I couldn’t listen. I was far too distracted by his make-up.

Published: January 6, 2017 at 3:45pm

Most men politicians who are made to wear make-up to go under the camera lights just look like men wearing a thin layer of foundation and a smattering of powder. You get the impression they’ve suffered gamely for the make-up artist, and willingly if she was pretty, and that they’re going to rush straight out to rub it off.

But Joseph Muscat always looks like he’s had the whole hog from the make-up box, ends up looking like a Roman emperor’s catamite, and comes across as though he’s loving the look and planning on raiding Mrs Muscat’s make-up drawer on his nights off.

I think he looks creepy. Who is he supposed to be appealing to, exactly? Some farmer who’d like him to take a look at his ducks?