Ram Tumuluri stole $400,000 from hotel bank accounts, destroyed the accounting books and left

Published: November 7, 2016 at 9:41pm

This a telephone interview David Thake carried out with an investor in British Columbia, who gives a direct-experience account of Ram Tumuluri, the man who signed a contract with Konrad Mizzi to run three of Malta’s public hospitals and build a fourth. For this, his outfit will be paid $55 million a year (starting fees) for 30 years.

The man in question has asked not to be named – not because of Tumuluri, who will know who he is – but for professional reasons. I am aware of his identity.

If the Opposition listens to this and then starts talking about traffic, it deserves to be steam-rolled into oblivion. As for the government, they should all be lined up and shot.

And if they’re not shot, then when Liberation Day finally comes, that gas tanker they’ve stuffed into the harbour should be converted into a floating prison into which they can be crammed with their cronies and fed minimal rations for the next two decades.