Konrad Mizzi’s Christmas fireside chat

Published: December 27, 2016 at 12:41am

The most corrupt cabinet minister outside the Prime Minister delivers a fireside speech for Christmas, instead of a resignation letter that’s around 10 months too late already. You couldn’t make this up.

  • Rosie

    And fuck you, too. Sorry Daphne, couldn’t resist. Tad-daqqiet ta’ harta.

  • Tabatha_White

    Is that a mega embarrassment blush, or has he been holidaying in Panama?

  • callixtus

    What a ridiculous country. All these lousy politicians, trying to be queens for a day. Turning traditions on their head. Who’d want to be reminded of corrupt politicians, at Christmas of all times?

  • rita schembri

    He looks so lonely. If only he had Sai’s phone number. New Zealand is nice this time of year, they say.

  • Joseph Agius

    Ha ddum titnejjek bina u titrattana ta’ njuranti u stupidi. Kif ma tisthix tixref mil-bieb il-barra? Ara veru sar wiccek u sormok xorta.

  • Scarlet Lady

    I feel sick all of a sudden.

  • D. Pace

    Look at the tight grip he has on the armchair with his left hand. A totally uncomfortable pose.

  • John Doe


  • Richelieu

    Mr Konrad Mizzi ..all that you are claiming to have done does not obliterate the fact that you immediately registered companies in Panama just after you took on office as minister and eventually, as deputy Prime Minister, and that stinks.

    The stink is so massive that the carbon emissions you claim you are reducing ( in fact emissions have been reduced by the Nationalist government by the introduction of the feeder cable between Malta and Gela) have in fact gone up sky high. Can’t you smell it?

  • Ionela Muscat

    Not a Christmas decoration in sight either. Idiot.

    • What is the likelihood that Konrad Mizzi ever celebrated Christmas? His wife is/was Chinese, and look at the sort of person he is.

  • Ramon Garcia

    That’s 17 questions in all. All highly valid. Let’s face it though- with this government’s record on transparency and openness, you’ll be lucky to receive replies this century.

  • Peritocracy

    I was kind of taking the chance to point out the ridiculousness of the fire. I mean I am sweating in a T-shirt right now. But you’re right that it must be emotional. He looks stressed as hell (not sure about embarrassed).

  • La Redoute

    16. What are the company names?

    • Godfrey Leone Ganado

      Plash Limited C76862 was registered through Nexia BT on 16 August with registered address at Nexia’s offices in San Gwann. The company’s shareholders are Tural Maharramov, who is a Swiss engineer at SOCAR, and Rashad Humbatov, who is from Azerbaijan and in the media business.

      The only director, who is also legal and judicial representative, is Vusal Rustamov – who is also from Azerbaijan and who is a specialist at SOCAR. His main lines of responsibility are the execution of trades and payments and the control of cash movements.

      One of the main objects of this company is to act as commission agents and to deal in commodities whether for immediate or future delivery and whether on a cash or margin basis.

      Plash Trading Limited, C76864, is owned by Plash Limited. The sole director and legal/judicial representative is also Vusal Rustamov and the main object of the company is running or operating an online platform for remote business activities in general, including visual online computerized gaming.

  • Edgar Gatt

    The minister of energy and cannot get a fire going in his fireplace..oh forgot he is no longer minister of energy.

  • franscassar

    B’xi ħaġa jrid jisħon la Sai mhux miegħu miskin.

  • Stephen Forster

    “SingalongaKonrad” reminds me of those cheesy 70s era records released by crooners past their sell-by-date. Minus the fire obviously.

  • Desert Lizard

    The contempt these scumbags show to the electorate is just unbelievable. And you know what? The Maltese deserve it for voting them in office in the first place and for most likely voting them back in again.