Konrad Mizzi and Michael Falzon are already back from Gozo

Published: March 6, 2016 at 1:04pm

Members of my international worldwide network of spies on the midday ferry from Mgarr to Cirkewwa tell me that Konrad Mizzi and Michael Falzon were on it, and that the Energy Minister barged the entire queue to board first, despite the fact that his car was not wearing its GM plates, signalling that he was not on official government business.

You have to marvel at the sheer gall of these people. He’s in the thick of the worst political crisis to hit this country since 1987, he’s the talk of the entire island because of his corruption and his asset-concealing company in Panama, and what does he do?

He streaks past an entire long queue of irate people waiting in their cars to board the ferry, and flashes in ahead of them.

Konrad Mizzi Knave