It wasn’t the Opposition which reported on the government’s €250m budget over-run. It was Malta Today.

Published: January 6, 2017 at 9:16pm

The Finance Minister said tonight that the government over-ran its 2016 budget by €158 million and not €250 million (so that’s all right, then).

He said that the figure of €250 million is “false” and that the Nationalist Party are “amateurs” to have quoted it.

But it wasn’t the Nationalist Party which first reported on the government’s €250 million budget over-run. It was the government’s favourite newspaper (now that Keith Schembri has lost Adrian Hillman at the Times of Malta/The Sunday Times), Malta Today, which researched the story and ran it. I remembered because I had found the story interesting, obviously, and discussed it here, with a link to Malta Today’s report.

Now for the really tough question: who do we choose to believe, the government or Malta Today?

“I love spending other people’s money, but I never spend my own if I can help it.”