscat…

      • bob-a-job says:

        Mintoff was held in demigod status ‘is-salvatur’ so his behaviour towards his family was acceptable then as it would be now by the mob.

        I am a regular visitor to Gozo and am appalled at the way some men noticeably still look down upon women as some inferior species. A possession if you like.

        I would not be surprised at all if this is more widespread than one thinks and thrives across Malta’s south.

        Just look at all those Facebook photographs where macho-men are pictured with their cars, villas or pools and other perceived status symbols including women dolled up like some trophy to be won.

        My worry is that lots of MLP supporters don’t see anything untoward in this behaviour even today.

      • carlos says:

        The Maltese little knew about Mintoff’s relation with his brother’s wife.

        It had to be Lorry Sant who threw some light on the matter but the Speaker at that time did his best to hide the photos presented by Lorry Sant. What happened to them no one knows.

      • bob-a-job says:

        Carlos, it may be that few knew about Mintoff’s relation with his brother’s wife but that’s not the issue.

        Mintoff always gave the impression that women fell at his feet. There are names that may be indicated but I don’t think this is the place for it.

        Let’s say Mintoff probably wanted to outdo George Borg Olivier’s Dawn Addams affair so his acolytes made up a spin about Mintoff and Charlotte Rampling.

        Dom never denied the story. No votes were lost.

        The Speaker in the brown envelope episode was Lawrence Gonzi. It took place around 1991. Gonzi correctly ordered the envelope sealed and presumably it is still within the Parliament precincts.

        Why don’t you suggest a small space within the new Parliament buildings to serve as a museum. There are a few interesting items to display, not least George Bonello Du Puis’ two front teeth.

    • Anthony Camilleri says:

      Dr Hyzler did not contest the last elections.

      He contested the 2008 elections and was not elected.

      [Daphne – This reader was referring to the last general election he contested, not to the last general election. And yes, you are right in that the last general election Hyzler contested was in 2008. By then he had been with the woman who is now his wife for around a decade already, but it appears that electors on that district were still uncomfortable with the situation, particularly because the former Mrs Hyzler is from a Sliema family while George Hyzler and the current Mrs Hyzler are not, and the elector profile on that district is very particular and odd in these things – also tends to be older. Sliema has changed a lot over the last few years, but until not so long ago people there still doggedly voted for ‘their own’. Old Sliema is/was no different to any other traditional town or village in many respects. We forget that originally it was and until not so long ago still was a seaside resort with permanent residents where almost everyone knew everyone else.]

  24. jack says:

    Same features as Illeana Douglas –

    • Gahan says:


      Beauty is skin deep.

      The most important aspect of this story is that a family was broken because of the stupidity (of a moment) of two people.

      They say that behind (I would say “together with”) every great man there is a great woman.

      May I add that behind every man who fails greatly, you will find his mistress.

      I worked and am still working with people whose marriages have broken up, and all I can say is that their performance at work goes down at least by 50% because of lack of concentration, continuous phone calls from the estranged spouse (“Did you take the Christmas decorations to your flat?”), calls from parents who are taking care of the children (“Kyle looks sick and Kurt wants to go to his mother”), hectic time-tables to pick up the children and a plethora other unimaginable problems.

      How can anyone in these circumstances be efficient, drive attentively and deliver the results he is paid to deliver?

      How silly can some people be?

  25. Lawrence Agius says:

    Imbaghad dal-poplu nizzel persuni integri u ta’ moralita qawwija biex tellghu lil dawn.

    Tlifna l-boxxla.

    Il-valuri tal-familja huma sagri u dawk li jirrapprezentawna ghandhom ikunu xempju ta’ dan.

  26. bob-a-job says:

    ‘that knowledge of the facts was a major contributing factor to Borg Olivier’s loss and Mintoff’s triumph.’

    Borg Olivier had class and was a perfect gentleman. I knew his children but I got to know him in his final years. We shared a common love for Red Setters, the breed in case you’re wondering.

    Why did Dom Mintoff win the elections?

    Because in Malta crass wins over class time and again.

    [Daphne – I wouldn’t say he was a perfect gentleman, as his behaviour indicated otherwise by far. But he had perfect social manners, yes. The two are markedly separate and distinct.]

  27. anthony says:

    Dawn Addams anytime for me.

    Whenever she descended on the Union Club with Jimmy on Saturday night she dazzled.

    When she joined in at Tigne Beach the entire place went on red alert.

