Labour’s meritocratic liberal feminists in schoolyard bitchfest

Published: November 7, 2016 at 4:32pm

These are Ramona Frendo, who featured in the Labour Party’s official campaign video, Malta Taghna Lkoll, and on its campaign billboards, telling us that she is voting Labour for meritocracy (and who then went on to be appointed to the Justice Reform Commission and get given a sinecure at the Malta Gaming Authority), and Michaela Muscat, whose mother Phyllis is the Prime Minister’s best friend and who has been latched onto the public teat since March 2013, and who herself has been given a Taghna Lkoll appointment as Transport Malta’s envoy at the Malta High Commission in London.

Their liberal feminist knives are out for “the dentist” – no doubt because she’s helping to scupper their Taghna Lkoll ship of cronyism and corruption.

Do tell us about the North Korean slaves at Leisure Clothing, Dr Frendo. As for the other one, shouldn’t she grow up and find herself a job without the help of mummy and the Prime Minister? To still need mummy-and-the-Prime-Minister’s help in finding work at 30 is a bit, well, embarrassing.