I couldn’t listen. I was far too distracted by his make-up.

Published: January 6, 2017 at 3:45pm

Most men politicians who are made to wear make-up to go under the camera lights just look like men wearing a thin layer of foundation and a smattering of powder. You get the impression they’ve suffered gamely for the make-up artist, and willingly if she was pretty, and that they’re going to rush straight out to rub it off.

But Joseph Muscat always looks like he’s had the whole hog from the make-up box, ends up looking like a Roman emperor’s catamite, and comes across as though he’s loving the look and planning on raiding Mrs Muscat’s make-up drawer on his nights off.

I think he looks creepy. Who is he supposed to be appealing to, exactly? Some farmer who’d like him to take a look at his ducks?

  • Edward

    I find it rather ironic that he is here in this video championing something he did his utmost to prevent. He never wanted Malta in the EU, and now he’s taking the Presidency. Lovely.

    • La Redoute

      That’s why he’s dressed as an undertaker.

  • Jimmy Better

    I once watched a lunchtime news interview with Thatcher before she was PM. When it ended I turned to a woman colleague for her reaction. All she said was ‘her roots need doing’.

  • Lucrezia Borgia

    Qisu l-bekkamort jew il-mejjet a’ la funeral parlours ta’ l-Amerika.

  • Makjavel

    The development next door starts to make sense.

    • EarthwormDave

      I’m confused. Are you saying it’s not face powder but concrete dust from Deborah Schembri’s building works next door in Burmarrad? Has she got planning permission already?

  • Rosie

    Who’s a pretty boy, then?

  • Mariella Darmanin

    Oh, it’s not only his furrow he’s botoxed. There is not one wrinkle to be seen – and he seems to have lost control of one of his eyebrows.

  • EarthwormDave

    Slick. Very slick.

    The trouble with slicks is that no one with any sense would want one. They contaminate any living beings that come into contact with them. They are always harmful to the environment, and one has to spend a fortune clearing up the mess they leave behind.

  • Spa

    Messagg ta’ ghaqda mill-Prim Ministru fl-istess kamra li fl-80s shabu qasmu l-kamra biex ‘jifqghu’ lil Eddie Fenech Adami.

    • Yes, and one of them who leaped across the floor of the house to assault the Opposition leader, Eddie Fenech Adami, is now European Commissioner – Karmenu Vella.

      • Spa

        Prosit. U f’siegha ta’ genn ivvutajt ghal dan iz-zibel jien.

      • H.P. Baxxter

        Imma issa taf x’ghandek taghmel. U tissawwatx izzejjed. Nies bhalek jiswew daqs ghaxar Nazzjonalisti fl-Ezekuttiv.

  • Richelieu

    Mr Prime Minister, it’s futile that you keep huffing and puffing that we are a united nation, when because of you we are NOT.

    We have the presidency of the EU council not because of anything you did but because its Malta’s turn to head the council. So cut all the crap and don’t pretend what you are not.

    You may have been democratically elected but you do not represent the majority of people of good will and the hard working class. You have your own elite class to mingle with.

  • Catamite: like Marmite, but made from cats.

  • Mattia

    Irnexxielna nwieznu lill-familji mitilkless, li qed jissahhu u li aktar nies qed ihossuhom parti minnha.