    If I had been the age I am today, that is exactly where I would have died.

    In Qui Si Sana of all places.

  28. teenager says:

    The question we were all asking was why make this inexperienced piece of early-30s white trash justice minister?

    The obvious and expected move would have been to make this man minister for sports. But no. He was given the ministry that most requires maturity and knowledge.

    Jose Herrera might be an unpleasant person but at least he knows a thing or two about justice.

    He wrote articles about legal issues and the justice system which demonstrated that he has the maturity and knowledge. What does Owen write about? His guitar and the games he plays with Emma.

    • jack says:

      @ teenager

      Portraying ‘Jose Herrera’ as the beacon of legal knowledge and maturity is alas symptomatic of the abysmally low standards we have become accustomed to.

    • Owen's uni mate says:

      I have interacted with Jose Herrera as a lawyer once.

      His client wanted to sue our client but we weren’t sure of the argument Dr Herrera would make, so we tried to pre-empt him and duly researched the issue in great depth. We worked very hard to put together a strong defence as we’d surmised that Dr Herrera’s client had a strong case.

      Fortunately for our client, Dr Herrera had not understood the issues at all. He completely missed the argument he could win on and attacked on the wrong grounds. Basically, he tripped up on the most basic legal argument you could possibly imagine. His error was so basic that I’m shocked he made it through university.

      Jose Herrera knows a thing or two about justice. Literally.

  29. Charles Borg says:

    L-ezempju jkaxxkar. Meta tindiehes ma’ nies bhal Jeffrey Pullicino u Robert Musumeci qed tistenna l-inkwiet bhal xorb zejjed u nfedelta.

  30. xifajk says:

    Mhux sew, telliftni l-immagini li kelli f’mohhi tal-good boy Owen.

  31. C.Portelli says:

    Thank you for this information, but not being that old, can you please tell us more about George Olivier’s colourful life too? Curious.

    [Daphne – I’m not that old, either, thank you very much. I was five when it was all happening. Not being around at the time is no excuse: it’s not like any of us don’t know what happened in 1939-1945 because we weren’t around. I’ve discussed it a few times on this website and have no intention of doing so again here except as a historical reference. The individuals in question have been dead for decades. It’s other people who are in power now. I suggest you ask your parents. They should know, and if they don’t, ask them why not.]

  32. Hey there says:

    She’s a hottie. This is the sort of woman a lot of young fat men dream of bedding. The problem is that by the time they’re able to pull them, they’re already married with children.

  33. Wilson says:

    So his wife supported him when he went into politics, campaigned for him to be elected, and then when he was made a minister, it went to his head and he broke down the sweet-shop door and raided the shelves.

    • hmm says:

      I doubt it happened as you are saying. My guess is that much was happening at Super One after dark and peaked in Christmas parties. They had a big thing going with sex in general – it permeated their entire campaign.

  34. Kevin says:

    What is it with these people? They parade their taste for hard, sour-faced women who seem to believe that the best way to get a man is by imitating hookers.

    Where’s the appreciation for intelligence, elegance, and beauty?

    • Jozef says:

      intelligence, elegance and beauty are just a specific voter interest group in their book, thus the Astrids, Kenneths et al.

      Malta taghna lkoll.

  35. whatasadsadsituation says:

    I think we need to make a list of all these stories as we are now losing track.

    Also, I am curious which “journalist” will be the first to jump on this story’s bandwagon and ask the persons involved whether this report is fact or fiction. My assumption is that no one will dare to comment until the “attakk personali fuq l-Ministru” card will start being played in order to damage-control the Minister’s reputation.

    [Daphne – Rest assured that the facts are correct, and that I have known about this since the summer, as have very many other people. I waited before publishing in case this was just a blip, as many married couples go through these difficulties which then prove to be temporary, and exposure of this sort just makes it more difficult or impossible to resolve them. But it is now clear that this is not the case here.]

  36. Gino says:

    Well “Dr BS” isn’t much further away from the same situation, could you post a couple o’ pics of her please?

    Here she is with her ex.

    [Daphne – You are very wrong. Simon Busuttil did not leave his wife and sons for another woman. It was the other way round: his wife left him for another man some years ago and he was extremely distressed by that fact. He continued to look after his sons, and for the last couple of years has looked after one of them full-time. In all this time, he never saw anyone else and it was only after a few years following his wife’s departure that he began seeing a highly intelligent woman of around 40, with a very amusing sense of humour, who can in no way be described as a frivolous chick – and who was herself abandoned by her husband, with a new baby, several years ago. And if you’re wondering how I know all this about her, rest assured that it has nothing to do with Busuttil. We were in the same very small university course group for four long years around two decades ago.]

