BREAKING/Malta’s Economy Minister, Labour Party deputy leader in German brothel tonight

Published: January 30, 2017 at 11:45pm

Malta’s Minister for the Economy, Chris Cardona, is currently at a brothel in the German town of Velbert, near Düsseldorf. He is accompanied by another Maltese man, described as “short and bald”, who my source at the brothel was unable to identify.

Patrons pay €80 to get in through the door at the FKK Acapulco, are given food and drinks, but must then pay for sex with the girls and women.

The FKK Acapulco includes a sauna, and at one point – at around 8pm – the Economy Minister emerged naked from the shower shouting: “Ħaqq Alla kemm hu kiesaħ l-ilma.”

Last September, Cardona spoke at the Malta-Germany-Libya Chamber of Commerce and said that he hopes to further Malta’s relationship with Germany. “We are an accessible government, ready to listen and adapt,” he said.

“We learn from our German neighbours.  We exported nearly €330 million worth of goods to Germany last year, mainly toys, games, spacecraft parts, electronic machinery, glass, rubber, pharmaceuticals and plastic.  And Germany is one of Malta’s main suppliers for food and beverages, tobacco, and footwear.”

At this time of night no government spokesmen or communications aides are available to take questions on whether the Economy Minister is in Germany on official government business, and if so, whether his visit to a brothel will be passed off as travel expenses along with his minibar bill.

The photograph below was not taken at the FKK Acapulco in Velbert tonight, but at the Level 22 nightclub at Portomaso on New Year’s Eve. The Economy Minister is on the left and the other man is his chief of staff at the Ministry for the Economy, Mario Azzopardi, who was also embroiled with him in MiniBarGate.

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  1. Nimrod73 says:

    Ghadu jridha l-boy.

  2. rita schembri says:

    WTF? It was only a matter of time before he buried himself.

    Malta does not only need a breathalyser test for this guy but blood tests and swabbing.

  3. Alex Mifsud says:

    I wonder if the girls give a receipt for services rendered, otherwise claiming expenses from us tax-payers would be a bit difficult.

    • Tabatha_White says:

      According to an FKK Acapulco Forum – where the girls are described individually, by action type, breast size, body size and by “name” like a pieces in a stock herd – the price is €40 in hand” for half an hour.

      The girls hang around on couches, and clients apparently have to hurry for the best ones, who number around 35. They wait to be approached but then may get taken to the bedroom, only to be described as “speaks German well”, “tired in action”, ” has only been there since two weeks” and so on.

      What was the budget for this trip?

  4. Jimmy Better says:

    Well I guess “short and bald” narrows it down to around 100,000.

  5. Flaj Ondewal says:

    He could have been leading a delegation to check up on the toys, rubber, pharmaceuticals, beverages and tobacco exports.

  6. Danika Vella says:

    Xi klassi ta’ ministru.

  7. may borg says:

    From one stable to the other.

  8. Jason King says:

    Oh come on! Malta expects every man to do his duty. The Maltese Minister for Vice needs to try the goods himself before he signs off on the import licence.

  9. A Camilleri says:

    It’s not right for the water to be too cold in a place like that. It can seriously damage a man’s ego.

  10. alex says:

    Dalwaqt johrog ic-chief of staff jghid li hu kien qed jahxi u mhux il-ministru.

  11. D. Buhagiar says:

    Were we to go back to Gonzi’s era, we’d be shocked at how drastically standards have fallen in just a couple of years.

  12. Jozef says:

    Ara vera sabek ma’ sormu.

  13. Joseph Agius says:

    Ara kif xrinkjatlu id-duda bil-kesha.

  14. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    The best cabinet ever and a deputy leader really representing the gutter class of the Labour Party.

  15. Malta’s Minister for the Economy (and deputy leader of the governing party) spent last night in a brothel in a small town in Germany – while Malta holds the presidency of the EU Council.

    And it’s his swearing you’re worried about?

    • billy goat says:

      “As long as he paid for it with his own money it’s OK hi!” You just wait for the responses.

