Russian shipping boss fighting company bankruptcy in Manhattan bankruptcy court over bank debts of $263 million buys Maltese/EU citizenship

Published: August 21, 2016 at 12:43pm

Russian shipping boss Dmitry Golomovzy, financial director of PRISCO (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and shareholder/director of Primorsk Shipping Corp, has bought Maltese passports/EU citizenship for himself, his wife Elena Golomovzya, and their children Alexandra, Ruslan and Danil.

Their names are on the list published in the Malta Government Gazette of 2 August.

The total bill for EU citizenship for this family of five was €775,000: €650,000 for him, €50,000 for her, and €25,000 each for their three children.

Primorsk International Shipping is currently in the Manhattan bankruptcy court. The now-Maltese citizen Golomovzy is one of the two owners of the company who are battling a sizeable list of banks in the New York bankruptcy court. Golomovzy and his co-owner Alexander Kirilichev owe the banks around $263 million. You can read a more detailed report here.

Primorsk filed for Chapter 11 protection under US bankruptcy law early this year, shortly after Golomovzy acquired EU citizenship for himself and his family through the Maltese government.

Dimitry Golomovzy

Dimitry Golomovzy