    • Jozef says:

      Why a journalist has to pose with an earnest gaze and a bare back, ready for action, make that submission, illustrates Labour’s affinity to Berlusconi’s real crime; Italy’s descent into cultural barbarism.

      Misogyny and misanthropy are one and the same.

      We’ve watched or read Saviano’s Gomorra, about time this one get viral.

      Even because ONE HQ are about to receive a major boost in real estate terms and Xarabank will carry on as required.

    • Ginu says:

      OK, fair enough.

  37. A person is a whole entity and cannot be dissected in separate compartments, especially when this person presents him/herself for public acceptance. This is especially so when, today, public morality knows no restraints.

    In the question of marriage break-ups it is unfortunate that the concept of guilt on one part or another has been thrown out of the window to facilitate divorce, the victim being put in the same basket as the person who caused the break-up.

    • Tabatha White says:

      I’m going to go off-track slightly.

      I also think that the issue of divorce in Malta had to come to the fore because of what it is based on: the breaking of a promise made between two persons.

      If divorce hadn’t made it, then Joseph Muscat would have had a tougher time when lying.

      The demolition of that moral barrier that leads to an acceptance of exceptions, that a promise made can be broken, was a necessary part to the strategy.

      It wasn’t about providing the service, but about razing the ground.

      A marriage is a state of mind constantly worked at, not a passage of convenience.

      Getting married is easy. Staying married is different.

      I am not criticising those who choose to get divorced, just as I am not praising those who stay married.

      A promise / commitment is a commitment and those who are not prepared to keep it, shouldn’t make it.

      “Till death do us part.”

  38. Josephine Borg says:

    Hi Daphne,

    can you publish / mention this press release in your news media please? – it’s for a good cause :)

    Press Release
    5th November 2014 – for immediate publication

    We are Against the Chinafication of Malta

    Malta is being sold bit by bit to Chinese entities controlled by the government of China. A pressure group set up is trying to raise awareness about what is happening in Malta.

    This group is not against foreign investment, nor is it against any actual investment from China in Malta, however this group is completely against selling our most strategic assets to China, such as our energy supply and our air transportation system. Chinese, like all other countries are more than welcome to invest in Malta but not to have a controlling interest in how we run our own country. We are a democracy and part of the European Union and do not want China to have any political leverage on our islands.


    • Jozef says:

      Josephine Borg, I strongly suggest you reword the statement, there is no such thing as investment from China.

      All they do is land grabbing, a legitimised form of colonisation.

  39. Gahan says:

    I thought something was amiss with the website, looks good! Well done.

  40. P Bonnici says:

    I like your new website layout Daphne. It is much easier to navigate now and it looks great. Well done.

  41. Volley says:

    In USA these things are considered political suicide. If a politician is caught cheating on his/her spouse they are not even considered for candidacy in any election. But here in Malta anything goes. Alla jbierek.

  42. TROY says:

    Yes, the Justice Minister has left his wife for this bimbo, and I speak as one who knows.

    Actually, this is the second time he cheated on Mrs Bonnici (or rather the second time we know about).

    The first affair was with a lawyer who he has now made a magistrate.

    Mrs Bonnici had forgiven him for that, but here he is again with another sweetie from the village of salt and honey.

    I am completely taken aback by the fact that this man, who portrays himself (and who is portrayed by the media) as somebody in whose mouth butter wouldn’t melt, is living in Valletta, having left the family home – and for his home address, he is using the address of the Justice Ministry.

    Yes, our power-went-to-his-head/can’t-keep-it-in-his-pants Minister of Justice spends a lot of time with Janice tas-Super One, taking her to hotels in the north of the island rather than Gozo, traditional place of skappaturi, as in Gozo he might meet his ex mistress.

    Labour’s star candidate. Amazing. Fenomenali.

  43. pablo says:

    Does this mean that we now have to support yet another Minister’s estranged wife and kids by getting Malta Enterprise to invent some non-existent job with a fat salary?

