‘Goverment’ – just like they pronounce it

Published: December 30, 2016 at 9:20pm

This is the natural consequence of bad pronunciation being reflected in mandatory spelling, as dictated by the Maltese language police: blekbord being one of the most offensive examples.

Now we have a whole bunch of people, most of them apparently in government communications, who think you can do the same with English. And so we have GOVERMENT writ large on numerous, boastful billboards in the most prominent positions possible.

GOV-ER-MENT is exactly how many people pronounce it in Malta, doing away with the ‘n’ because the ‘nm’ sound is way too complicated for lazy tongues accustomed to twisting petrol into petlor and pilloli into pirmli.

You have to wonder how it went all the way from design stage to printing to transportation to pasting up on the billboards without anybody noticing that glaring error. Or maybe they noticed and thought “U ejja, mhux xorta. People will still know what we mean, and it’s only one stupid letter missing.”

Te soner tey ar votd ot of government, te beter fore Maltta.

UPDATE: The posters have since been replaced. You have to wonder how much cancer medication that would have paid for.

  • Osservatore

    Please allow me one last indulgence for the year. What a bunch of good for nothing morons, each and every single one of them. They could not organise a piss up in the proverbial brewery let alone the presidency of the EU Council. I hang my head in shame for I realise, they have none.

  • Cyrill Sammut (Sliema)


  • Reader


  • Evarist Saliba

    I disagree that this has anything to do with the way we are trying to write foreign words that have become common in Maltese.

    What is wrong is that there are persons in our government who are not fit to hold the jobs they have. If a person orders a message to be put on a bill-board, or in any other public manner, s/he is responsible for providing the text and to check that it is correct.

    When the job is done, and before it is put in place, it should be checked to ensure that it is correct. Obviously, this is not being done, or it is being done by incompetent persons.

    The fact that the bill-board message was quickly removed and changed shows that the mistakes were blatantly the result of incompetence on the part of the persons responsible for it to be put up.

    This is becoming a very common, inconvenient and costly fault with this administration. ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’ was the message from the dynamic leader of this administration. A PQ on this subject would be in order.

  • Godfrey Leone Ganado

    Despite these repeated expensive errors of arrogant stupidity, the Burmarrad bully boy never seems to smell the coffee, unless he himself is toxicated in ignorance.

  • RF

    So many millions of euros being spent on so many “consultants” with Joseph Muscat and his minions whose few deliverables we have seen are all deficient reflecting their obvious lack of skills and experience.

  • Leo Pace

    I only had time for a quick glance but you have to see the latest poster on the bridge, something about “your HONEST partner in the med” or words to that effect. F@@king unbelievable. They’re doing a Goebbels on us folks.

  • Does this unit have a soul?

    Wot di hack spell it well it’s gaverment (!!!)

    This country is being run by a bunch of mouth-breathing trogs.

  • Major Tom

    And to make it worse, they want you to feel that they are “putting you at the heart of Europe” whatever that is supposed to mean.

    We had to pay for the pointless billboards not once but twice.

  • Instead of a Pirelli girl, you’ve got yourself Panama man.

  • Elementary


    We always knew they can’t do it.

    Now we also know they can’t even spell it.

  • malti

    Is this the first of a serious of amateur behaviour in the much publicised presidency?

  • John Doe

    And that comma? THAT COMMA!

  • Patrick Sciberras

    Besides, dear EU people, we do not welcome you right now but we will some time in the future.

  • NikNak

    2,500 journalists? Muscat will probably run away through the back door to avoid being embarrassed by the media.

  • anthony

    I am not sure that this is a natural consequence of bad pronunciation. What I am sure about is that it is the natural consequence of stupid idiots.

  • steve

    It makes more sense if it were only WE WELCOME.

  • Sara

    Ghax dik propoganda b’xejn hi ta (that is not a silent h and the unnecessarily familiar tone is intended) u jekk tkun bl-ahmar aktar nuru kemm il-gvern ta’ Joseph kapaci.

    Have you not noticed that there is an obsession with all things red including flowering plants chosen to line the streets?

    One would think that the plant kingdom has almost done away with other colours. Everywhere one looks it’s red and more red, with sometimes a hint of something else BUT predominantly red displays everywhere.