The farcical reaction of continental socialists who speak Globish and of Maltese Laburisti who think “they should be taken out and shot” is a literal incitement to violence

Published: January 10, 2017 at 2:01am

Salvu Mallia, the outspoken (and thank heavens for that) new Nationalist Party electoral candidate, said in an interview published in The Sunday Times yesterday:

Muscat is a tasteless crook who exploited all the weaknesses of society. For me this is a battle against evil. No dictator is ever up front about their intentions to screw you. Dictators pretend to be nice. If you look back at Adolf Hitler, he was very progressive. The first campaign against smoking was carried out by the Nazis. Society was affluent. That was Adolf Hitler. Was he good? I don’t think so.

The Labour Party, having stuck to the commandment to keep holy the Sabbath day, waited until this morning to issue a statement which stripped Mallia’s words of their context, implying that he admires Hitler as a progressive while at the same time accusing him of libelling progressives by saying that Hitler was one.

“The fact that Simon Busuttil has remained silent about this is not only worrying for the Nationalist Party, but more so for the country,” the Labour Party said. Because, of course, the country is far more concerned about comparisons to Adolf Hitler than it is about the extra-curricular activities of Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi and their employee Joseph Muscat.

Meanwhile, they had fed the story to their gang in the European Parliament – the European Socialists, a bunch of continentals who wouldn’t know the nuance of English idiom if it bit them in the arse while they were admiring the combined make-up layers of Miriam Dalli and Marlene Mizzi. And the cretinous tools in the European Socialists’ public relations department then issued a statement:

Simon Busuttil, the leader of the Maltese National Party, has refused to pass comment after one of his leading parliamentary candidates described Adolf Hitler as a ‘very progressive’ leader.

The Party of European Socialists is horrified not only at the outrageous comments themselves, but at the failure of the National Party leader to deal with the issue as soon as they came to light.

As if that were not enough stupidity for one morning, the president of the European Socialists, a Bulgarian who speaks basic English, issued his own separate statement, calling on the Maltese Opposition leader “to disown his candidate’s despicable comments and to set out the measures he intends to take to correct the situation”.

If Mr Busuttil does not have the courage even to stand up to one of his own candidates who has so clearly crossed the line, then he certainly does not have the necessary attributes to lead Malta’s official opposition, never mind to stand for election to government.

It is also tasteless that a political candidate from any party should think it appropriate to invoke a genocidal dictator in an attempt to criticise a progressive elected leader such as Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat.

How ridiculous: a combination of people who know little to no English, getting the wrong end of the stick or pretending to, as when I wrote that Franco Debono should be taken out and shot and he decided he needed police protection against this clear threat, while the Prime Minister’s holiday valet, Glenn Bedingfield, roused his pathetic rabble of bogans.

The continental socialists don’t speak English. They speak Globish, which is a form of international, basic English stripped of all nuance and idiom. And Maltese Laburisti struggle with the language at the best of times, which becomes very obvious when they are in goveRment.

The European Socialists have felt a pressing need to issue a statement about something Salvu Mallia didn’t say in an interview. But when they were asked specifically whether they would be issuing a statement about Konrad Mizzi and his secret company in Panama, last April when the Panama Papers scandal broke across the world, they pretended not to have heard about it. And there never was a statement, let alone one calling for “the progressive elected leader Joseph Muscat” to sack the cheating, corrupt bastard who had right up until that point been sneaking around the shadier jurisdictions of the world, trying to persuade a bank, any bank, to open an account for him in which to dump his stolen goods.

Then they find the time and inclination to issue a strongly worded statement about a remark passed (and taken out of context) by somebody who isn’t even an elected politician but only a brand-new candidate with another party.

You know that an individual is highly effective in criticising the Labour Party to mass audiences when the Labour Party brings its entire machine to bear on that person, using the tactic of portraying him or her as a liability to the Nationalist Party, until the Nationalists are bullied or persuaded into eliminating that person or undermining him or her.

Labour used this tactic with full effect on David Thake and got the result they wanted. The Nationalist Party took him off the air. The Labour Party under three different leaders has been using its entire machine against me since I began writing a newspaper column in 1990, but ratcheted up the invective and bullying when I started this website, which they saw as a far bigger threat and still do.

But they can’t do much about me because I don’t work for the Nationalists and I’m not an electoral candidate, so they can’t use the Nationalists to wipe me out of the equation and are instead trying to frighten, shame or insult me into submission. Hope springs eternal even for those louts and bogans.

Now it is quite obvious that they’re set on taking Salvu Mallia down through the expedient of exerting pressure on the Nationalist Party to get rid of him. Mallia should be prepared for a sustained assault using everything Labour has at its disposal, including stupid people who don’t work for it but still unwittingly do its bidding, thinking that they’re being smart and in touch with the people, when they are doing the precise opposite and behaving like Labour tools.

Speakers of idiomatic and nuanced British English who fear they might be taken out and shot and therefore require police protection.