    [Daphne – I doubt it. From what I hear, Mrs Bonnici is not that sort at all, and is devastated by this turn of events. You will, however, probably find that the Justice Minister’s mistress will be taking increasingly large bites out of the public purse. It’s only a matter of time before she is moved from Super One to the state payroll. After all, if Jeffrey can abuse of his position to put/keep his girlfriend on the payroll at the Malta Council for Science and Technology, as his personal assistant, what’s to stop the Justice Minister from doing the same?]

    • pablo says:

      You’re right. In one form or in another, as with Konrad Mizzi, Owen Bonnici’s new lifestyle choices will have to be financially assisted by the public purse.

      And on this point, Deborah Schembri MP, finds nothing wrong or corrupt in a government minister fitting out his wife with a well paid public position.

      When challenged, Debbie parroted “you have to look at her wonderful CV”, inanely and completely missing the point or dishonestly by passing it.

  44. TROY says:

    Mrs. Bonnici is a gentle, loving, hard-working mother.

  45. sleaze bag says:

    Mrs. Bonnici deserved better than him. I can see why she fell for him. He had (not any longer) a sharp yet pretty boy look about him and his way of speaking can charm the knickers off some girls (and men).

    I am sorry about the way this story might be affecting her but if she wants to see the end of his political career all she has to do is release the name of ANOTHER very young person.

  46. Comment says:

    Immissu jisthi il-Ministru wara dak ix-xoghol kollu li ghamlitu Nadia biex qieghad fejn qieghad illum. Tal-MISTHIJA

  47. Towni says:

    Air Malta is in the Korean news. Have been trying to translate the website with Google Translate but had not success. Anyone out there knows of a good online Korean to English translator?

    [Daphne – I used Google Translate on this with perfect ease, so I can’t imagine what the problem was. The story is all about Air Malta’s financial losses and its financial situation generally.]

  48. TROY says:

    Actually, Owen’s first ‘bit on the side’ was a certain NIKITA (no connection with Elton John’s).

    Someone should ask St. Owen to elaborate so as not to keep us guessing.

    [Daphne – Looks like St Owen uses the Labour Party as a lucky dip for his…oh well, never mind.]

  49. giljaniz says:

    A man is either principled or he is not. You cannot be honest in business but then dishonest in your family life.

    Those who cheat on their wife will cheat in business and politics. That should be obvious, because betraying the mother of your children is far worse than betraying a business or political associate.

    If a politician is ready to betray his family, then he is highly likely to be corrupt in other ways.

    We can understand that not all marriages work out, and that unhappiness in marriage is a reality. But cheating is not the option here: leave first and sort yourself out.

    • Mistika says:

      So let’s throw in the bin John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and all French Presidents because they loved women in all shapes and forms. Politics is not about loyalty. It’s about power.

      [Daphne – Loved women? Serial philandering is misogyny. Love is care, respect and interest in the person, not the contents of her G-string or whatever they wore in the 60s.]

      • Jozef says:

        Mistika, you do realise you’ve just put Muscat into a fix do you?

      • giljaniz says:

        Mistika, did your esteem of Bill Clinton, as a politician, go up or down when his affair was revealed? Be honest now.

      • albona says:

        You do realise that diehard British Labour supporters (real Labour, not the Maltese version) are actually now coming to the realisation that Tony Blair was a psychopath?

        He did so much damage to his country and inflicted so much pain on the world – all for the personal glory and money.

        Brown, who was a real man of the people and a real Labour man, was completely done over by Blair. Blair was a megalomaniac and a psychopath. The others I know less about.

      • Jozef says:

        Tony Blair’s on Azerbaijan’s books, as is Gerhard Schroeder.

  50. Mandingo says:

    And I thought Owen was different.

  51. qeda sew says:

    Sorry ta, jekk din il-gurnalista suppost tirrapprezenta il-partit.

    Li mara tiehu pics ma fiha xejn hazin nahseb, imma dawn it-tip ta’ ritratti bil-bikini u dara barra u dawn il-hars kollha ma nistax nifhimom meta hi suppost tirrapprezenta l-Labour, qas li hi xi helwa.

    U ohra, Daphne, din hi l-istess persuna li tikteb news, taqrahom bhala newscaster, taghmel breakfast show u tipprezenta xi program ukoll? Nahseb issa nafu kif lahqet din.

    [Daphne – M’intiex qed tifhem li l-Labour Party jiehu hafna pjacir b’ritratti bhal dawk, ghax ghal dawn l-ahhar hames/erba snin ghamel kif ghamel biex ikkultiva ambjent u image ta’ sess biex in-nies jassocjaw il-partit fis-subkonxju taghhom mas-sessualita u l-attivita sesswali.]

