Maltese government opening back door to European Schengen zone for four generations of Chinese families in return for “donation” to Identity Malta

Published: March 22, 2016 at 2:52pm

Here’s a translation of this Chinese report about the Maltese government’s fabulous new way of making money, by getting Chinese people to “make a donation to Identity Malta” following which the Maltese government will open the backdoor into Europe’s Schengen zone for four generations of the same Chinese family.

Compared with many European countries, the advantages of this (Malta) project is that there is no need for a long wait. It is one step to get permanent residency, including that for the principal applicant’s parents, grandparents, and children up to 25 years old, a total of four generations, seven families.

This European immigration project, described as the first of its kind, has greatly facilitated the applicant, who is the first to get permanent residency without having to repeatedly renew. Do not worry about the tedious process, because there is none. It is all immigrants’ perfect and dream project.

Compared to the rest of the Europe, Malta’s immigration programme is more convenient, faster, without the need to go to the country, no physical residence required in Malta and the eligibility criteria are simple.

It can be described as “very immigrants friendly”. Skills, language, education, business experience, information on financial resources is not requested. The procedure is also very fast: you can obtain your permanent residence card just two months after your application.

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