Air Malta: plugging the gaps with any old plane

Published: December 27, 2016 at 4:01pm

Air Malta’s attempts at plugging the gaps in its schedule, created by one plane in its official fleet being out of service for weeks, have become more worrying still. A reader of this website messaged me from Milan airport last Friday afternoon, where he was meant to be boarding Air Malta’s flight to Malta and instead found himself boarding the plane below.

At 1645 we are leaving on this piece of shit. An old plane, chartered from Lithuania, with pretty hostesses speaking broken Eastern European English and communicating with each other in their own language. 

What a shame Air Malta is resorting to this. And from Milan, an international hub, with affluent people flying on this. You should hear the comments on board. It’s put us to shame and makes a mockery of what Air Malta is. 

  • Ann Vella

    Do these planes have a safe record for the safety of passengers?

  • Leo Pace

    L-aqwa fl-Ewropa. Pathetic.

  • Richard J. Caruana

    Ellinair is a Greek regional airline not Lithuanian.

  • Ramon Garcia

    This will be ED ZL’s legacy. In his old age, he can boast to his grandchildren about how he brought down Air Malta almost single-handed, aided and abetted by a totally incompetent board.

  • Herman Meilak

    The aircraft in the picture seems to be a Boeing 737. All Boeing 737s in service with Ellinair are roughly 27 years old. If properly maintained, this type of Boeing should be OK, but to play safe, serious airlines would have already scrapped it. Many aviation experts are of the opinion that over 25 years is pushing it too far.

  • peter sanga

    Air Malta is in such disarray right now that they are struggling to find enough planes to service their flights. This is not a good sign for the airline, and not good if they are not providing the service that the customers expect.

    However, at the same time making disparaging remarks about other airlines because they are not up to Air Malta’s quality is laughable and done out of spite to the mess that the government has brought on Air Malta.

    Air Malta has done a very good job for a number of years, but it is not the only airline in Europe. Ellinair is a Greek charter airline that gets good reviews online and as they fly in Europe they have to adhere to the very strict European safety standards.

    Again, I am not disputing the argument that Air Malta shouldn’t be using other airlines to service their flights.

  • pronoia

    What’s incredible is that it is being dismantled by a socialist government with staff mainly of a socialist background.

  • Benny Hill

    Air Malta is what it is because of generation after generation of mismanagement, and what’s happening now is but the cherry on the cake.

  • A+

    The Nationalist Party lost so many votes because of the restructuring programme that they agreed with the EU to save Air Malta. They lost so many votes because while the government was taking tough and unpopular decisions, Joseph Muscat was secretly promising everyone that he would reverse those decisions.

    After the 2013 general election, the restructuring was sabotaged and Air Malta was filled with Labour cronies. All that effort and those sacrifices down the drain, and thanks to Labour’s populist decisions Air Malta and all its employees and their families will pay the price. Thank you Joseph Muscat, you’ll be remembered for this.

    • Stephen Forster

      Unfortunately every government administration was to blame for over populating Air Malta with cronies.

  • MarloweChris

    Exactly. While I’m not saying Air Malta is an unsafe airline by any stretch, the idea that they are safer than any other western airline is absurd.

    And they’ve had their share of good fortune, like the time they landed an 737 on a taxiway at an amazingly empty Gatwick and that accidental meeting with a pylon

  • WhoamI?

    And where is Maria Micallef? Busy saving some Mizzi Organisation company?

  • Gorg

    A passenger plane that needs weeks to repair is scrapped and not returned to service. The company in Ireland is probably delaying repairs to the Air Malta plane until such time as Air Malta can guarantee payment for works done.

  • Ramon Garcia

    Well, that’s Labour for you. Short term populism without even considering the long term devastating ramifications.