Government hides Sai Mizzi’s presence at Jose Herrera’s Shanghai ceremony

Published: March 22, 2016 at 2:42pm

Yesterday the government’s Department of Information took a break from assaulting the independent media and issued a press release and photographs about the government’s fabulous new residence and Schengen visa scheme for Chinese people who will get both in return for “making a donation to Identity Malta”.

There was no mention of Sai Mizzi Liang, the corrupt and embattled Health & Energy Minister’s wife, and she wasn’t anywhere in the photographs, either.

But now we know through photographs published in the Chinese press that Mrs Mizzi was there indeed, standing right by Jose Herrera (see below).

Charlon Gouder – inexplicably – was also there with Jose Herrera, and clearly not simply as an aide because he is in the photograph below too rather than behind the scenes. It looks like I might have been right about the reason for his business lunch with convicted cocaine trafficker Meinrad Calleja and a Chinese woman.

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