So is that corrupt Anglu Farrugia going to resign his post as Speaker or what?

Published: April 26, 2016 at 10:24am

There’s no case to be made against the Opposition Leader’s chauffeur after all. But that corrupt Anglu Farrugia, who has used his position to acquire public posts for himself, his execrably useless daughter and her husband, is not going to step down for causing all that trouble, is he.

Of course not. He’s going to dig right in there and see what else he can get for himself and his “family”. That’s what a good daddy does, in line with the principles of corruption under the Malta Labour Party, because these louts think that corruption is something legalistic in which you pay money to get something in return. No – corruption is this: where you get public posts and public money solely in return for your political cronyism and trading in influence, and not because you’re the best person for the job.

And corruption is also offering your silence in return about matters which are in the public’s interest (and possibly also the interest of the police and the other authorities) to know.

Instead of reporting the fixers and the operators at the Labour Party to the police and the press for what they have clearly been getting up to in the run-up to the general election – the soiled fruit of which we are seeing now – that lousy Farrugia allows himself to be bought with a ‘high status’ role as Speaker of the House, an insult to parliament if ever there was one, and a job-for-life as magistrate for his inept daughter, plus another one for her husband in parliament itself (let’s keep him close).

The Commissioner of Police should resign too for not only failing to send his former colleague in the police force, Anglu Farrugia – for lots of people have forgotten that they were, in fact, in the police force together – to hell in a handbasket when he requested a police investigation of the Opposition Leader’s fuel gauge and driver.

Not only did the Police Commissioner not do that, but he actually went one huge step further, and ordered a magistrate’s inquiry into this very pressing matter of national importance.

Oh, but I almost forgot: the Commissioner of Police is going to resign. He’s not going to resign about this, though – he’s going to resign because he doesn’t want to investigate the biggest crime scandal to hit this island since 1987: the Panama Papers revelations that have exposed a circle of corruption right there in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Men of straw, the lot of them. Somebody faced with a massive crime scandal like this, involving politicians and their cronies right at the top, and who refuses to investigate for political reasons is two things: cowardly and corrupt. The Police Commissioner isn’t failing to investigate to save his job, is he, because he’s stepping down anyway. He just doesn’t want the hassle of investigating the people for whom he voted. Really, how scandalous that is.

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