      WTF is wrong with these people.

  16. Lucrezia Borgia says:

    I heard this car was on ‘stenbaj’ and it came with a special parking permit and a bag of pastizzi tal-Queens.

  17. Dizzy says:

    Let’s take stock of the last three deputy leaders of Muscat’s hijacked Partit Laburista.

    Toni Abela – conspires to conceal cocaine-dealing at a Labour Party club, fails grilling by MEPs and so is made a judge in Malta as a sort of consolation prize.

    Konrad Mizzi – becomes a minister and within days implements his plan to hide millions of euros coming from commissions and graft.

    Chris Cardona – a drunk and whoremonger who makes the taxpayer pick up the tab for his nights entertainment.

    Who’s next?
    Noddy who lied about the true commissions being fed to Henley and their hidden partners?

    • Anglu Farrugia, who strikes a deal with Joseph Muscat to keep his mouth shut about dirty financial dealing between the Labour Party and businessmen, in return for being made Speaker of the House and his daughter a magistrate.

  18. mrelllul says:

    What a great role model he is.

  19. Primitive, backward people – totally unEuropean, just like Donald Trump. But then Donald Trump is not European and Maltese people are supposed to be.

  20. La Redoute says:

    The most feminist government in history in action in the most chauvinistic of practices.

  21. There are no names, ever, anywhere, on credit card receipts.

  22. Sally Anne says:

    Oh lalala l-ilma kien kiesah u ha deghxa l-ministru. If he wasn’t the Minister for the Economy and responsible for our economy this would be utterly hilarious.

  23. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    And at present also chairing Presidency meetings of the Economy.

  24. You can’t take pictures in a brothel without being beaten to within an inch of your life. The brothel-owners like to be the only ones taking the pictures, which they can then use for blackmail purposes.

  25. Forget the market. He spent his time exploring niches.

  26. tinnat says:

    Muscat’s main sentiment will be envy.

  27. RosB says:

    Can’t wait either, ghax iddejjaqt ta’ vera issa. Iddejjaqt b’dawn l-iskandli u korruzzjoni shiha li hawn.

  28. Pappagallu says:

    Cardona denies: All well and good: All the other ministers deny as well : Abela denied: Bonnici denied: Bartolo denied: Muscat denied: any more denials?

  29. KMB says:

    Mahmug bhalu int. Jien qed inhallas ghalih dak.

  30. Yes, Anglu Farrugia’s son-in-law.

  31. “That’s exactly the point of hitting the sauna”

    Because, of course, the point of going to a brothel is to take a proper sauna.

    A cold shower has the reverse effect on a man of what is required in a brothel – but then perhaps that’s the idea once you’ve got their money anyway.

    “Half-arsed idiot” is an insult used for men, not women. It never fails to fascinate me how Maltese people don’t understand that British insults are gender-specific.

  32. Tabatha_White says:

    Whoever looked through his accounting will now have to look again.

  33. Ma jitqahhab xejn, skuzi. Dak ministru tal-gvern.

  34. I know. Imagine having to lie there while Chris Cardona and his companion have sex with you. I’m surprised those women don’t spend their entire night throwing up with revulsion at what they’ve got to do.

  35. Thank you for clearing that up.

  36. joseph gaffarena says:


  37. As if. It was a stupid thing blown out of all proportion.

  38. Natalie says:

    Stupid answer. What’s a teacher? A teacher is a person whose job does not involve manual labour.

  39. No, he had been seen already. And that was why he was watched.

  40. Or most of middle-aged men in Malta.

  41. tinnat says:

    Mela on the one hand we complain that Brussels interferes with our lives in Malta, and on the other hand we complain that it does not interfere with our lives in Malta. Make up your mind, will you?

  42. Richelieu says:

    His business is as much our business as it is everybody’s business to speak out if a priest goes to a brothel.

  43. More specifically, “Naghmlu x’iz-zobb irridu.”

  44. Angus Black says:

    The only word which comes to mind is. ‘ZIBEL’.

