BROTHELGATE: Malta’s Economy Minister in three-way sex with Maltese man and prostitute in German whorehouse

Published: January 31, 2017 at 10:27am

More details arrive from my source at the FKK Acapulco, a whorehouse in Velbert, a small town outside Duesseldorf, where events of interest took place last night.

He says that the short, bald Maltese man with whom Chris Cardona, the Minister for the Economy, went to the whorehouse was not Mario Azzopardi, his chief of staff. He says the man looked to him a lot like Neville Gafa but he isn’t a hundred per cent certain and will be looking at some pictures.

The Minister for the Economy and his friend got to the whorehouse at around 7pm. They had a sauna and a (cold) shower and then headed straight for the bar. They chose a prostitute and the Minister’s companion went into a room with her. After a while, the Minister for the Economy followed them into the same room for three-way sex and some voyeurism. They were at the whorehouse for three to four hours in total.

The Minister for the Economy with some Maltese friends. There is no suggestion that any of them are prostitutes.