Mrs Preca should stop her self-aggrandising poncing for ‘charity’ and the government should do its job

Published: December 31, 2016 at 3:41pm

Mrs Preca, the President of the Republic of Malta, has once again been making an utter ass of her high office in a coat-dress and halo, touching people for cash and hand-outs for “charity”.

When the figure of €5 million was reached, with a little help from her friends the Malta Developers Association and Browns Pharmacy (more about this later), she and Mr Preca, together with their assorted funny friends, brought out the bells, whistles and balloons.

Too bad, then, for Mrs Preca and her favour-seeking enablers that only a few days later the news broke that Joseph Muscat alone has spent €8 million more than he was originally given to spend on his office requirements.

Those €8 million frittered away on trips for Muscat and his mates Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi (that’s a hell of a lot of minibars wiped out), and for their ‘information services’ and ‘unspecified professional services’, would have paid for all the medication Maltese cancer patients require, with plenty to spare to spent elsewhere to the benefit of citizens.

But what we have instead is a crazy, primitive situation in which the Prime Minister spends millions freely every year while his former stablemate Mrs Preca jumps around with balloons and idiots in wigs – here’s looking at you, Luciano Busuttil – to drum up charitable donations to pay for things that should come out of taxes, so that the bunch of crooks who were elected to raid the sweetshop in 2013 can spend all that tax-money on their jaunts and cronies instead.

Ħames mitt euro fil-gimgħa, anyone? The crooked charlatans.