No-brains Lara Boffa booted out of Enemalta Corporation board of directors

Published: December 18, 2014 at 12:39pm

In the first few weeks after being elected to power last year, the new government set about appointing the boards of directors for state corporations and creating new councils and commissions so as to have more scope for appointing those cronies who were left over (the National Festivities Council is one such typical example).

The incoming government accommodated all the people who had featured in its campaign, giving testimonials for the Labour Party, and because it had promised to be the ‘most feminist government ever’, if a woman had appeared on a Labour billboard or in a Labour campaign video, that killed two birds with one stone.

In April 2013, the new government announced the board of directors for Enemalta: Charles Mangion (chairman), Joe Ellul Vincenti (deputy chairman), and directors Louis Giordmaina (later moved to Air Malta), Joe Falzon, Steve Agius, Tony Chircop, Jonathan Scerri, and token woman Lara Boffa.

Twenty months later, a look at the list on Enemalta Corporation’s website shows the changes that were not announced, changes that haven’t even been made to the Enemalta Corporation listing on the Department of Information portal or to Lara Boffa’s Linked In profile. Charles Mangion and Joe Ellul Vincenti have gone and Frederick Azzopardi is the executive chairman – that we knew, because changes to the chairmanship always make the news.

Directors Steve Agius and Jonathan Scerri are still there, but Joe Falzon, Tony Chircop and Lara Boffa have gone. They are replaced by Kevin Chircop, Salvu Sant and Saviour Zammit. Nobody has replaced Louis Giordmaina or the deputy chairman. The board is now two persons fewer than it was, and there is no token woman anymore.

How strange that Miss Boffa didn’t say any of this when David Thake rang her and asked her why she thinks she has the right credentials to be a director of a corporation like Enemalta.

enemalta 1

enemalta 2

enemalta 3

The board of directors at present, as listed on Enemalta Corporation's website

The board of directors at present, as listed on Enemalta Corporation’s website

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  1. C.Portelli says:

    Does the title ‘no brains’ really represent Lara Boffa? I would have added a few more colourful adjectives there.

  2. wacko says:

    She was also booted from previous ones while the PN was still in government. And yes, because of the no brains.

  3. edgar says:

    Lara, try becoming very friendly with one or two new directors. Who knows, they might reinstate you, same as Jeffrey did.

    • ken il malti says:

      She is getting a bit old now, and there is a bevy of younger and prettier brainless wonders in the queue who want to cash in on their delightful pulchritude.

  4. Nutter says:

    Did those who were removed get any handshakes?

    • Don Camillo says:

      This is a very valid question, especially if these were of the golden type.

      Coming to think of it, this may be another undeclared tactic to give the Taghna Lkoll people more bonuses and freebies at our expense.

  5. pale blue my foot! says:

    I wonder whether she’s still PROUD OF IT

  6. Barbie Girl says:

    Dik hi kollha Malta Taghna Lkoll, siehbi, trid u ma tridx.

  7. John B says:

    It is likely that she was not aware that she no longer sits on the Enemalta Corporation board of directors.

    This is either because she has never been to a board meeting and was waiting to receive the agenda for her first appearance, or she was removed without being informed. In any case this shows that her contribution was zilch.

  8. Caflanga says:

    There seems to be an emerging pattern with Joseph’s official appointments: musical chairs, to accomodate all the promises dished out before the election. Can anyone else see this or am I hallucinating?

  9. jerry says:

    Salvu Sant is on this board too. Of course Malta is Malta taghhom biss biss biss.

  10. Ian says:

    Salvu Sant, Lorry’s brother? It keeps getting better.

    • Jack Beans says:

      He must be in his 80s. Some people never age. His experience at the Drydocks must be worth a directorship at Enemalta under Lejber.

  11. Markus says:

    Do I detect the hand of Carmen Ciantar? Her position as CEO of ARMS Ltd sat awkwardly with Ms Boffa’s presence on the Enemalta Corporation board.

  12. gorg borg says:

    Isn’t Salvu Sant Lorry’s brother?

  13. GC says:

    Two fewer, maybe to make space for their Chinese equivalents?

  14. Comment says:

    Kienet appuntata fuq il-bord sempliciment ghax il-Prim Ministru ibati bil-grazzja mhux ghax il-mara ghanda xi kwalifi jew abbiltajiet biex tokkupa posizzjoni bhal dik.

  15. Gobsmacked says:

    M’ghadnix nemmen f’zowzeff ghax zowzeff m’ghadux jemmen fija.

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