Another day, another story of corruption: corrupt former police commissioner’s second corrupt son to be boarded out on a pension

Published: April 26, 2016 at 11:00am

The Times of Malta has reported that Police Inspector Roderick Zammit, a corrupt man who has been on extended leave of absence from work since last summer, is now to be boarded out on a life-long pension.

Zammit is still in his 30s.

Instead of subjecting him to a criminal investigation along with his father, corrupt former acting Police Commissioner Ray Zammit, and his brother, corrupt former Police Inspector Daniel Zammit (who was boarded out from the force in May last year), the Commissioner of Police has decided to get rid of him by taking the easy route: leave of absence from work while still being paid, followed by the medical board and a pension.

The grounds on which the medical board have decided that he is not fit to work for the rest of his life have not been revealed. But whatever it is, it must he genetic, because last year they decided that his brother too, another man in his 30s who is perfectly capable of spending time at the gym and driving around in a red Ferrari borrowed from a Sicilian Mafioso, at throwing parties at Hugo Chetcuti’s mansion, is also unfit for work.

Apparently, being a liability and risk to the police force is now considered a medical disability that makes you unfit for work (if you a corrupt Labour crony) rather than a sacking offence.

Roderick Zammit’s extended leave of absence from work began shortly after I revealed on this website that he, his corrupt brother and his corrupt father were involved in business companies with Joe Gaffarena (not permitted by police rules and common decency) and, incomparably worse still, that they set up the company when Inspector Daniel Zammit was supposed to be investigating Joe Gaffarena’s son-in-law for murdering and torturing with gun-shots Joe Gaffarena’s daughter’s lover in their home at night.

Their father, Ray Zammit, was meanwhile moved out of his position as Acting Police Commissioner – he had been involved in another scandal already, with the then Minister of the Interior Manuel Mallia and his chauffeur, when the chauffeur used the minister’s official car and his duty-issue weapon to drive after another man at night, shooting at him. The chauffeur and his mother were looking after the Interior Minister’s infant daughter at their home in Gzira at the time.

In another illustration of this government’s corruption, instead of sacking Ray Zammit, Justice Minister Noddy created a special organisation – a ‘wardens agency’ – at great expense to the taxpayer, refurbished offices, and placed Zammit there to head it. Yes, a man proven to be corrupt and with a propensity to bend the rules, put in charge of a wardens agency created especially for him as a toy to play with and a reason to pay him a salary instead of firing him.

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