Here is a photograph of John Dalli and his daughter in the Bahamas with Mary Swan

Published: May 9, 2015 at 9:39pm

John Dalli and his daughter Louisa Dalli (right) with the fraudster Mary Swan aka Lady Bird, who has for years run an operation scamming Christian believers out of their savings by persuading them to put their money into her nonexistent scheme to ‘support small-time gold-miners in Thailand’.

After a few initial cheques for ‘interest on their investment’, the money disappears and so does she.

This photograph was taken in August 2012 in the Bahamas, in a villa rented by Dalli’s other daughter, Claire Gauci Borda, for a year. Dalli was a European Commissioner at the time. The month before that, he had secretly left a European Commission meeting to fly to the Bahamas for 24 hours. In August, he stayed for much longer.

Until last January, Mary Swan was living in and operating out of a flat in Sliema’s High Street. Her accounts and financial affairs were at the time handled by John Dalli’s companies through the agency of his daughters Louisa Dalli and Claire Gauci Borda. The latter was not in the Bahamas at the time this picture was taken.

The photograph was supplied to me by a US citizen, Mike Brady, who is representing seven elderly residents of South Carolina who have been scammed out of their life savings by this outfit. He has filed a report with the Malta Police and the FBI on their behalf, and has also communicated full information and copies of emails and money transfers to the European Commission’s fraud investigation body, OLAF.

Mike Brady was present when the photograph was taken. He had flown to the Bahamas because he had been told by Mary Swan/Lady Bird that he should fly out to meet somebody who was staying with her and who would be able to secure for his charity group the funding they needed for a work-raising initiative in South Carolina. When he arrived, he found the European Commissioner, John Dalli. Of course, there was no real prospect of funding of any kind.

John Dalli Louisa Dalli Lady Bird Bahamas 2

John Dalli Mary Swan Louisa Dalli