Joseph Muscat spent €8 million MORE than his office budget this year

Published: December 31, 2016 at 3:24pm

The Times of Malta has examined the published estimates for Joseph Muscat’s office and found that he and his staff have spent €8 million over and above his allocated budget for 2016.

For example, Muscat’s office was allocated €640,000 for travel expenses but asked for an additional €1.6 million, bringing his office’s travel expenses to €2.24 million this year alone. The request for more money was made in part to cover Konrad Mizzi’s travel bills, which since May have had to be paid by the Prime Minister from his office budget.

Joseph Muscat’s office also spent €1 million on “information services” this year, which is half a million more than the amount originally budgeted. As if that were not enough, he spent €570,000 on “unspecified professional services”, too. He had been given €400,000 to spend on such services, but found it was not enough and asked for another €170,000.

Hey, big spenders…