Keith CashCow is lying

Published: February 28, 2016 at 6:56pm

Keith CashCow speaks repeatedly about his “New Zealand-based trust” and says that he set up that “family trust” to consolidate his interests. He does not even allude to the trust holding a company, let alone a company incorporated in shady, blacklisted Panama.

He is lying. His New Zealand trust, like Konrad Mizzi’s which was set up at exactly the same time by the same financial consultant, exists for one reason alone (as does Mizzi’s): to hold a company registered in Panama.

And it is not a “family trust” at all because he is the sole beneficiary. These liars and frauds have now gone too far. There is documentary proof for all this and they cannot keep playing this lying game for much longer. And if you’re considering breaking into my house to get that documentary proof, forget it. It’s safely far from Malta and in the possession of more than one person.

It is all going to blow up in their faces because it cannot be contained in Malta alone. These villains don’t seem to understand that they are running the government of a European Union member state.

Keith CashCow, the Prime Minister's other henchman and his so-called 'chief of staff'.

Keith CashCow, the Prime Minister’s other henchman and his so-called ‘chief of staff’.