“Meta se nisparaw, sir?”

Published: December 27, 2016 at 3:46pm

One of the many spoofs doing the rounds right now (please, no comments about the spelling).

  • Jupiter

    Got plesss kemm huma lebsin najs

    • anthony

      Keep it up!

  • Ramon Garcia

    Istra hi! Qisna tal-films sirna. Pajjiz tal-bajd.

  • Jimmy Better

    Those hijackers were lucky they didn’t have to face our elite forces.



    Who is the lady in red?

  • SSS

    These soldiers were armed to their teeth at the Courts of Justice, but I bet there weren’t any snipers at the airport. As a general procedure, snipers should be present whenever there is a similar threat.

  • anthony

    It is just state-sponsored panto paid for by you and me.

  • Mike Wagstaff

    Yes. It was reported by the BBC.

  • Pirate

    According to the Italian media, negotiations were being carried out with Libyan officials, not with the Maltese prime minister. Looks like he wanted to take the credit for somebody else’s job – so typical.

  • Nicky

    Malta needs to allocate a budget of 1% of GDP for defence spending. This would be about 100 million euros a year, which could be used to purchase some decent hardware to fend off initial missile attacks from terrorist-controlled neighbouring provinces. Friendly western nations would not come to our aide until serious destruction and slaughter has occurred and by then the damage would take our country back 50 years.