David Thake’s conversation with the editor of El Ojo Digital

Published: January 6, 2017 at 8:41pm

This is the background to David Thake’s telephone call, live on air, to Mathias Ruiz, editor of El Ojo Digital in Argentina.

  • canon

    Until the general election is announced, David Thake should be back on Radio 101.

    • EarthwormDave

      I completely agree. He’s a class act. Up there with the best UK and US journalists (I don’t speak any other languages, so cannot comment further). An intelligent, balanced piece of journalism. PN – Please give him a platform again. He’s terribly good.

  • Actually, no, not many people do.

  • WHY?

  • Matias E. Ruiz

    Thanks a lot to Daphne for sharing, and thanks also to Mr. David Thake -a professional journalist and a true gentleman. Balanced journalism is not seen too often.

  • Gaetano Pace

    I read the views expressed here. I agreed that David Thake did turn up with a different, effective type and style of radio show which went down well with listeners.

    I was driving yesterday and decided to turn on Dab radio in the car. I came to realise that Thake is giving the Nationalist Party a service. He has made room for Norman Vella who is also followed keenly and has his own style of communicating with listeners.

    Thake has taken his show to DAB radio which if I am not mistaken is another first for the PN in communications.

    Considering that nowadays DAB radio does not punch a big hole in one’s pocket, I think it is time we started moving rather than have the mountain come to us, we should move ourselves to the mountain.

    Having a DAB radio brings with it access to all local popular stations, the BBC, RAI, Vaatican and a host of other stations.

    It brings with it the pleasant joy of listening to radio and most of all David Thake. Well done David. Keep up the good work

    • It is those who have something to sell who have to go to the mountain and not expect the mountain to come to them.

      That is exactly what ‘If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed then Mohammed must go to the mountain’ means.