  45. Gez says:

    It becomes his life once he fucks right off and resigns. When you’re a Minister, you represent your country 24/7.

  46. L.Gatt says:

    Labour deputy leaders: wiehed ahjar mill-iehor.

  47. Michelle Pirotta says:

    Wow, 8000+ shares. Does this approach any record for this website?

  48. kev says:

    Another cue for David Thake.

    “Hello? Ministru Chris Cardona? David Thake aw fuq wanowwann…

  49. Edward Zammit Maempel says:

    A photo would have been cherry on the cake.

  50. Żaren says:

    SUFUN TAD-DRENAĠĠ dan. Ara veru kif jgħid il-Malti: l-ajru għandu għajnu u l-ħajt għandu widintu.

  51. Spock says:

    You ‘definatley’ have no idea .
    Miskin x’int fqir .

  52. Xanthippe says:

    Typical sexist Laburist comment. She’s a woman therefore she should shut up and do the housework.

  53. A.Vella says:

    Luciano Busuttil and Carmelo Abela must be thanking their lucky stars that the heat has been shifted elsewhere.

  54. “Half-arsed idiot” is used for men only. And the reason “dick” is used for men has nothing to do with the fact that it is the male genital organ. “Cunt” is used only for men, too.

  55. There is no way I am going to give any details about my source. But know for a fact that he is not a Tal-Muzew tar-rahal (wouldn’t that figure?).

    • If you take Cardona to task for going whoring (and rightly so, though I fail to see your premise for doing so) you must also use the same yardstick for your source.

      Public position or not, we are talking about the immorality of an action here. Cardona is not duty-bound to prevent whoring and fornication (snigger all you like), so his “crime” is not greater than your sources.

      Through his actions he becomes a figure of ridicule, granted, but that’s about as far as it goes. Let’s say there’s an exemplary politician whose sexual activity and proclivities and remain unknown.Is his forma mentis any different to Cardona’s just because he hasn’t been caught out?

      • I’m not even remotely interested in the morality or immorality of whoring. It’s not a subject I have ever written about, except from the perspective of the women involved.

        I am interested, as a journalist, in cabinet ministers who whore around. When Chris Cardona ceases to hold public office or a position in the Labour Party, my interest in his whoring – as that of the public – will end.

        Please don’t turn everything into a religious or sexual morality matter.

        Just be grateful this man spoke out. Use your head and work out why it would have been so much easier for him not to, and why he needn’t have bothered.

      • If we’re discussing what should and what shouldn’t be done we’re necessarily discussing ethics and morality. Your source knows that his/her identity will remain secret, so s/he knew there was no risk there. I think it’s quite hypocritical oh him/her, actually. I still fail to see why s/he is different to Cardona.


      • La Redoute says:

        Moral equivalence is not an issue. That’s a primary concern only for the religiously obsessed and intellectual wankers.

        It is not Cardona’s morals that matter. It is the fact that he is a government minister representing the EU presidency at an EU summit in Germany where he is a guest of the German government and yet he spends his evening in a brothel in a threesome with his crony appointee.

      • matematika says:

        You really don’t get it. So here is an example that excludes any questions of morality. It might help, but given your comments, maybe not.
        This minister had to resign over buying a house whilst on the Gold Coast on ministerial duties.

  56. L.Gatt says:

    At the end, the bunga bunga brought Berlusconi down. Cardona won’t budge. Actually this is worse than bunga bunga – Cardona has exposed himself more by going to a brothel and sharing a prostitute with another man – a Maltese man, which opens the way to all sorts of blackmail.

  57. He is different because he understands why a cabinet minister should not be in a brothel, Reuben, which is exactly why he was taken aback and spoke about it.

  58. Not at all. You know, as I do, that cabinet ministers are held to different standards of behaviour, at least outside the Third World.

  59. callixtus says:

    Eating his heart out? He wouldn`t know what to do with a female prostitute.

  60. man of sin says:

    So it was a typical fuck-and-get-fucked Monday then.

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