  52. Proset! says:

    Mhuhiex ta’ b-xejn li tikteb hafna stejjer fuq affarijiet li jidhlu il-ligi. Issa nafu minfejn iggibhom. Ilhaqt mhux bil-kapacita, Janice.

  53. Bora Bora says:

    She reminds me of Michela Spiteri – that other frivolous chick – but I can’t seem to pin what triggers the resemblance.

  54. La Redoute says:

    Imbasta jaghmila ta’ qaddis. The poor sod probably thinks he’s a lady killer. Let’s see how long it’ll last once he’s well into portly, niddle-aged insignificance.

    • Mandingo says:

      Mela hej, u xi hadd qal li kellu izjed minn affair wiehed.

      Ma! Affarijiet ma jitwemnux…I don’t think.

      I could have sworn the sun shone out through his arse (yes, right..).

      • La Redoute says:

        At least three, it seems: Nikita Zammit Alamango, Joanne Vella Cuschieri, and now Janice Bartolo. It remains to be seen whether he also cheats on his lovers.

  55. Owen's uni mate says:

    Owen wasn’t exactly batting the ladies away at university. The attention he attracted was mostly to do with his odd clothing choices. His Hawaiian shirt to suit transformation is the stuff of legend.

    But somehow he’s become a magnet. I don’t expect it’s because he’s better looking these days. If anything, he looked nice, gentle and innocent when he was younger and now looks like the sleazy Lothario he’s become.

    I’ve often wondered whether these men realise that they’re being used. Surely they don’t think that their transformation from frog to prince is coincidental.

    Then it dawned on me that they know full well that they’re being used. And they don’t care because they are using these women too. They enjoy the power they exercise over them (or think they exercise over them). You know, like rapists enjoy exercising power over women.

    It’s pure misogyny (from the most progressive, feminist government ever of course), not just towards his wife, but towards every idiot who throws herself at him.

    • Very true says:

      I think he inherited those clothes from his brother because funny enough his brother had the same problem at University.

  56. claire says:

    Dr Muscat pretends to be the perfect family man. He’s the first Labour Party leader that shows off his wife and family. A brand new image for the Labour Party.

    [Daphne – He’s the first Labour leader to show off his wife and family (since Boffa) because he is the first to have a wife and family to show off. Mintoff’s wife and children didn’t live in Malta, Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici had neither wife nor children, and Alfred Sant had a child but no wife. He is also the first political leader to show off his children. All party leaders of both parties as far back as I can remember never did so.]

    “Imbaghad ghandu qohob kemm trid fil-partit”.

    Honestly I was really disappointed by Dr Bonnici’s behaviour.

  57. Persil says:

    I find this piece of news surprising.

    I know Nadia Bonnici from work.

    She is a nice and hardworking staff nurse, proud of her husband and daughter. Since her husband was elected she had a change of responsibility at work.

    She is responsible for the discharged patients.

    What I can say is that she rarely accompanied her husband to functions,instead she came to work.

    I used to encourage her to accompany him. See the result? He befriended another one.

    I pity Nadia and her daughter. If this is not the first time that he cheated on her before, she would be a fool to forgive him again. My advice to Nadia is, let him go and live your life.

    He will never be happy, neither his new partner. When you cheat on your wife you also cheat your offspring.

    Some women are ruthless and they are ready to destroy, yes destroy, a family no matter what.

    • La Redoute says:

      Some men are ruthless and are ready to destroy their own families on the flimsiest of excuses.

      Owen Bonnici’s shagging other women because his wife went to work? Please don’t be ridiculous.

      • Melissa says:

        “I used to encourage her to accompany him. See the result? He befriended another one.”

        I must disagree with this. It’s much more complicated than you think.

        I think it was more likely she refused to be seen with him knowing it was a sham, just a show, with the mistress (mistresses?) hanging around. Of course it hurts.

        I would know, because I experienced this myself. I refused to accompany my (now ex) partner when I knew he was two-timing me with a fellow colleague. Long story.

        And you need to keep a smile on your face, a fake family life for your children until the inevitable happens.

  58. Gaetano Pace says:

    What a spectacle it is when gladiators descend into the arena to please Caesar and obtain his thumbs up. Please do not say where.

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