I wonder what @Pontifex thinks about a government minister who leaves his wife and child for Janice Bartolo

Published: December 10, 2016 at 11:52pm

And who isn’t even sure about Janice Bartolo either. He has left her once already and is clearly gearing up to do it again, because the use of a government car and chauffeur, all those flights and meetings, and people calling him ‘ministru’ and being deferential have led him to think this state of affairs is permanent and he is now a fabulous babe-magnet who deserves, at the very least, to be sleeping with Joss Stone rather than Janice Bartolo.

You really have to take a good look at that photograph down below, taken when he was sitting on a podium at the Vatican during the Big Crib With A Luzzu Presentation. A big audience was standing there looking at that podium, and there was the Maltese cabinet minister from the sticks, with his legs crossed, swinging one foot around to give them all a good look at the sole of his shoe, while the other foot pointed inwards at a 45-degree angle, just like Joseph Muscat’s (it must be catching).

They’re incredible, aren’t they – they spend their time on home turf mocking, deriding and insulting the Archbishop, then they rush off to Rome to crawl to the Pope għax dak famous ħi u kien fuq l-ewwel faċċata ta’ Rolling Stone magazine.

Malta’s Justice Minister is so culturally oblivious and so lacking in self-awareness that he doesn’t understand – to use the favourite expression of Malta’s mittilkless – just how “like a boss” he is. And yes, I do mean a Mafia boss, because that is exactly what they do: suck up to important church leaders and be seen with them where it counts.

Owen Bonnici is into religion and the Roman Catholic Church now? Do give it a rest, you lousy hypocrites and liars.