Toni Abela resigns/Prime Minister presses on with plans to install Korrott Mixtri

Published: March 21, 2016 at 1:31pm

Toni Abela has resigned his position as the Labour Party’s deputy leader for party affairs. The other deputy leader, Louis Grech, has meanwhile remained completely invisible.

The Prime Minister, instead of using the opportunity to ditch his deputy leader-elect, has instead found something else with which to persuade Toni Abela off the minor throne and is pressing ahead to install his corrupt Health and Energy Minister on it despite the swirl of scandal in which he has mired the government.

The Malta Independent reports this morning that Abela will be “given another post” because – according to the Prime Minister – “he has still so much to offer to the country”.

This post, it goes without saying, will not be a Labour Party post. In other words, the government is going to use its standard trick of using public money and public office to compensate the officials and former officials of the Labour Party.

And Toni Abela, who was judged unfit for public office at the European Court of Auditors because of his shady political past, his tight involvement with the Labour Party, his consultancy to a government mired in corruption and his involvement in covering-up cocaine dealing at a Labour Party club will now be made a judge, a magistrate or something more frightening and disturbing still.

We are living in terrible times.

toni abela resigns