Chairman of Russian train company buys Maltese passport/EU citizenship

Published: August 21, 2016 at 12:05pm

Stanislav Gamzalov, chairman of First Locomotive Company, a joint venture between Russian investors and Bombardier Transportation, his wife Madina Gamzalova and their son Ibragim Gamzalov.

They are on the list published in the Malta Government Gazette of 2 August.

The total bill they paid to the Maltese government for EU citizenship was €725,000: €650,000 for him, €50,000 for her and €25,000 for their son.

Gamzalov is also CEO of the train-wagon manufacturer Russian Engels Wagon Building Plant, in which he is a shareholder. He owns 100% of OW Capital Management, his investment vehicle. You will find him mentioned here too.