Bl-Oħla Dawl Libbist: the new monument to The Republic

Published: December 16, 2015 at 7:28am

Coming soon where Republic Street ends at Fort St Elmo: the new monument to The Republic. Tenders are now out for its construction (see below).

The monument was designed by Austin Camilleri and placed first in a competition “administered by Heritage Malta on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister” in 2014.

The architect is Claude Mallia.

Engraved in large letters in the stone slabs at the foot of the monument will be a phrase from the third line of the national anthem: Bl-oħla dawl libbist.

monument 1

monument 2

monument 3

monument 4

monument 5

monument 6

monument 7

monument 9

monument 10

monument 11

monument 12

monument 13