Official government press statement calls me “PN blogger”/assaults The Malta Independent

Published: March 21, 2016 at 1:05pm

Here’s the link just in case you don’t believe this absurdity. The government has well and truly lost it. It has long used the official channels of the Department of Information to communicate partisan statements in retaliation for things that are said about Top Crony Minister Konrad Mizzi, but this is truly the limit.

It is a direct assault on the free press and its critics, and a warning to those who think of doing something similar and holding the corrupt Konrad Mizzi and his Prime Minister to account.

Mizzi should issue a statement telling the Maltese public exactly why he and the Prime Minister’s corrupt chief of staff set up companies in Panama, in concert, starting the process in December 2014. The only possible explanation is corruption.

The people are disgusted, and trying to intimidate the free press and those members of the Opposition who hound you for answers about your corruption is not going to work.

The most shocking thing is the government’s delusion that it is operating in an impermeable bubble. Does it believe that the only diplomats who are registering these events, reading about them and reporting back are those of Baku, Beijing, Algiers and Dubai? They are quite mad.

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