The Minister for the Digital Economy and Gambling is now spamming people with New Year greetings

Published: December 31, 2016 at 2:10pm

Over yesterday and today, the Minister for the Digital Economy, Gambling and Competitiveness has been spamming people who live in his constituency with New Year greetings using their first name and sent directly to their personal, private, mobile telephone numbers.

Several people have contacted this website to complain about this invasion of their privacy and about the cabinet minister’s quite obvious violation of data protection laws to gain access to their personal data and phone numbers.

  • Edward

    They are such pests. This tenacity is not attractive at all.

  • Malti ta Veru

    I feel an election coming on.

    • maltinglix

      We never stopped the previous electoral campaign would be more like it.

  • speedbird

    I received one too. Data Protection Commisioner please note and take action.

  • Tabatha_White

    I wonder whether the mailing list matches that of any bank with online services.

  • Reader

    Fottejtli l-gurnata Daphne. I feel left out now.

    It’s also terribly impolite in my opinion, to address somebody only by his or her first name and then sign as ‘Ministru Emmanuel Mallia’. He should have either signed as ‘Emmanuel’ or otherwise address the recipient as Mr/Ms (name) (surname).