Letter sent to Malta Police about scam operated by John Dalli company

Published: May 9, 2015 at 9:28pm
Disgraced former European Commissioner John Dalli, currently in business with Alfred Mifsud, the new deputy governor of the Central Bank of Malta

Disgraced former European Commissioner John Dalli, currently in business with Alfred Mifsud, the new deputy governor of the Central Bank of Malta

This is a copy of the letter sent to the Malta police on behalf of seven elderly US citizens, whose capital disappeared after being wired to an account held by Corporate Group Ltd at HSBC Bank in St Julian’s.

Corporate Group Ltd is owned by John Dalli but the shares are all held in the names of his two daughters, Claire Gauci Borda and Louisa Dalli, who are also the sole directors.

John Dalli was a European Commissioner when this occurred, and so the US citizens have also reported the matter to OLAF with copies of all correspondence and details of transfers.


My name is Michael Brady and I represent the 7 Upstate of South Carolina ‘gold pool’ investors. I do not represent them from a legal position as I am not an attorney, but from a sense of obligation to these seven friends who have had their life savings stolen in an investment fraud.

The person who is the mastermind resides/d in Malta and is known as Mary Swan, Emma Corbin, Lady Bird and several other aliases.

There are several other participants who I will name further along. My intention is to recover the invested funds for these seven investors and to stop this international fraud ring from preying on others.

In June 2011 our group of friends who were involved in the national Tea Party movement was approached by Ms. Debbie Wicker, a member of our group, in regards to investing in what I am referring to as a ‘gold pool’. The investors either had 401-Ks or some type of retirement program in the stock market that was losing money on a consistent basis, and were looking for a legal and safe alternative.

Ms. Wicker, who resides in Columbia, South Carolina, told us that she had a longstanding friendship of some 14 years with a person who works with small gold-miners in different parts of the world, to help them get a good and fair return on the gold they produced, in return for a percentage back in helping her maintain her orphanages in the Philippines.

Ms Wicker said she would talk to her friend to see if she could offer a way to invest with these gold-miners, as an alternative to the stock market. They were soon offered an investment plan known as the ‘gold pool’ by this person I have named above as Lady Bird or LB.

The plan was to pool together all the investors’ funds as a lump sum. Ms Wicker was to keep accounting records for each investor and none of them were to disclose to each other how much they invested or even that they had invested.

There are many more investors than these seven who I represent here. To my understanding there is an estimated sum of $5-7 million invested in this manner through Ms Wicker alone. Our group has about $600,000 invested.

Each of our group wired their portion to HSBC Bank Malta – into an account held by Corporate Group Ltd, (client 2 a/c). Corporate Group is a company owned and operated by Ms. Claire Gauci Borda, who is the elder daughter of the previous E.U. commissioner, John Dalli.

At that time, our group understood that their funds were actually being wired to a company known as Tyre Ltd, which is a Maltese company, and whose business address is or was John Dalli’s personal residence. Claire Gauci Borda was a director of Tyre Ltd at the time.

Ms Wicker was to fly to Malta monthly to meet with Ms. Gauci Borda, to reconcile accounting records while meeting with Lady Bird (Mary Swan), and she was receiving a salary for her work as the ‘gold pool’ overseer. Ms Wicker did that until October 2013, when she made the announcement that she was resigning her position as of the end of that year, and advised all to withdraw their investments as quickly as possible.

The reason she gave was that she had found out Lady Bird/Mary Swan was a fraud and was not a granddaughter of the Asian/Chinese gold family which she had claimed to be during the time of their friendship. She told us that Lady Bird/Mary Swan had fired Ms Gauci Borda from her duties and that there would not be any accountability for their investments.

The group of seven that I represent tried repeatedly for months to get their funds returned, doing so individually because they had been instructed not to disclose their investments to others. They have now come together in a combined effort.

We have year’s worth of email communication between these investors and Ms Wicker and Ms Gauci Borda, who were trying to keep them quiet, to pacify them with false information, and telling them not to go to the authorities lest they lose their investments.

In the first part of 2013, a Mr. John Cordiner came into the picture as the new accountant for the ‘gold pool’, stating that he would now be the intermediary for the disbursement of the pool funds. He has offered nothing more than one false reimbursement date after another.

Mr. Cordiner is an accountant from London and also works with the new director of Tyre Ltd, Martin Zuch. One of the people I represent here, Ms. Regina Hayes, was receiving monthly payments from her investment which stopped in September 2013. Her last payment originated from Lloyds Bank of London signed by Ms. Caroline Zuch, Martin Zuch’s wife.

All other payments came from Corporate Group Ltd via HSBC Bank Malta. This has led us to believe that Tyre Ltd and the Zuchs are involved in this fraud along with the others I have mentioned.

We have all the documentation as to what I have stated here, along with emails from Debbie Wicker, Claire Gauci Borda and John Cordiner, and will provide these to you.

I am requesting that a formal investigation be opened in Malta into this operation by Lady Bird aka Mary Swan, Claire Gauci Borda, John Dalli, John Cordiner and Martin Zuck, in an effort at locating our funds.

We will coordinate here in the USA with the FBI for an investigation into Debbie Wicker’s involvement as she is a US citizen, and will be sending this same information to them as well.

Each person in this group has their own email communication with the individuals mentioned above, and I have requested that they gather their information for this investigation to have it available upon your request.

Many in this group depend on this investment for their livelihood and are in dire need for their funds to be returned. These fraudsters have preyed on these people’s Christian faith and beliefs, as the gain from their investment was to be used for each of their specific missions in spreading the word of God and in helping those in need.

Now they find themselves the ones in need, so I ask that you help me in this effort to regain these good people’s investment and to bring these fraudsters, who use the name of our LORD to do evil deeds, to their just end.

I have given just a brief overview of the situation and there are many more details which we have available. We have also communicated information to the newspapers in Malta.

I failed to mention that I was invited to the Bahamas during the time Lady Bird and John Dalli were there, in an effort to secure funding for a humanitarian project that never came to fruition.

The following is my contact info:

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