Are you the lucky recipient of a Konrad Mizzi calendar for 2017?

Published: December 31, 2016 at 1:45pm

A reader has been kind enough to send me his copy, with a covering note.

Cropped from Konrad Mizzi’s calendar: a portrait of government corruption – Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Labour Party leader, Louis Grech, Minister Within The Office of the Prime Minister, Konrad Mizzi, and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

  • Another John

    Konrad Mizzi has composed, published and sent out this calendar as a minister of the government, and not as a Labour Party politician.

    So would I be right to assume this was financed out of our taxes?

    • franscassar


    • Tarzan

      Of course we paid for it. Don’t bother to check, it will be a waste of time.

      • Phillippe Borg

        Just chucked mine into the fireplace. I can’t stand to see him every morning.

    • Ham

      On paper supplied by Keith Schembri’s company.

  • Melissa

    The photos on that calendar speak volumes about Mizzi’s marital status. Solo. No need for keeping up appearances, ‘happy home, happy husband, happy wife’ and an ‘international family’.

    • Reader

      Makes it more obvious to whom he is ”providing for” by way of his Panama company.

  • Gejtu Bongailas

    Shame it’s not a retrospective calendar for 2016.

    February: My Panama cover is blown. Also New Zealand. Elected deputy leader of the Labour Party amid chaos.

    March: Keith Schembri revealed to have set up company with me. They still don’t know about Joseph Muscat.

    April: Panama Papers breaks worldwide. My name and face go international. Prime Minister pretends to sack me. But I stay cosy in his office. Says there will be an international audit.

    And so on.

  • Vani

    What, no pictures of photogenic New Zealand lambs wearing Panama hats? No pictures of the dutifully smiling wife? Is the Minister ashamed of something?

  • Nemusa

    Where are the wife, children, family pets, Chrstmas tree, crib, lights and mistletoe? An undertaker would produce a more cheerful and warm calendar.

  • Peter

    Unbelievable but true – corruption at its worse.

  • Anna Camilleri

    From where can I get one? It might come in handy for the litter-tray.

  • Salvu Mallia

    Ara wiccu mcappas bil-hara r-ragel.

  • Reader

    Is someone able to explain why all the hurry to dismantle the Delimara power station chimney as soon as possible whereas there have been no talks about dismantling the chimneys of the unused, older and more obsolete Marsa power station?

  • Could do with some fuel for the hearth. Mizzi’s cheesy grin would be fodder for the flames.

  • Sowxal

    How sweet. Egrant and Konmanrad have matching office telephone numbers.