Onboard video of ‘hijacked’ plane landing in Malta

Published: December 28, 2016 at 12:12pm

When videos and photographs of smiling, clapping and chatting passengers and crew began to emerge online after the ‘hijacking’, we were told that the passengers did not know the plane had been hijacked until they landed in Malta and were escorted off and into a hangar, having been told that they were diverted there because of bad weather in Tripoli, the intended destination.

You’d have thought that they would have noticed had it been a real hijack.

  • Les Bonbons

    This “hijack” must be as real as Joseph Muscat’s new year message for 2016, showing him drinking coffee from an empty cup in the showroom kitchen of a young couple “trying to make ends meet”.

  • Natalie Mallett

    This is interesting and explains it well

  • peter sanga

    Wow. Malta looks very green. I had to watch this a few times to make sure it was the right airport. As this hijacking unfolded I thought of another motive right away, and I’m surprised it wasn’t added to the many conspiracy theories.

    It reminded me of the plane that landed at Stansted airport in 1996, after being hijacked when leaving Afghanistan. There seemed to be something odd about that too.

    In the end it turned out it was a mass asylum-seeking exercise. All the passengers on the plane, minus the ones who had been let off in Russia and Central Asia, and the hijackers, claimed asylum in the UK.

    What are the odds that all the passengers on the plane from Libya were in on this? And maybe after some sort of deal or plea from the Libyan government to the Maltese one, the passengers realised they had no hope of succeeding and went ahead with a phased “release” to make it seem a little believable.

  • Bohemian

    The truth will come out at some point. Something really fishy was going on, but we do not yet know the truth behind this supposedly hijacked plane.

  • J Sammut

    We don’t know yet what the “hijackers” were demanding, so we don’t know what exactly Muscat’s government conceded to them. From what we’re seeing, this is straight out of Alice in Wonderland: weird and illogical.

    • J Sammut

      At one point we were told that there was a Libyan Minister among the passengers. Was he sent back on the return flight to Libya? What was the precise number of passengers, 108 or 111? Did someone make a headcount of the passengers on arrival and departure?

      In other words, was someone important sneaked into Malta or sent back to Libya on that airplane?

      Can someone ask Malta International Airport for the number of persons who boarded the plane on the return flight to Tripoli?

  • Macduff

    Can someone translate, please? At the end there seems to be a pilot announcement too.

  • Malcolm Alden

    Any evidence that this is a clip from the plane in question?

    • Yes – it was acquired by Ivan Grech Mintoff (who uploaded it on YouTube) from a Libyan passenger.

  • Xkamun

    Did we get to know who their lawyers are by any chance?

  • Vincent B.

    What makes you think the these hijackers were desperate. You seem to have been able to read their minds unless you you got information from higher-ups.

  • Timothy Muscat

    I think saying it was staged is a bit far-fetched. Maybe it was quite simply a botched and ill-thought out hijacking, which the government tried to exploit to make them and the instant brigadier look good.

  • Well, they voted for Joseph Muscat, so it follows that they’re not particularly intelligent and no further explanation is required for their reasoning on these other two matters.

  • Mariella Darmanin

    And whatever we say or criticise or point out is not going to make much of a difference. Read this very depressing article just published by Nature on ‘Neural correlates of maintaining one’s political beliefs in the face of counter-evidence’:


  • callixtus

    Payment for services rendered in the past?